Report Writing Examples for CBSE 12th English: Learn Reporting

Report Writing Examples for CBSE 12th English: Learn Reporting

Report Writing Examples for CBSE 12th English will improve your chances of excelling in CBSE 12th English and advancing your career as a reporter. Do you want to become a reporter? This article, “Report Writing Examples for CBSE 12th English: Learn Reporting,” is for you.

A question on report writing comes under the “Creative Writing Skills” section of Class 12 English (Core) and carries 5 marks. Students of class 12 English have to attempt one question from two options: A Report or an Article: as per the latest guidelines from CBSE,

A report is a notification and summary of facts about an incident, event, topic, or issue. Students are supposed to learn to write a report and a good report always reveals everything to satisfy all queries about the incident.
A report explains an event or incident that happened in the past without giving personal ideas. it means report writing is simply a factual description of any event.
So, writing a report for examination might help you to become a reporter. Therefore, in this topic of report writing, ReadLearnExcel will try to explain all about report writing methods, format, types of reports, examples of report writing, and solutions of previous years’ papers.

Q. 4. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below: 5

Creative Writing Skills

What types of information are provided in reports?

  • Explains an event or situation
  • The long-term results of an event or situation
  • Analytical or statistical data evaluation
  • Interpretations based on the report’s data
  • Predictions or recommendations based on the report’s information
  • What the information has to do with other events or reports
  • No personal opinions and arguments
  • Need to avoid modals like, should, may, and might
  • Only facts are revealed in reports
  • reports should be organized as per the incident that occurred
  • Step-by-step or beginning of incident to end without any alteration of facts
  • Generally, past tense is used in report writing

Types of Reports Writing

There are a few different types of reports, depending on the purpose and to whom you present your report. Here’s a quick list of the common types of reports:

  • Academic report: Tests a student’s comprehension of the subject matter, such as annual day report, cultural events reports, reports on historical events, and biographies
  • Business reports: Identifies information useful in business strategies, such as marketing reports, internal memos, and feasibility reports
  • Scientific reports: Shares research findings, such as research papers and case studies, typically in science journals
  • Formal reports
  • Informal reports
  • Short or Long reports

What is the report format?

The format of the report depends upon the type of report and the assignment criteria. Although each report has its structure, the basic template is the same:

  1. In the beginning, there should be a summary of the report so that the readers can make out what will be in the report. The summary of the report increases the interest of the readers.
  1. Introduction of the Report: The introduction of the report should be self-explanatory of the report and should explain what you’re about to explain.
  1. Body of report: The body of the report should explain all major happenings. There should be headings and subheadings. It explains the whole event in detail. The introduction and conclusion contain one or two paragraphs, while the body may have more pages.
  1. After a report, the reporter brings all of the facts in the report together and reaches a final interpretation or judgment.

What can be included in report writing?

There is no hard and fast rule about what should be included in a report, especially at the school level. We can create our format at our convenience. But still, we can include the following in report writing:

  1. Generally, a report’s title is used if a person has to read multiple reports. In this way, he can easily make out which report is useful for him.
  1. A table of contents can be used if the report is lean and has more than four subheadings.
  1. Page numbering can be included in the report has more than one page. But for students, it is generally not required as they are writing a small report for the examination.
  1. Headings and subheadings should be used as they help us when skimming or scanning. They make it easy for the reader to understand the facts easily.
  1. If we used information from other articles, we must include references and quotations. We should always give credit to others’ written work if we used it to complete our report.

Report Writing Examples for CBSE 12th English: Learn Reporting Steps of Report Writing for students

Let us explain the different steps of report writing with an example: 

Q. 4. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below: 5 marks

Question 1. You are Bhavan/Bhavika. As an active member of the Mountaineering Club of your school, you participated in a summer camp organized by the Indian Mountaineering Association.Support your ideas with outline cues given below. Write a report on the camp and its activities for your school newsletter in about 150-200 words. (HBSE 2019, SET A)

Clues for Report:

  • Importance of Camps for students
  • Development of children
  • Experience gained
  • Activities during Summer Camp
  • Importance of theme of the camp.
  • Unity in diversity

Step 1. First find out the topic or title of the report from the question: 

Report on Summer Camp and its Activities

Step 2. Write down the summary of the report in a few sentences:

The Indian Mountaineering Association of Morni Hills organized a seven-day summer camp at Morni Hills for children from various Haryana schools to teach them about life in the hills. It aided pupils in developing discipline, cooperation, and team spirit.

Step 3. Introduction of the report:

My school, like many others in Haryana, teaches children to be independent, self-sufficient, disciplined, and cooperative. All students reached Morni hills on the tenth of June in the evening. This summer camp was an important component of our growth as citizens of the country. As a member of our school’s Mountaineering Club, I was allowed to write a comprehensive report on the summer camp for our school’s newsletter.

Step 4. Body of the report:

We were offered a variety of activities such as mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing, living in unusual conditions, cooking instruction, and cultural activities. Every year, a fresh topic is chosen for this camp. This year’s summer camp theme was “Culture.” We were taught extensively about many cultures as well as a practical understanding of various states, such as music, lifestyle, and many other things.

We were assigned to research the customs and traditions of several cultures. We were asked to present what we had learned to everyone at the end of the program. This was a great and interesting activity since we got to hear everyone’s thoughts on the value of the camp. Our teachers also spoke up about the value of such camps and the wonderful impact they have on our children’s minds.

Step 5. Conclusion of the Report:

This camp was a fantastic experience for all of us because we came away with so many useful skills and knowledge. This camp taught us not just about different states and their cultures, but also how to work efficiently as part of a team.

Report Writing Examples for CBSE 12th English: Learn Reporting on the importance of worker safety in construction zones.

Question 2. The construction sector is believed to be quite hazardous and has the maximum number of fatal work injuries. A safety fair was organised by ‘Building Safely’, an NGO in Mysuru, Karnataka with the overarching theme pertaining to the importance of worker safety in construction zones. You were asked to cover this event as the junior correspondent of a local daily. Write a report covering this event in about 120-150 words. Support your ideas with outline cues given below, to craft your newspaper report:


Report on SAFETY FAIR by ‘Building Safely’

By Priyanka, Junior Correspondent, Mysuru news


March 10, 2023

Being a junior correspondent, I got the opportunity to cover a Safety Fair programme for workers in the construction sector. The Safety Fair was organised by “Building Safely,” an NGO in Mysuru, Karnataka. The theme of the safety fair was the importance of worker safety in construction zones, as the construction sector is believed to be quite hazardous and has the highest number of fatal work injuries.

“Building Safely,” an NGO in Mysuru, Karnataka, had arranged the programme on the safety of the workers in the construction sector. The programme began with a discussion on the importance of toolboxes for the workers on construction sites. The Safety Inspector delivered a speech emphasising the importance of the toolbox for the safety of construction workers at all levels.A video was played for the deceased people at such sites, and people gave their tributes to the deceased workers at different sites. Safety games were organised by the IT cell of “Building Safely” for the workers. The workers were playing such video games.

The safety workers of “Building Safely” arranged a safety demonstration at the construction site. An emergency drill was organised by DLF Construction Pvt. Ltd. Different insurance companies were present at the safety fair, which was inaugurated by SDM, Mysuru. The drive for insurrection was organised for the workers at a discount. The safety fair came to an end with a vote of thanks from the CEO of “Building Safely.” The picnic and lunch for the workers were arranged by “Building Safely.”

Extra Examples on Report Writing: CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023 Class 12 English(Core) 

Question 3. You are Radha/Rajesh, the Sports Captain of your school P.B. Bose Public School. The Annual Sports Day was conducted last Monday. As a sports reporter, write a report in about 120 150 words covering all the details such as day, date, time, venue, Chief Guest, march past, field events, award ceremony, etc.

Reporting on different topics is an art and can be learned with a lot of practise in writing reports on different topics. Reporting on Annual Sports Day is the most common report type which appears in different exams. Before writing a report on Annual Sports Day, you need to know the basics of report writing. You might have seen different events, but sports day is totally different than other events where there is great applause from the audience. Therefore, writing a report on Sports Day must be thrilling, like a game.

The answer to the above question on report writing will help you to excel in report writing on annual day sports and, hence, your score in the examination for class 12 English will be 100%.

Report Writing on Annual Sports Day

Report on Annual Sports Day of P.B. Bose Public School

By Radha/Rajaesh, Sports Captain

November 1, 2022


On November 1, 2022, the P.B. Public hosted its annual sports day meet in honour of Haryana Day in the school play ground. The sports meet starts at 10 a.m. with the speech of The Deputy Commissioner of Jhajjar, Sh. Shakti Singh, the chief guest, spoke to the gathering about the importance of games in our lives. He permitted to start the annual sports day of the school by unfurling the green flag. All the participating teams of houses marched past on the ground with the flags of their houses, and they were cheered by the students and audience gathered on the ground. The annual sports day function began with the athletics of different wings of the school. Then, the four houses participated in Khoko, kabaddi, and badminton. The judges made their decision on the champion house, and Subhash House was declared the overall winner of the annual sports day. In the end, the award ceremony began and the Deputy Commissioner handed over the trophy to the captain of the Subhash House. Thus, the annual sports day came to an end at 6 p.m. with the closing speech by the Principal, Dr. Parbhu Arya.

Extra Examples on Report Writing: CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023 Class 12 English(Core) 

Report Writing on Science Symposium, ‘Effect of pollution on quality of life’: CBSE 2022 Class 12 English

21. MMD School, Nashik, recently organised a science symposium on the topic : ‘Effect of pollution on quality of life’. You are Amit/Amita Raazdan, editor of the school magazine. Write a report on the event for your school magazine. (120 – 150 words) CBSE 2022

Report Writing on Science Symposium, ‘Effect of pollution on quality of life’

By Amita Raazdan

MMD School, Nashik, recently organised a science symposium on the topic “Effect of Pollution on the Quality of Life” to spread the message on the bad effects of pollution on our lives. The students of different classes participated in the science symposium. Different models on the “Effect of Pollution on the Quality of Life” were prepared by the science students of class 12. The student used their innovative skills while preparing models on the effects, causes, and measures of protection from pollution.

A district science specialist was present to assess the different models. The different types of presentation techniques were adopted by the students either by using models or by using PowerPoint presentations. Three judges examined the various models as well as the content of the students’ essays on “the impact of pollution on the quality of life.”

The principal and the staff members planted trees to emphasise the importance of planting trees to reduce the bad effects of pollution on our lives. Finally, the principal spoke about the value of trees in our lives. In the meantime, the judges announced the winners of different competitions. The students of Tagore House were the overall winners of the model exhibition. The event delivered a message to protect the environment for our future generations, and the programme was a great success.

Report Writing on Animal Care Home, Heaven for Animals : CBSE 2018 Class 12 English

22. You are Sandhya/Sohan an active member of the Animal Lovers Club which works for the welfare of animals by preventing cruelty to them. Recently you visited Mahatma Gandhi Animal Care Home. You were pleasantly surprised to see the good treatment given to the animals. Write a report in 150-200 words on your visit. You may use the following points : injured dogs and cats – abandoned pets – very old animals – all very well cared for – well-equipped medical room – veterinary surgeon – green surroundings. CBSE 2018, Set 3

Report Writing on Animal Care Home, Heaven for Animals

 By Sohan, Animal lovers Club


March 20, 2018

Being a member of the Animal Lovers Club, I got the opportunity to visit the Mahatma Gandhi Animal Care Home, expecting that the Gandhi Animal Care Theme Park might be treating the animals with brutality. Fortunately, I was wrong, and the animals are well cared for by the animal care staff.

People generally consider such an animal theme park a money-making tool where children and visitors pay visits to watch wild animals. My accepted thought about such an animal theme park was proved wrong. I saw there were ample numbers of injured and abandoned dogs and cats; the old animals that were left by the owners were all very well treated.

The medical facilities were in good condition, having well-equipped medical rooms, and a veterinary surgeon was available to treat such abandoned animals. The surrounding area of the Animal Care Home was beautiful, with lush green areas. I found the animals were treated in a well-mannered way, and hence, they were all looking healthy.

The surroundings of the theme park were fully green, which provided an open space to roam and graze in the open fields. Animals were fully protected from human interference by a partition of glass. There were a number of parrots, peacocks, deer, rabbits, and monkeys, and all were healthy. One must visit this park once in their lifetime and enjoy the company of these wild animals and birds.


ReadLearnExcel has provided 22 examples of report writing for CBSE class 12 English students and expects that the practise of all these examples will give you an edge over others in the final examination.

23. Report on Communal Harmony Week and Flag Day 2022

Govt. Sr. Sec. School Celebrates Communal Harmony Week and Flag Day 2022
The programme began with a brief lecture on communal harmony and its importance for the country by Sh. Mahinder Singh Yadav, Lecturer in English at the Govt. Senior Secondary School. Dadri Toye and Jhajjar organised various activities to celebrate the event. In the beginning, the students were given stickers of communal harmony.

Always strive for perfect harmony in thought, word, and deed.”Always Aim at Purifying Your Thoughts, and Everything Will Be Well,” Mahatma Gandhi………..

Communal harmony day at G.S.S.S. DADRI TOYE, JHAJJAR


24. Report on Constitution Day for CBSE Class 12 English

Question 24 :

Your school celebrated the constitution day on November 26 to spread the awareness among students about the values in our constitution. You are the the editor of your school magazine. Write a report in 150-200 words about the celebration of the Constitution Day.

Report on the Constitution Day

By Naveen, Editor of School Magazine

Dadri Toye (Jhajjar)

November 26, 2022

Being an editor of our school magazine, I got the opportunity to cover the celebration of Constitution Day in our school. Govt. Sr. Sec. School Dadri Toye celebrated Constitution Day 2022 on November 26th, and the programme started with the National Anthem. The principal and the chief guest reached the stage at 8 a.m. After the National Anthem, the students were eager to learn about their constitution. Mr. Mahinder Singh Yadav, a lecturer in English, delivered a long speech on the importance and value of the constitution for the citizen of India and especially for the young generation, who have become ignorant about the constitution, and he read the Preamble to the Constitution in front of the students, got a certificate of the Preamble to the Constitution, and asked the students to follow and read the Preamble.

Following Mr. Yadav’s lecture, a class 12 student delivered a speech on Constitution Day. A writing competition was held in the school’s hall. On Constitution Day, Priyansi from the class took first place in article writing. A poster and painting competition was organised by Smt. Rakhi and PGT Fine Arts, and students participated in these activities in large numbers. The programme came to an end with the registration of the students for the preamble. The principal, Dr. Rajinder, gave a concluding speech on the constitution and thanked the chief guest, Sh. Madan Chopra, D.E.O. Jhajjar, shared his ideas on the constitution and asked the teachers of political science to put more emphasis on the constitution of India while teaching political science.

25. Writing a Report on Panchyat Elections/Election Scene

Question 25.

Recently, panchayat elections were held in Haryana. You got the opportunity to cover the panchayat election as a reporter. Write a report on the panchayat election in not more than 200 words as a reporter for a local newspaper.

Writing a Report on Panchyat Elections

By Laxman


November 2, 2022

The panchayat elections in Jhajjar were held during the first phase of the election. I got the opportunity to cover a panchyat election in a village. I reached the polling place at Booth No. 5, in the Mattain Hail Block. The polling parties were busy conducting the mock poll. The mock poll began at 6 a.m. Three agents were present at the time of the mock poll. The presiding officer conducted the mock election in the presence of election agents. The presiding officer sealed the EVM and made it ready for the poll of the sarpanch.

The poll started at 7 a.m. People came in large numbers to vote. The women voters came there to vote for their candidates. They were wearing colourful dresses. At 10 a.m., 5% of voters had voted. People were waiting in line for their turn. At 12 p.m., there was no crowd in front of the booth. At 6 p.m., the presiding officer delayed the closing of the polls and sealed the machines. The counting of votes started at 7 p.m. The presiding officer declared the results of the sarpanch and panches. The election was absolutely peaceful.

Report Writing on Veer Bal Diwas 2022

Report Writing on Haryana Day, November 1, 2022

Write a Report on Gandhi Jayanti 2022

Report on Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav/Independence Day2022

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