Summer Vacation

Activities for Students and Parents in Summer Vacations

  1. Children Should Be Active and Healthy: Some parents find it difficult to keep their children healthy and active during summer vacation. Allow your children to play games in the morning and evening. Enroll your children in extracurricular activities such as yoga, meditation, and swimming
  2. Reduce Your Children’s Screen Time: Children who are addicted to social media can harm their eyes and develop bad habits. As a result, limit their screen time to keep them healthy. Keep an eye on your social media activities.
  3. Request that your child spend more time reading: For a variety of reasons, children in our schools lack reading skills. We know that summer vacation can help your children improve their reading skills. For parents and teachers, this is not as simple as it appears. As a result, improve your children’s reading skills by providing them with interesting books to read. Avoiding academic reading books like these will decrease children’s interest.
  4. Assist your children in learning arts and crafts: Due to a lack of resources, most schools do not provide adequate exposure to students in learning arts and crafts. Take them to art and craft teachers for instruction. Take them to clay makers to learn about culture and arts. This will boost their imagination.
summer vacation ends

The Rainy Season Starts, Summer Vacation Ends! What should students do?

The rainy season starts, and summer vacation ends! What should students do? This question is always there every year in everyone’s mind. What should students do to reach school safely after summer vacation in the rainy season? In North India, students are always welcomed by rain just after summer vacation. The monsoon season allows us […]

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summer vacation2022: activites for students, parents, and teachers

Summer Vacation: Activities for Students, Parents and Teachers

Everyone is looking forward to summer vacation. Summer vacations are the most enjoyable and liberating time for students. Students, parents, and teachers are all looking forward to summer vacation, and the last week has been particularly difficult for students and teachers to get through. Summer vacation will be stressful for some parents because they will

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