Report Writing

A report is a notification and summary of facts about an incident, event, topic, and issue. Students are supposed to learn to write a report and a good report always reveals everything to satisfy all queries about the incident.
A report explains an event or incident that had happened in the past without giving personal ideas. it means report writing is simply a factual description of any event.
So, writing a report for examination might help you to become a reporter. Therefore, in this topic of report writing, RLE Mission will try to explain all about report writing methods, format, types of reports, examples of report writing, and solutions of previous years’ papers.

What types of information are provided in reports?

  • Explains an event or situation
  • The long-term results of an event or situation
  • Analytical or statistical data evaluation
  • Interpretations based on the report’s data
  • Predictions or recommendations based on the report’s information
  • What the information has to do with other events or reports
  • No personal opinions and arguments
  • Need to avoid modals like, should, may, and might
  • Only facts are revealed in reports
  • reports should be organized as per the incident that occurred
  • Step-by-step or beginning of incident to end without any alteration of facts
  • Generally, past tense is used in report writing

Types of Reports Writing

There are a few different types of reports, depending on the purpose and to whom you present your report. Here’s a quick list of the common types of reports:
  • Academic report: Tests a student’s comprehension of the subject matter, such as annual day report, cultural events reports, reports on historical events, and biographies
  • Business reports: Identifies information useful in business strategies, such as marketing reports, internal memos, and feasibility reports
  • Scientific reports: Shares research findings, such as research papers and case studies, typically in science journals
  • Formal reports
  • Informal reports
  • Short or Long reports

What is the report format?

The format of the report depends upon the type of report and the assignment criteria. Although each report has its structure, the basic template is the same:

  1. In the beginning, there should be a summary of the report so that the readers can make out what will be in the report. The summary of the report increases the interest of the readers.
  1. Introduction of the Report: The introduction of the report should be self-explanatory of the report and should explain what you’re about to explain.
  1. Body of report: The body of the report should explain all major happenings. There should be headings and subheadings. It explains the whole event in detail. The introduction and conclusion contain one or two paragraphs, while the body may have more pages.
  1. After a report, the reporter brings all of the facts in the report together and reaches a final interpretation or judgment.

What can be included in report writing?

There is no hard and fast rule about what should be included in a report, especially at the school level. We can create our format at our convenience. But still, we can include the following in report writing:

  1. Generally, a report’s title is used if a person has to read multiple reports. In this way, he can easily make out which report is useful for him.
  1. A table of contents can be used if the report is lean and has more than four subheadings.
  1. Page numbering can be included in the report has more than one page. But for students, it is generally not required as they are writing a small report for the examination.
  1. Headings and subheadings should be used as they help us when skimming or scanning. They make it easy for the reader to understand the facts easily.
  1. If we used information from other articles, we must include references and quotations. We should always give credit to others’ written work if we used it to complete our report.

Steps of Report Writing for students

  Let us explain the different steps of report writing with an example: Question: You are Bhavan/Bhavika. As an active member of the Mountaineering Club of your school, you participated in a summer camp organized by the Indian Mountaineering Association. Write a report on the camp and its activities for your school newsletter in about 150-200 words. (HBSE 2019, SET A) Step 1. First find out the topic or title of the report from the question: Report on Summer Camp and its Activities Step 2. Write down the summary of the report in a few sentences: The Indian Mountaineering Association of Morni Hills organized a seven-day summer camp at Morni Hills for children from various Haryana schools to teach them about life in the hills. It aided pupils in developing discipline, cooperation, and team spirit.
Step 3. Introduction of the report: My school, like many others in Haryana, teaches children to be independent, self-sufficient, disciplined, and cooperative. All students reached Morni hills on the tenth of June in the evening. This summer camp was an important component of our growth as citizens of the country. As a member of our school’s Mountaineering Club, I was allowed to write a comprehensive report on the summer camp for our school’s newsletter. Step 4. Body of the report: We were offered a variety of activities such as mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing, living in unusual conditions, cooking instruction, and cultural activities. Every year, a fresh topic is chosen for this camp. This year’s summer camp theme was “Culture.” We were taught extensively about many cultures as well as a practical understanding of various states, such as music, lifestyle, and many other things.

We were assigned to research the customs and traditions of several cultures. We were asked to present what we had learned to everyone at the end of the program. This was a great and interesting activity since we got to hear everyone’s thoughts on the value of the camp. Our teachers also spoke up about the value of such camps and the wonderful impact they have on our children’s minds.

Step 5. Conclusion of the Report:

This camp was a fantastic experience for all of us because we came away with so many useful skills and knowledge. This camp taught us not just about different states and their cultures, but also how to work efficiently as part of a team.

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5. Write a report in not more than 125 words on the Cultural Week celebrated in your school. 

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