11th Admission is a Big Challenge? You want Science, Commerce, or Humanities?

Choosin a stream in class 11 admission

HBSE declared  class 10 result. You are very happy and might be enjoying sweets. Admission to the 11th class has become a big challenge for you and your parents. Do you want to major in Science, Business, or the Arts? Are you clear about your interests? Do you like mathematics, physics, and chemistry? Are you interested in accounts and business? or Do you want art subjects like sociology, history, and political science?

I am sure you are not clear about your admission to the 11th class. Then what should you do? Decide about the pros and cons of the subjects you are adopting in the 11th class. This is the big issue before you in selecting the subjects for your admission to class 11, as it might affect your whole career. So, cool down. We will discuss everything regarding your choice of subjects in your 11th class admission. I will discuss all three streams, Science, Commerce, and Humanities, and their future scope in full detail. Therefore, without wasting more time, let us dive into the topic of Science, Commerce, and Humanities?

Do you know the three streams and their subject combinations for 11th admission?

  1. Science: For Non-Medical: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Medical: Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  2. Commerce: Business Management, Accounts, Economics, and Mathematics.
  3. Humanities or Arts: History, Geography, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, and Political Science.

How do I select a stream for 11th-grade admission?

Students always face the dilemma of selecting subjects for admission in class 11 and this is natural as they are not mature enough to answer the question of selecting streams in class 11 admission. Your whole career will depend upon how you choose streams in Class 11. Therefore, you have to be very cautious while selecting the streams of your choice. Do your own research and ask the following questions before deciding on the stream for your 11th class:

Ask the following questions before choosing a stream in admission class 11.

1. Which profession touches your heart?

  • Doctor
  • Engineer
  • Manager
  • C.A. (Charted Accountant)
  • Certified Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Teacher
  • I.A.S.
  • I.P.S.
  • Social Worker
  • Psychologist
  • Economist
  • IT Expert
  • Professor
  • Scientist

2. Which subjects are required for your profession?

For example, if you want to become an engineer, you will have to opt for science. If you want to go into the finance field, you will have to choose Commerce, and if you want to become a psychologist, go for Psychology in class 11 admission.

3.Does your required stream appeal to you?

  • If you want to pursue Science, are you proficient in Mathematics?
  • Mathematical expertise is required for careers in computer science.
  • If you are not comfortable with mathematics, don’t go for the Science Stream.
  • Are you curious about money management?
  • What does commerce do for you?
  • Do you want to be a psychologist or a sociolog?
  • Go for Psychology or Sociology.

4. What is the scope of your profession in the coming days?

Doctor, Computer Science, Data Science, Mechanical Engineer, C.A., C.F.A, Psychologist, Economist, Artificial Intelligence, and Sociologist are the best professions.

5. How much effort is required for your profession?

  • Hard work is the key to success.
  • All streams require hard work.
  • You can’t compromise on hard work; otherwise you will repent.
  • Hard work is required to compete in your field.

6. How do you rank academically between Science, Commerce, and the Arts?

  • How much did you score on your own?
  • If you are academically strong enough, then go ahead as per your choice.
  • But if you work hard, you can improve your score in the future.

7. What are your strong and weak points?

  • Assemble your pros and cons.
  • Improve your strong points to make a balance.
  • Suppose mathematics is your power, then you can improve your physics in the future.
  • Check your analytical skills. If they are strong enough, go for computer science.

8. What are your hidden talents?

  • Feel what you want.Arts, Society, Talking to people solves the problems quickly, introvert or extrovert. He likes hand work.
  • Choose your interest and match it with your choice of streams in class 11.

9.Are you choosing your stream as per your interests?

  • We are fond of copying others as we never work on our own choice.
  • Parents also interfere in your career.
  • Parents need to guide you.
  • But the decision should be yours as per your interest.
  • Mujhe to Science Leni Hai because mere sabhi dost science le rahe hai’
  • Don’t copy others.
  • Listen to your heart and then decide what you want to do.

10. Have you discussed with parents and teachers your selection of streams?

  • You are a small kid and you are probably not comfortable with selecting the stream in class 11.
  • Teachers can guide you as they know your talents in a better way.
  • The same is the case with your parents.

11. What else can you do after class 10 instead of taking admission to the 11th class?

  • Have you decided to take admission in the 11th class?
  • Some students are not interested in the 11th grade.
  • They can opt for some technical skills by taking admission I.T.I.
  • Plumber, electrician, carpenter, and Raj Mistri are the trades in I.T.I.

12. Have you sought the advice of an educational counsellor?

  • You can take advice from an educational counsellor if you are unable to decide on your streams.
  • Educational counsellors are experts in analysing your interests and skills.


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