Go Grass Sankalp (गो ग्रास संकल्प) : More than one lakh hands raised ,G.S.S.S. Dadri Toye, Jhajjar Joined the Sankalp

go grass pledge gsss dadri toye

The launching of the Go Grass Sankalp campaign has been spectacular throughout. As per Dainik Jagran News, Jhajjar, Haryana. the Additional Deputy Commissioner Sh. Jag Niwas, who arrived as the chief guest in the program of Shri Goshala, Jhajjar, Haryana inaugurated the  Go Grass Sankalp Campaign. More than one lakh people participated in the campaign. The schools also participated in Go Grass Sankalp. The donors announced to donate about three and a half lakh rupees for the arrangement of cow grass.गो ग्रास संकल्प के लिए उठे एक लाख से अधिक हाथ, मासूम भी जुड़े सेवा से


In the special presence of Baba Mrityunjya Giri Maharaj from Nagar Kheda Baba Prasad Giri temple, everyone present took the pledge of cow grass while worshiping the cow. In this episode, Additional Deputy Commissioner Sh. Jag Niwas and DPRO Sh. Bijendra Kumar flagged off the yatra taken out in the city. On this occasion, mainly former minister Kanta Devi, RSS district chief Mahendra Bansal, Shri Goshala head Pramod Bansal, former head of municipality Sohan Singh Gurjar, Ved Prakash Duhan, Nafe Singh Saini, Yadav Sabha head Virendra Daroga, Seth Gopal Goyal Shore Wale, Bal Kishan Jangra,  Attar Singh Yadav, former chairman Ishwar Sharma, Ramesh Valmiki, etc. were present. 300 piggy banks being kept in the market( courtesy: Dainik Jagran Jhajjar).

G.S.S.S. DADRI TOYE, JHAJJAR, Participated in the Go Grass Sankalp Campaign

go grass compaign dadri toye

Govt. Sr.Secondary School’s students and teachers participated in Go Grass Sankalp Campaign and took a pledge to help cows and other animals after the prayer. On this occasion, Sh. Baljeet Kumar, the Principal, addressed the students about the importance of animals in our life. All staff members, Mahinder Singh Yadav, Parvinder, Anil Kumar, Satish Kumar, Pankaj Jain, Narender Kumar, Ashish Kumar, Sombir Beniwal, Manisha, Preeti, Anil Kumari, Ritu Kumari, Sunil Devi, Naresh Kumar, Virender Kalkal, Anju, Kuldeep sharma, Kuldeep Sharma and all other teachers took oath on the occasion.

Animals Hospital in Our Locality

There is a charity Animal hospital on Jhajjar Gurgaon Road where animals are treated free of cost. You can help animals. My wife, Barsa Yadav, is fond of birds and animals. She calls the ambulance if she finds any wounded cow and dogs in our locality, Sector-6, Jhajjar.

Values of Animals in our Life

Animals are our companions, our workers, our eyes and ears, and our food. They can be found in both ancient cave paintings and modern commercial farms. Some of them have been domesticated, while others remain wild and are sometimes threatened by our activities. They keep us company, and while they can be amusing, they also serve as valuable assistants.

Animals make enormous contributions to the smooth operation of our world. Animals play an important role in the environment, ecosystem, and human lives. They make great companions, especially small mammals. The value of animals cannot be overstated. Our existence would be impossible without them.

National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship (NMMS)

In May of 2008, the Centrally Sponsored Scheme “National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme (NMMSS)” was launched. It is carried out by the Ministry of Human Resource Development’s Department of School Education and Literacy. The scheme’s goal is to award scholarships to deserving students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to prevent them from dropping out in class VIII and encourage them to continue their education at the secondary level. Every year, selected students to receive a scholarship of Rs. 12000/- per year (Rs.1000/- per month) to study in classes IX-XII in State Government, Government Aided, and local body schools. Scholarships are limited to specific states/UTs. Students who have a total parental income of less than Rs. 1,50,000/- are eligible for the scholarships. Reservations are made by State Government regulations. The scholarship recipients are chosen through an examination conducted by the state governments. Scholarships are disbursed quarterly by the State Bank of India directly into students’ bank accounts.

Students enrolled in “Kendriya Vidyalaya” and “Jawahar Vavodaya Vidlayas” are not eligible for this scheme’s scholarships. Students studying in Residential Schools run by State Government Institutions, where facilities such as boarding, lodging, and education are provided, as well as students studying in private schools, are not eligible for this scheme’s scholarship.

Government Senior Secondary School, Dadari Toye, Jhajjar: Made History in NMMSS


“National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme (NMMSS)” was launched in May 2008. It is implemented by the Department of School Education & Literacy under the Ministry of Human Resource Development. In this game students studying in the 8th class and annual income of their parents is less than 1 lakh 80000 appear in the exam every year in Haryana almost thousand students are selected every year for the scholarship in the scheme an incentive of rupees thousand is awarded to every student per month till he passes his 12th exam this year the exam was conducted on 20th March 2022 in which 800 student we selected appeared in the exam in Jhajjar district hundred students were selected for the scheme that’s the very glorious moment that
1. Sachin S/o Sh Ramesh Kumar
2. Kapil Kumar S/o Sh. Vidal
3. Dhaneshwari D/o Sh Pawan Kumar ( GMS Yakubpur)
4. Megha D/o Sh Krishan Kumar ( GMS Yakubpur)
Four students from the Government Senior Secondary School Dadari Toye, Jhajjar created a School History in NMMSS EXAMS 2022.

The Principal, Sh. Baljeet Kumar, appreciated the team members, Sombir Beniwal, Naresh Kumar, Anju, Sunil Devi, Virender Kalkal, and Babita, for their efforts. On this occasion, M.S. YADAV, addressed the students to follow these students to excel in their life.

A Word From RLE Mission

Let us learn to respect the animals as they are our friends. Animals are our companions, our workers, our eyes and ears.


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