Unseen passage comprehension denotes a complete and thorough grasp of the passage. The fundamental goal of comprehension is to assess one’s capacity to correctly understand the meaning of a given paragraph as well as one’s ability to answer questions based on the passage in one’s own words. For this reason, a range of questions such as short response type questions, completion of incomplete phrases, filling in the blanks with acceptable words, and vocabulary exercises are provided.

You should keep the following points in mind before attempting to answer questions about a section, it is vital to read the passage several times so that a general concept of the passage’s content becomes evident. When the paragraph is clear, it is simple to answer the questions.

Before answering the questions on a given paragraph, bear the following considerations in mind:

1. Read the chapter rapidly to get a sense of the topic matter.

2. Reread the passage and highlight the key aspects.

3. Read the questions and try to figure out what was asked.

4. Reread the passage and highlight the sections where the probability

There may be solutions available.

5. As much as possible, answer the questions in your own words.

concise and succinct manner

6. When responding to a question, always use entire phrases.

7. If you are asked to explain the meaning of some words or phrases, strive to do your best.

Express your thoughts as clearly as possible in your own words.

8. Don’t express your own ideas or make comments about anything unless you are asked.