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Writing notice

Notice Writing

A notice is written or printed information or news announcement. Notices are either prominently displayed or published in newspapers, school bulletin boards, and magazines. It is only meant for a small number of people. Because it contains a formal announcement or information, the tone and style of the notice are formal and factual. Its language should be simple and formal. Notices are always brief and direct.

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Advertisement Writing

Advertisements are of two types, it is a public notice or announcement that promotes a product, service, or event or publicises a job opening.Classified Advertisement Commercial Advertisement

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Format of article writing

Article Writing

You might have some great ideas, thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. You want to share all this with other people all around the world. Article writing is the best tool to communicate your ideas through an online platform. Writing an article will boost your writing skills as well as your reading skills.

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Essay Writing

Essay Writing

As a student, you may be required to write a variety of essays. The length and content of an essay are determined by your level, subject of study, and course requirements. Most essays at the university level, on the other hand, are argumentative: they seek to persuade the reader of a particular position or perspective on a topic.

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Diwali 2022 paragraph

Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Writing for class 10 English is a major skill for the students. and covering one topic without delving into the various points of the essay. Long paragraphs are difficult for the students at level 10 to write and understand. Moreover, they are suitable for the reader to understand the main points of things they want. Short paragraphs are easier to read and understand for secondary-level students.

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Email Writing

Email Writing

Email writing is an important part of professional communication these days. People used to write letters, and now e-mail has taken the place of letters. Writing an email has become an art form to impress your readers.

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Report Writing Examples for CBSE 12th English: Learn Reporting

Report Writing

A report is a notification and summary of facts about an incident, event, topic, and issue. Students are supposed to learn to write a report and a good report always reveals everything to satisfy all queries about the incident. A report explains an event or incident that had happened in the past without giving personal ideas. it means report writing is simply a factual description of any event. So, writing a report for examination might help you to become a reporter.

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Speech Writing: Message to Persuade the Audience

Speech Writing

What do you mean by speech writing? Do your speech-writing techniques help with your communication skills? Does your speech writing help you to become a better speaker? Speech delivers a message to the audience through spoken words. Speech is used to persuade the audience or to describe a burning topic. Speech writing is the process of communicating a thought or message to a reader by using proper punctuation and expression. Speech writing is similar to other types of narrative writing.

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Letter Writing Complete Solution

Letter Writing

Letter writing is a skill and one must learn it. There are different types of letters and they have specific formats. I will explain the skill of letter writing in detail which will definitely help you to write a good letter.

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Resume Template

Resume Writing

Why do you write a good resume or curriculum vitae? Resumes or curriculum vitae writing is part of your cover letter to land you a dream job. Good resume writing is an art and can have different structures as required in different countries. Resumes are technical as well as marketing documents that present your past and present performances and achievements to your employers so that they can assess you and your future capabilities.

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