Paragraph Writing for Class 10: Importance of Books

Books play an important role in everybody’s lives; they introduce us to a world of imagination, provide knowledge of the outside world, and improve our reading, writing, and speaking skills. They boost our memory and intelligence.  If you want a friend, books can become your best friend. Try it first and then realize in the same way you make friends in your life. Books illuminate your imagination. Books develop a unique view of the world. These days, books are coming in digital form, and you do need to carry them. Books are the natural way to develop your confidence. Books help develop your confidence, as all of you know that without reading books, we may fail exams. Books help you to improve your reading skills, which ultimately improves your language skills. Reading books improves our confidence because confidence comes from knowledge. We gain knowledge by reading books. When we read a book, we learn about the struggles and hardships of various characters. As a result, we can say that books are necessary tools for success in life.

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