Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Writing for class 10 English is a major skill for the students. and covering one topic without delving into the various points of the essay. Long paragraphs are difficult for the students at level 10 to write and understand. Moreover, they are suitable for the reader to understand the main points of things they want. Short paragraphs are easier to read and understand for secondary-level students. Article Writing for students is of medium size and paragraph is the shortest form. Writing a short paragraph is the art of explaining the details of an essay in a short form to convey the meaning to a reader who is not able to understand the long essay and, sometimes, is not interested in reading the details.

Recommendations for writing a short paragraph

It is recommended to write a paragraph of not more than 150 words. It should be covered in ten sentences. Feel free to write in your own style and the number of sentences can be increased as per the requirements of the paragraph. Short paragraphs are an ideal way of writing in a compact form. The theme of the topic is to be conveyed to the reader. Short paragraphs are easy to write and are helpful in conveying the meaning to the reader.