Haryana Teachers Transfer Drive: Steps to Follow

The teachers need to follow the guidelines laid by the department before filling their school preferences in the transfer drive. Haryana Teachers Transfer Drive: Steps to Follow. Schedule for Online Teacher Transfer Drive 2022.

Department of School Education

[Management Information System]: Download PDF 

“The Government of Haryana launched the MIS portal under the
education sector with the name DSE MIS Haryana. This Portal is introduced for
serving all education officers, teachers, and students to access all technology
systems. All the stakeholders who belong to the School Education Department
such as Students, teachers, and other education department employees have
their logins on the MIS portal and they can access all the services related to the
Academic and Administrative purposes in the Department.”

MIS Teachers Transfer Drive 2022: Principal/PGT/Lecturer, HM/ESHM, TGT/Master

Check the revised schedule of Teachers Transfer Drive /List of teachers under MIS General Transfer 2022

PDF for Teachers Transfer Policy

Pdf ammendement DSE Haryana 

PDF ammendement 

Have confidence in yourself and have faith in the transfer drive.

Management Information System

Transfer drive haryana teachers

User Manual for Transfer Preference

The teachers need to follow the guidelines laid by the department before filling their school preferences in the transfer drive.

The following are the steps one must follow while filling out their choices:

Step 1. 
Open the School MIS portal or click here to open the page directly.

  • First of all log in to your MIS account.
  • Do you remember your password?
  • If yes, login, otherwise go to forgot password.
  • Make your new password.
  • Don’t disclose your password to an unknown person.

Transfer drive haryana teachers

Step 2. 
 Users need to login into MIS with their Employee code and

  • Keep your password safe and write it somewhere.

Contact me for any guidance on the Transfer Drive.

Step 3. 

After Successful Login, click on the Profile correction Request button
then click on Update and Verify profile for further actions.

  • Click on the Profile correction button
  • Click on Update and verify for further action.

Step 4. 

The user would be able to view the Dashboard with an option to select
Transfer Preferences (present on the left side of the screen)

  • You will see your dashboard
  • Select transfer Preferences

Step 5. 

On selecting the Transfer Preferences option, the user will be able to see the
current Transfer Drive details and Add Preferences button.

  • After selecting the Transfer Preferences option
  • You will see the current Transfer Drive details and Add Preferences button.
  • Add Preferences button

Step 6. 

On selecting Add Preferences button, the User can select the preference
District and zone-wise.

  • After selecting Add Preferences button
  • Select your zone
  • Before selecting zones, make a manual list and write your preferences after checking your competitor
  • Study your list carefully
  • Finalise your list manually
  • Start filling your choices
  • Don’t use your phone for filling the choices.
  • Use your laptop or desktop
  • Fill maximum station to avoid anywhere option.

Step 7. 

Only those vacancies will be visible to the user for which he/she is

  • You will be able to see only those vacancies for which you are eligible.
  • Fill your stations carefully and properly and countercheck your preferences.

Step 8. 

Once the user has added all the preferences, the user needs to select
Save Preferences button is present on the bottom right corner of the

  • After filling in the choices, just save your preferences.
  • Make a manual list as per the distance from your home.
  • First make a list of schools under 10 kilometers
  • Then, another list from 11 to 20 km
  • This way, you will be able to fill the stations as per the requirement.

Step 9. 

In case a user added a Preference by mistake, he/she can remove the
same by selecting the Remove button in front of the added preference.

  • After entering all your preferences, check again from your manual list
  • Correct if you have made any mistakes.
  • Remove the wrong entries
  • Again check your list

Step 10. 

Further, on selecting the Save Preferences button, the user will be shown
with a success message that Preference is stored. The user will have
to confirm the preferences by selecting the checkbox for

  • Save your preferences
  • Confirm your selection
  • Check the checkbox to finalize your preferences

Step 11. 

Permanently save the preferences and select Confirm and Submit
my Preferences button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Then save your preferences
  • Select the confirm button
  • Submit for the final button
  • Final submission is on the right side of the user manual

Step 12. 

Once the Preferences are saved, the user will be able to view the
following screen with details of saved preference along with the
submission date and time.

  • After filling the final submission
  • A screen will be shown with the detailed filling of choices
  • Final submission and date will be displayed on the screen

Step 13. 

If the user clicked on the Resume Preference button, the saved choices
will be unlocked and the user can add/ remove the preferences. In
In this case, users have to select Confirm and Submit my Preferences
button again to submit their preference final otherwise

  • If you want to resume preferences button
  • Your saved choices will be unlocked
  • You can add or delete your choices
  • Again, you will have to submit your choices

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Note: The information is as per the guidelines laid by the Govt. of Haryana. This is just for guidance purposes only.

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