Admission Hacks: After Class 10

Admission to the 11th class has become a big challenge for you and your parents. Do you want to major in Science, Business, or the Arts? Are you clear about your interests? Do you like mathematics, physics, and chemistry? Are you interested in accounts and business? or Do you want art subjects like sociology, history, and political science?

I am sure you are not clear about your admission to the 11th class. Then what should you do? Decide about the pros and cons of the subjects you are adopting in the 11th class. This is the big issue before you in selecting the subjects for your admission to class 11, as it might affect your whole career. So, cool down. We will discuss everything regarding your choice of subjects in your 11th class admission.

Admission Hacks: After Class 12

Admission Hacks is the process of providing a simple and viable solution to students and parents. Admission after class 12 has always been an issue with students and parents. I didn’t have any college or course guidance in 1984 when I applied to University College, now Neki Ram Govt. College, Rohtak, for a B.Sc. So, I have made it my mission to share what I have gained in my long experience as a teacher. I have been doing the work of counselling for a long time to help my students get admission to good courses and colleges. Many students and parents are still struggling with the admission of their children after class 12. Many parents share their experiences and problems regarding the course selection for their kids.

We are always willing to impart what we have learned during the admission process. In the spirit of sharing, here I will be discussing the main issues of admission and their solutions. My aim is to provide you with the best admission hacks to get you through the admission process. If you have any other ideas in mind which can be beneficial for the students, you are most welcome to share them in the comments section below. Students and parents are always welcome to ask questions about admission to schools and colleges.

Before discussing your admission hacks, I want you to answer the following questions so that you will be able to decide which admission hack will be suitable for you. These questions will help you decide the course of your interest.

Select your target course and college after Class 12 by answering 30 questions.

I know many students and parents who are repenting about what they did at the time of the admission of their wards. Going to college or university is a big deal that should be talked about in detail to avoid embarrassment in the future. These questions were never asked by anyone when we took admission to the college, but now I am asking you 30 frequently asked questions before deciding on a target course and college.  I will broadly explain your admission hacks in three broad categories to answer your questions for deciding your target college and course: