The Rainy Season Starts, Summer Vacation Ends! What should students do?

summer vacation ends

The rainy season starts, and summer vacation ends! What should students do? This question is always there every year in everyone’s mind. What should students do to reach school safely after summer vacation in the rainy season? In North India, students are always welcomed by rain just after summer vacation. The monsoon season allows us to escape the scorching heat of summer and enjoy the natural plush. Rain is a word that brings us joy by relaxing our minds and hearts and reconnecting us with nature.

This happens every year and students are unable to turn up to school in the morning. The academic gets affected due to rain in the morning, as it’s visible in the morning today. The MET department predicted heavy rain on June 30, and it’s raining heavily in my locality. The atmosphere got cool and I got an idea to share my views with students, parents, and teachers so that they can be protected from the rain after summer vacation. Today, I will be discussing some points to run the academic session smoothly after summer vacation in the rainy season.

Changes in school time after summer vacation in Haryana Schools

The school’s time is changed as per the order of Secondary Education Haryana after summer vacation w.e.f. July 1, 2022. The school will be from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Students, parents, and teachers are required to note it.

Are you ready to return to school after summer vacation in the rainy season?

Yes, Sir, we are ready to join you tomorrow at the school. We will all be glad to see you when you return to school after your vacation. Do you know what precautions you have to take while returning to school after a vacation in the rainy season? Dear Students, follow these simple ways to protect yourself from the rainy season while coming to school in the morning after summer vacation:

Precautions to take by the students during the rainy season after summer vacation:

rain starts
  1. A watertight school bag: Buy a watertight school bag to protect your books and other school amenities.
  2. The ultimate protection, the umbrella: Always keep a small umbrella in your bag as rain can’t be predicted.
  3. Rainy shoes and sleepers: Buy water-resistant shoes to keep your feet healthy. Buy anti-skid sleepers to avoid slipping in the rain.
  4. To avoid getting wet, invest in a rain jacket with a hood.
  5. Book cover protection: Use a water-resistant cover on your books.
  6. Container for safe water: Always carry your water container and avoid outside water for drinking.
  7. Avoid standing under trees in the rain: don’t stand under a tree while it is raining, as thunder and lightning can cause an accident due to the earthing of the trees.
  8. Try to avoid outdoor games in the rainy season as it may cause an injury.
  9. Keep your hands away from electric poles and wires: Keep your hands away from electric poles and wires.
  10. Don’t use any kind of electronic gadget:

    Tell them not to use electronic devices like computers, phones, and TVs, and to stay away from doors, windows, balconies, etc. when there is thunder or lightning.

  1. Prevent fungal infection: Fungal infection is a major problem in the rainy season. Check everything before using it.
  2. Avoid junk food: Junk food is hard to digest during the rainy season as our digestive system becomes slow in the rainy season.
  3. Use dry vegetables: Always try to use dry dal, rajma, and choole instead of using leafy vegetables.
  4. Before eating, wash your hands properly; germs are easily formed in the rainy season. Therefore, wash your hands properly before eating food.
  5. Protect yourself from mosquitos: Mosquitos are a major problem in the rainy season. Use mosquito repellent and a net to avoid mosquitos.
  6. Enjoy the rain but with care: Children are fond of enjoying the rainy season. Be careful, my dear students. Enjoy the rain but with care.
  7. Don’t avoid school in the rainy season: Truancy increases in the rainy season as students make an excuse for the rain to avoid school. My dear students, you have already enjoyed your summer vacation. Now, it’s time to concentrate on your academics.
  8. Don’t close the windows of your classroom and home: Always keep your windows closed to avoid darkness and suffocation. Humidity creates problems in the rainy season.
  9. Always carry extra clothes while going out. Always carry some extra clothes in your bag as rain may make your clothes dirty or some miscreant driver spoil your uniform. Vacations are over. Ask your parents to get you an extra uniform.
  10. Last but not least, reach school on time. Dear students, don’t make an excuse for the rain to bunk from school. You will lose your valuable topics after the summer vacation. Teachers try to finish their syllabi after vacation.rain starts and vacation ends

The Rainy Season Starts, Summer Vacation Ends! What should students do?

During the summer vacation, you might have enjoyed and worked as per the instructions given to you before the vacation. The results of classes 10 and 12 have been declared and you are all happy as you got excellent scores in your results. After 30 days, you might be eager to return to school and see your friends. After the scorching heat, you became bored and eager to reach the school. The first day, after your vacation, will bring a rainy day, and you will be welcomed back by your teachers and parents who might be relieved from your problem creating activities at home during vacation.

As a result, you are embarking on a new journey of a new academic session following your vacation. The end of summer vacation brings two good things. Firstly, you are relieved from the unbearable heat, and secondly, you are welcomed by heavy rain to make you cool and happy. Dear students, you are welcome back to school again, but you also need to take care of some important points after vacation. Let us discuss them in detail.

  1. Have a quick look through what you were asked to do before vacation by your teachers.
  2. Read about what you are going to have in your class after vacation.
  3. Check your holiday homework. Have you finished your homework or not? Don’t make an excuse. If you haven’t finished, inform your teacher.
  4. Check your school bag. The school bag is a vital thing to check for all students. Students never keep their bags clean. Therefore, clean it and mend it.
  5. Check your books and notebooks. Cover your books and notebooks to feel fresh.
  6. Check your school uniforms. School uniforms are very important to improving your personality. Therefore, Your silly excuses won’t be accepted after vacation.
  7. Have you purchased all the books you required after vacation?
  8. Buy some good stationery.
  9. Check out your summer vacation projects.
  10. Check your wardrobe.
  11. Make some resolutions to improve your academics.
  12. Keep your lunch box and water bottle ready to use after the vacation as the school will be closed until 2.30 p.m.
  13. Buy an umbrella to protect yourself from rain.
  14. Make up your mind that your holidays are over and it’s time to restart a fresh session.
  15. The summer vacation is almost over, so take advantage of what’s left of it by treating yourself to some downtime before the rigors of the new school year begin. After all, that is why the holidays exist! You have a busy year ahead of you, and you should go into it rested and relaxed.

Finally, the rain has already welcomed you to school, and you are relaxed from the scorching heat of summer vacation. Therefore, the rainy season has brought you to the end of summer vacation, but with some care, the students need to follow the school on their way to school. You are all welcome back to school!


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