M.S. Yadav, Principal and Educational Counselor

Hi, I’m Mahinder Singh Yadav, Principal 

I live in Jhajjar, India, I teach English to students in the twelfth grade. I enjoy working with students, parents, and educators to help them improve their reading, learning, and excelling skills so that they can be happy global citizens. I am passionate about assisting students in having meaningful experiences both in and out of the classroom. I frequently collaborate with other educators to assist them in implementing new strategies in their classrooms that prioritise the needs of their students. I strive to improve my teaching with each lesson and enjoy being a guide on the side through frequent reflection. I enjoy answering students’ questions and sharing new ideas with them, their parents, and teachers. I enjoy resolving students’ educational and life problems

I’ve always been a learner since I was a child. I enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life and have done my best to make my students’ lives easier by advising them on admissions, course selection, and personal finance. I’ve decided to create a website in order to reach out to more people and share my 25 years of experience as a teacher, public speaker, and learner. This website was created to help students, teachers, and parents achieve ReadLearnExcel by learning new things together. I hope that my extensive experience will assist my readers in learning more. Everyone can contribute ideas based on their areas of expertise. I can “Read, Learn, and Excel” by learning with others. Learn more and sign up at Learn more and sign up at is an excellent website for school-level students. More than 120 articles on this website are on the top of Google, and students are worried about their future careers after school. Therefore, we have decided to help the students choose their target course and the college of their choice. So, here is another website where all my readers and students of all classes will get complete information and counseling for admission to the colleges and universities of their choice.

How to Choose Your Target Course and College After Class 12, is the question on everyone’s mind after Class 12 exams. Mahatma Gandhi said, “The future depends on what you do today.”

I think you have cleared your class 12 by following

My name is Mahinder Singh Yadav, and I’ve been a teacher for 25 years at various levels. I provide admissions counseling for universities both in India and overseas. I sent my children to Europe for additional education, and they are doing well. We didn’t use any agency assistance, and we thoroughly examined every European nation. As a result, I feel confident recommending further education to my students in the UK, Australia, and Europe. I have sent 10 kids to public universities in Germany without charging them any money. I provide counseling to my students every year all over India thanks to my second website,, which has 1.75 lacs subscribers.

Therefore, your quick decision on the question “How to Choose Your Target Course and College After Class 12″ will determine how you approach your career.


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My Experience

I was born into a farming family. I grew up in the fields, helping my parents with their farming. I graduated as the top student from Govt. Senior School, Nahar (Rewari) in 1984. I enrolled in the Science Stream at Govt. Neki Ram College in Rohtak, India, in 1984. I graduated with honours in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. In 1988, I began my M.A. English studies at Kurukshetra University’s Department of English in Kurukshetra, the Holy City of Haryana, and worked there for four years as a Sales Executive. I began as Headmaster of Sir Chhottu Ram Senior Sec. School in 1997. I began as an English lecturer at Haryana Secondary Education and am still employed there. I like meeting new people and helping students. I’ve taught data analysis, content writing, and web design classes. Students learning English as a second language I run a programme called Learning Together with my staff and students as a public speaker. I write blogs on a variety of topics to assist the community in learning new skills. My websites, and, exist solely for educational purposes and to assist me in fulfilling my dream of sharing my ideas and experiences with people from all walks of life. My tagline is “Read, Learn, Excel,” and I’m working hard to make it a reality. Let us learn together! BlockChain, LifeHacks, and ReadLearnExcel

  • Top Student in High School
  • Second-class honours at the college level
    M.Sc. with honours (C.S.)
  • Second-class honours English Literature M.A.
  • Translation 
  • Student Union Member
  • Educational Counsellor, Public Speaker
    Live lecture on Edusat
  • Served as a Principal Member of various Educational Organizations
  • Data Analyst, Content Writer ,Web Designer
    Power BI and Tableau dashboard designer
    Founder and designer of the websites,, and
  • Four Years Experience as Marketting Executive in Sharjah( U.A.E.)
  • 27 Years teaching experience as an English, Maths, Computer teacher.
  • Presently working as a Principal in Senior Secondary School.

Want to Excel in Life! You’ll Love it. We Take Care of What Matters Most!,, and are for the students and it’s an effort to start a movement where students, parents, teachers, and social groups can share their ideas free of cost on this platform.Educational and Life Hacks are avilable

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