Value of books and how do books improve our language skills?

World Book Day, April 23,2022 and value of books

Value of books and how do books improve our language skills? BOOKS play an important role in everybody’s life and they introduce us to a world of imagination, provide knowledge of the outside world, and improve our reading, writing, and speaking skills. They boost our memory and intelligence. We cannot undermine the books because they are not only helping us in broadening our horizons but also act as the threshold of connecting us with the world around us.

how do books improve our language skills in english

They act as a survival kit, they influence us and leave an impression on us. Do you want to know the benefits of books and the importance of reading? Are you curious about how books impact our lives? Read this article to know all about the importance of books in our lives, my experiences with learning a language, and how reading plays an important role in expertise in any language?  My tagline is “Read to Learn” and this will be proved after reading this article. Join the ReadLearnExcel Mission

Do you want to enhance your knowledge and learn the language?

Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing are the four pillars of any language and once you are comfortable in these FOUR SKILLS FOUR SKILLS, means, you have learned the language. I will discuss these four skills in the future and today,  I won’t emphasize reading as you know that reading is the base of learning. Reading books is the best technique to enhance your knowledge and improve your personality. Books have an abundance of knowledge, they give us life lessons and teach us about hardships, love, fear, and every little thing that is a part of life. Books have been the main part of our lives for centuries and contain the knowledge of our past, civilizations, and cultures. Therefore, they are also the source of understanding the history of any culture, war, countries, and their good and bad things. It means, that the more you read, the more you will learn. So, develop your habit of reading in any form, it can be anything, like, books, newspapers, magazines, printed media, and your school books. Let us discuss some major pros of reading the books:

  • If you want a friend, Books can become your best friends. Try it first and then realize in the same way as you make friends in your life. Books illuminate your imagination.
  • Books develop a unique view of the world. These days, books are coming in digital form and you need not carry them, you can’t read than listen to the audio of books when you are traveling or doing some other work. There are so many apps available. I use KUKU FM but you do your research on which app is suitable for you.
  • Books are the natural source to develop your confidence which is justified when you try to participate in discussion without reading, it becomes impossible to continue on the stage or even in exams.
  • Books help develop your confidence as all of you know that without reading books, we may fail exams.
  • Books help you to improve your reading skills and which ultimately improves your language skills.
  • Books develop your analytical skills. Mathematics books are the main source of analytical skills.
  • Books develop ethics in you as every book has a lesson in it.
  • Books play an important role in developing your memory and therefore, books sharpen our memory.
  • Are you under stress? Read light theme books to feel relaxed and read YOGA books.

How to Develop our habits of Reading?

Reading has ampules of benefits including improving our memory and vocabulary, helping us learn new things, and improving focus and concentration. Do we try to develop our habits of reading? Our reading habits develop in schools. It means, we should try this habit of reading at school, but unfortunately, this never happens in our schools. In schools, the classroom is dominated by a teacher and this is one-way traffic. We ask the students to finish reading two pages but more than 90% of students don’t even try to read. They feel the burden of reading syllabus books. We should develop these habits of reading among students by providing literature of their interest. Teachers should give 25 % of the class for the purpose. Try different methods, take the students to the library where they can read the literature of their interest like reading comics books, stories books and Newspapers. This should be started at the primary level in our schools.

Books can develop confidence in students

Reading books IMPROVE OUR CONFIDENCE because confidence comes from knowledge. We gain knowledge by reading books. When we read a book, we learn about the struggles and hardships of various characters. We relate those situations to use the present and start imitating the characters of the story. Therefore, our confidence level increases. Sometimes we even relate those situations to our personal lives. Understanding the situations of the characters of a book and how they overcome difficult times and challenges give us courage and confidence to deal with our problems. Also, a well-read person will always have more knowledge about various topics that will equip that person better for social situations and for holding conversations with groups of people.

Books help us to Grow Mentally and Emotionally

We read books to increase our knowledge and knowledge always makes us PSYCHOLOGICALLY strong. People are becoming mentally and emotionally weak due to their unwanted situations in their daily life. Reading can expand our vocabulary and communication skills which can help us to interact better with people. Also, reading is an effective way of boosting our memory and enhancing our focus. Reading books makes us empathetic. We understand peoples’ situations, it leaves a strong impact on our capacity to have empathy with people. Reading makes us psychologically strong.

Reading helps in our mental exercise

Reading is great fun for many people, but some people also feel burdened if they are compelled to read the books which are not their interest. reading also has many benefits for our mental health in the form of thinking and understanding. It helps to do mental exercise through words of difficult level and sharpen our mind. It improves our brain functions after getting new information and analyzing different words or sentences. Reading REDUCES STRESS from our mind and helps us to come out of depression and anxiety.


Therefore, we can say that “Read to Learn” is the right tagline, the more books you read, the more you will excel in your life. This process will make you more comfortable in handling your intellectual zeal to learn.  I have been teaching for a long time and put my maximum effort to convince the students to put more concentration on reading in any form. So, we can say that books help increase our vocabulary, reduce stress, and mental exercise, improve our personality, make our minds strong, develop confidence, and improve reading, writing, and speaking skills. Thus, in conclusion, we can excel in our life after reading books. It means that BOOKS are assets in our life. Read the following BEST EVER BOOKS to excel in your life:


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