A charitable, cooperative, kind, loving, peaceful, cheerful, and caring attitude toward humanity. ReadLearnExcel is a Learn Together mission to allow students, parents, and teachers to find solutions to their educational and life problems on this platform with the assistance of experienced educators from various fields. A platform for self-sufficiency.


We cultivate a method of reading, learning, and excelling in life to become happy and cheerful with the help of the readlearnexcel and info cheer team to provide all feasible tools such as reading techniques, learning methods, and easiest solutions at one place with the help of educationists of global institutions and missions, a minimalist way of life, and educational methods to reach the destination. RLE Mission is dedicated to assisting rural students in India by providing free educational and career guidance in order to improve their communication and academic skills. Our goal is to make everyone happy.

Our backstory

We are from a farming community and have served the community in various capacities such as teaching children and the elderly, as well as doing social work by advising students and parents for the betterment of their children. We’ve been doing Yoga and meditation on a regular basis for a long time. Our children are serving in the computer and finance fields in Europe. Now, we have decided to assist the community by providing knowledge of various aspects of life in order to make them happy and cheerful.

Even so, it takes a lot of effort to assist people both online and offline!

It is our sincere wish that everyone on this planet be happy, but unfortunately, many people are oppressed and live below the poverty line. Happiness, whether rich or poor, is a state of mind. It means that money is not a criterion for measuring happiness. There are approximately 300 million people who suffer from depression and stress. Such people require medical attention.

Let us investigate the means and methods for being cheerful.

We must all do our part to help the downtrodden community, regardless of caste, creed, or country. Let us face the heat together in order to bring calm and peace to people so that they can live happily with their loved ones.

Thus, the path to happiness is difficult and distant, but change must be initiated as soon as possible. Let us move forward with all of our efforts to bring happiness.

With love and best wishes,, and team

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