Report Writing: Class 12, Solved Examples and Exercises of Previous Years Boards’ Exams

report writing: solved examples of 12th class
  1. What?

    • What is the main subject or topic of the report?
    • What are the key objectives or goals?
  2. Why?

    • Why is this topic important or relevant?
    • Why is the report being written? What is its purpose?
  3. Who?

    • Who are the main stakeholders or participants involved?
    • Who is the target audience for the report?
  4. Whom?

    • Whom does the report impact or benefit?
    • To whom is the report addressed?
  5. When?

    • When did the events or activities under consideration take place?
    • When is the report due, and is there a specific timeframe being analyzed?
  6. Where?

    • Where did the events or research occur?
    • Where is the geographical scope of the report?
  7. Which?

    • Which specific aspects or components are being addressed?
    • Which methodologies or approaches were used in the research?
  8. Whose?

    • Whose perspectives, opinions, or data are being considered?
    • Whose responsibility is it to take action based on the report?
  9. How?

    • How was the research conducted or the information gathered?
    • How do the findings impact the subject under discussion?
  10. How much?

    • How much data, resources, or evidence is available?
    • How much significance or impact does the report convey?
A report is a notification and summary of facts about an incident, event, topic, or issue. Students are supposed to learn to write a report; a good report always reveals everything to satisfy all queries about the incident.
Writing a report is the main part of business organisations, technical houses, and professional people, and it forms the method of communication. A report is the transmission of certain facts, ideas, and suggestions that can be useful for the people or organisations that need those ideas. Reports are formal in nature, which means certain rules have to be followed while writing a report.
A report explains an event or incident that happened in the past without giving personal ideas. it means report writing is simply a factual description of any event. I am going to solve the questions of previous years’ examinations from CBSE/HBSE.
What types of information are provided in reports?
  • Explains an event or situation
  • The long-term results of an event or situation
  • Analytical or statistical data evaluation
  • Interpretations based on the report’s data
  • Predictions or recommendations based on the report’s information
  • What the information has to do with other events or reports
  • No personal opinions and arguments
  • Need to avoid modals like, should, may, and might
  • Only facts are revealed in reports
  • reports should be organized as per the incident that occurred
  • Step-by-step or beginning of incident to end without any alteration of facts
  • Generally, past tense is used in report writing

Table of Contents

Types of Reports Writing

There are a few different types of reports, depending on the purpose and to whom you present your report. Here’s a quick list of the common types of reports:

  • Academic report: Tests a student’s comprehension of the subject matter, such as annual day report, cultural events reports, reports on historical events, and biographies
  • Business reports: Identifies information useful in business strategies, such as marketing reports, internal memos, and feasibility reports
  • Scientific reports: Shares research findings, such as research papers and case studies, typically in science journals
  • Formal reports
  • Informal reports
  • Short or Long reports

What is the report format?

The format of the report depends upon the type of report and the assignment criteria. Although each report has its structure, the basic template is the same:

  1. In the beginning, there should be a summary of the report so that the readers can make out what will be in the report. The summary of the report increases the interest of the readers.
  1. Introduction of the Report: The introduction of the report should be self-explanatory of the report and should explain what you’re about to explain.
  1. Body of report: The body of the report should explain all major happenings. There should be headings and subheadings. It explains the whole event in detail. The introduction and conclusion contain one or two paragraphs, while the body may have more pages.
  1. After a report, the reporter brings all of the facts in the report together and reaches a final interpretation or judgment.

What can be included in report writing?

There is no hard and fast rule about what should be included in a report, especially at the school level. We can create our format at our convenience. But still, we can include the following in report writing:

  1. Generally, a report’s title is used if a person has to read multiple reports. In this way, he can easily make out which report is useful for him.
  1. A table of contents can be used if the report is lean and has more than four subheadings.
  1. Page numbering can be included in the report has more than one page. But for students, it is generally not required as they are writing a small report for the examination.
  1. Headings and subheadings should be used as they help us when skimming or scanning. They make it easy for the reader to understand the facts easily.
  1. If we used information from other articles, we must include references and quotations. We should always give credit to others’ written work if we used it to complete our report.

Steps of Report Writing for students

Let us explain the different steps of report writing with an example:

Question: You are Bhavan/Bhavika. As an active member of the Mountaineering Club of your school, you participated in a summer camp organized by the Indian Mountaineering Association. Write a report on the camp and its activities for your school newsletter in about 150-200 words. (HBSE 2019, SET A)

Step 1. First find out the topic or title of the report from the question: Report on Summer Camp and its Activities

Step 2. Write down the summary of the report in a few sentences:

The Indian Mountaineering Association of Morni Hills organized a seven-day summer camp at Morni Hills for children from various Haryana schools to teach them about life in the hills. It aided pupils in developing discipline, cooperation, and team spirit.

Step 3. Introduction of the report:

My school, like many others in Haryana, teaches children to be independent, self-sufficient, disciplined, and cooperative. All students reached Morni hills on the tenth of June in the evening. This summer camp was an important component of our growth as citizens of the country. As a member of our school’s Mountaineering Club, I was allowed to write a comprehensive report on the summer camp for our school’s newsletter.

Step 4. Body of the report:

We were offered a variety of activities such as mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing, living in unusual conditions, cooking instruction, and cultural activities. Every year, a fresh topic is chosen for this camp. This year’s summer camp theme was “Culture.” We were taught extensively about many cultures as well as a practical understanding of various states, such as music, lifestyle, and many other things.

We were assigned to research the customs and traditions of several cultures. We were asked to present what we had learned to everyone at the end of the program. This was a great and interesting activity since we got to hear everyone’s thoughts on the value of the camp. Our teachers also spoke up about the value of such camps and the wonderful impact they have on our children’s minds.

Step 5. Conclusion of the Report:

This camp was a fantastic experience for all of us because we came away with so many useful skills and knowledge. This camp taught us not just about different states and their cultures, but also how to work efficiently as part of a team.

Template: Report Writing

Report Template

Report Writing Format

Title of the Report

Name of the Reporter

Name of the City where the Report is Issued:


Date: …………………..

Write down the summary of the report in a few sentences:

The Indian Mountaineering Association of Morni Hills organized a seven-day summer camp at Morni Hills for children………………

Introduction of the Report:

All students reached Morni hills on the tenth of June in the evening. This summer camp was an important component of our growth as citizens of the country………………..

Body of the report:

First Paragraph(Introduction)

We were offered a variety of activities such as mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing, living in unusual conditions, cooking instruction, and cultural activities………..

Second Paragraph(Details of the Report)

We were assigned to research the customs and traditions of several cultures. We were asked to present what we had learned to everyone at the end of the program………..

Conclusion of the Report:

This camp was a fantastic experience for all of us because we came away with so many useful skills and knowledge……………..

Example 1 Report Writing: Career Counselling

Question: You are Ankit/Ankita. You participated in a career counseling program organised by 'Careers'. You had the opportunity of listening to professionals from various fields like food technology, Biometric Sciences, nanotechnology, media management, etc. Write a report on the program of about 150-200 words for 'Employment Avenues.'(HBSE 2019, SET C)

Career Counselling Report

New Delhi

20th March 2020

“Careers” organised a career counseling program to help students understand the various fields. On March 20th, an eminent career counseling firm from Delhi visited our school’s auditorium to discuss various fields such as food technology, biometric sciences, nanotechnology, media management, and others.

The program was designed primarily for 12th-grade students. Initially, our school counselor discussed the values of various fields. The chief counselor of ‘Careers’ spoke to the students about various fields and inquired about their interests and choices in selecting subjects for class 12th. He detailed the future of various fields and subjects covered in college under various fields to the students.

He had one-on-one discussions with the students, and he attempted to understand and resolve their concerns. We were given two forms to fill out at the end of the program: a feedback form and our data forms. The forms were filled out by the students and turned in to the counselor. The session ended at 3 p.m. We discovered a lot about the various streams and their values. I thanked the guest for his helpful advice to the students.


Class 12th Science

Example 2 Report Writing: Cultural Exchange Programme

Exercise: You are Tapan/Tripti, a student of Modern Public School, Kalka. Students of two schools from Germany visited your school as a part of a cultural exchange program. Students of your school put up a cultural program to welcome them. Write a report on the program for your school magazine in 150-200 words(HBSE 2019, SET D)

Example 3 Report Writing: Teachers' Day Celebration

Question: You are Rohit/Simran from G.S.S.S., Bhiwani Road, Rohtak. You took part in your school's celebration of Teachers Day. Create an event report for your school magazine.

Report on Teacher’s Day Celebration

By Rohit, Tagore House

On September 5th, our school, G.S.S.S., Bhiwani Road, Rohtak, celebrated Teacher’s Day and honored the teachers with the help of students.

The school day began at 8 a.m., and after prayer, all of the students who had been appointed as teachers for teacher’s day went to their respective classes to teach. There were three levels of teachers: senior secondary, secondary, and primary. After two periods, the teacher’s day celebration began in the school auditorium. After collecting students’ feedback on teachers, the ranking among teachers was finalized. The first prize was awarded to a primary teacher, the second to a senior secondary teacher, and the third to a Math teacher.

The principal addressed the audience, emphasizing the importance of teachers in today’s society. Then there was a Haryanvi dance performance. The principal was followed by the District Education Officer, who spoke to the students about the teacher’s day. He distributed the prizes to various teachers. There was a refreshment party after the prize distribution.

It was a wonderful day when the students of the school announced the best teacher award.

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Example 4 Report Writing: Accident

Question: Write a report in not more than 125 words on a road accident you witnessed on your way to school. Sign as Meena/Mahesh.(HBSE 2018, SET C)

By Meena/Mahesh
Last week, on my way to Chandigarh, I witnessed a shocking road accident involving a bus and a scooter.
The accident occurred near Panipat on Rohtak Chandigarh Road. A fully crowded roadways bus coming from the Chandigarh side attempted to overtake another bus and collided with a scooter. On the scooter were two people: a man and a woman, most likely a husband and wife.
The wife died on the spot, and the husband was rushed to the hospital in Panipat, where his condition was described as critical by sources. The scooter was completely damaged, which was a terrible sight to see. The majority of the bus’s passengers were also seriously injured and were taken to a nearby hospital. The bus driver was about to flee, but the crowd on the busy road reacted quickly and stopped him. The angry mob brutally beat him and handed him over to the local police.

Example 5 Report Writing: Cultural Week Celebration

Question: Write a report in not more than 125 words on the Cultural Week celebrated in your school. You are Shalini/Shekhar, Cultural Secretary of your school.(HBSE 2018 SET D)

A Report on Cultural Week

By Shalini/Shekhar

20th March, 2018

The D.A.V.School cultural week was held on March 20th, 2018 with great pomp and circumstance. The formal ceremony lasted four days. At 09:30 a.m., the Principal of the school began the ceremony, which was attended by all of the school’s teachers and students. On that day, the entire campus was festooned with festoons and placards. To commemorate the programme, a committee led by the Principal was formed.

Songs, music, debate, recitation, sports, procession, tree planting, and other activities were part of the cultural programme. The first day was all about songs and music. The competitions drew at least 40 students. There were different types of songs, such as folk songs, modern songs, band songs, and so on. The second day was dedicated to the drama competition. At least four different groups performed. The third day concentrated on debate, recitation, and sports. 

The first session of the final day featured a seminar on the “Future of English in India.” During the function, renowned educator XYZ read a paper. The programme was attended by students from all years and classes. The seminar was also attended by distinguished guests and guardians.

The prize-giving ceremony took place during the second session. The chief guest was the Deputy Commissioner of District Karnal. He gave a brief speech emphasising cultural activities in the realm of education. Then he distributed the prizes among the winners.

Finally, the Principal declared the week’s end with a vote of thanks. This cultural week was a fantastic celebration that enthralled everyone in the school.

Example 6 Report Writing: Historical Place Visit

Exercise: Write a report in not more than 125 words giving all the relevant details of your visit to a historical place. Sign in as Sheetal/Shyam of class XII( HBSE 2018 SET A)

Report on Visit to a Historical Place

By Sheetal/Shyam

Our school’s Education Society organised a trip to the Red Fort in Delhi last week. It was only a one-day trip. There were 80 students in total. We were all excited to see this monumental relic of India’s freedom struggle.

 We arrived at 10:30 a.m. The Red Fort is located in the heart of Delhi. For about 200 years,  the fort was the main residence of the Mughal emperors. In 1639, it was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

This massive walled citadel with red sandstone walls took around ten years to build. A trip to the Red Fort is not only educational but also cultural. This magnificent monument is a living example of rich Indian culture mingling with Mughal culture, which the Mughals brought to India with them.

Example 7 Report Writing: Independence Day/Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

You are Neha of G.S.S.S., Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar. Your school celebrated Independence Day. Write a report on Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav/ Independence Day 2022.

Image result for 75th independence day

Report on Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav/Independence Day2022

By Neha, Class 12


August 15, 2022

Being a student of class 12, I am writing a report on Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav/Independence Day2022, which was celebrated in G.S.S.S., Bahadurgarh, and Jhajjar. Independence Day function. The school entrance was filled with national flags. Children at a primary school were holding national flags in their hands. The 75th Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav in India, with the theme “Nation First, Always First,” was celebrated with different programs. The Rangoli was created in tricolour by class 12 students. The Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav started at 9 A.M. with the flag hoisting by a girl who was highly qualified with excellent academic records. The National Anthem was sung at the time of the flag hoisting.

The Principal, Sh Suresh Kumar, gave a speech on Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav/Independence Day2022. He asked the students to celebrate Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav in their neighbourhood.

Then, the cultural programmes started with Saraswati Vandna by class 11 girls. After that, there was a speech on Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav in English by Payal, a student of class 12 (Commerce). Then, there was Ragni a teacher on patriotism, which explained the freedom movement of India. After that, the poster-making programmes on Independence Day started.

After cultural and other competitions, the prize distribution programmes started. The chief guest distributed the prizes for the different activities. In the end, sweets were distributed to all, which were organised by our Physical Education Teacher. Thus, the programme ended with flag hoisting by all the students and a song on national integration. The school commemorated the freedom fighters by raising the national flag on the whole campus. Finally, the Principal declared a holiday on August 16.



Example 8 Report Writing: International Yoga Day 2022

You are Mahesh of class 12. Your school celebrated International Yoga day 2022 on June 21. Write a report for the newspaper, 'The Tribune'.

Report on International Yoga Day 2022.

By Mahesh, class 12.

June 21.

On June 21, the Govt. Model Sanskriti School in Dhakla observed International Yoga Day 2022. I had the opportunity to attend the school’s yoga day. The programme began at 8 a.m. with the National Anthem.

Sh. Daya Kishan, the principal, spoke to the students about the importance of Yoga for students. People believe that youth are free of stress, anxiety, and tension. That is not correct. The students spend the entire day sitting on the floor and at desks, under the stress of academic pressure. As a result, yoga can provide them with relief from all-day exhaustion while also significantly improving their academic performance. Yoga assists students in reducing stress and mental pressure. Yoga provides students with peace of mind if they practise it on a daily basis at home or at their institutions. Yoga improves students’ memory levels by increasing their attention levels in class, which in turn improves their academic performance.

Our Physical Education teacher instructed the students to be prepared for yoga. The yoga session began at 9 a.m. The programme was attended by all teachers and students. The students were having a good time with the programme. Villagers also attended the school and participated in yoga exercises. Fruit was distributed to the participants at the end. The students were greatly inspired by International Yoga.

Example 9 Report Writing: Tablet Distribution in School

You are Himansi of class 12 of G.S.S.S., Karnal. The students of your school received free tablets under Haryana Government Free Tablet Scheme. Write a report for the newspaper ‘The Tribune’.

A Tablet Distribution Report

By Himansi, Class 12.

14th of June

Under the “Haryana Government Free Scheme,” the Government Senior Sec. School, Karnal held a camp to distribute tablets to pupils of classes 10 and 12. I also had the chance to get the tablet. The tablets were given to students of classes 10 and 12 who arrived at the school. At 8.30 a.m., the enrolment and distribution program began under the supervision of our computer teacher, Sh. Ashish Kumar. The tablets were distributed by the teachers in charge of each class in accordance with Haryana’s Secondary Education department’s directives.

Under the e-Adhigam scheme (Advance Digital Haryana Initiative of the Government with Adaptive Modules), the Haryana government provided free tablets to students in grades 10 and 12.  On the campus of Government Senior Secondary School, Karnal, Haryana, students were ecstatic to receive a free present from the Haryana government, led by our Honourable Chief Minister, Shri Manohar Lal Khattar. The students were ecstatic to use the tablet, and their joy could be shown on their faces. They were enticed by the tablet’s function, the Galaxy Tab A7 light.

For more information, all pupils in both classes were directed to gather in the school’s hall. Our computer teacher went over the features of the tablet and how it works. Finally, Sh. M.S. Yadav, our senior teacher, spoke to the kids about the relevance of Digital India and the use of technology in education. The youngsters were ecstatic to get their hands on the iPads. The National Anthem brought the event to a close.

Example 10 Report Writing: World Environment Day

G.S.S.S. Dadri Toye, Jhajjar, celeberated World Environment Day on 5th June in the school campus. You are Sameer/Mansi, the head boy/girl of the school. Write a report on the function in not more than 200 words for newspaper, The Tribune

Report on World Environment Day

By Mansi, Class 12

5th June 2022

I, Mansi, the head girl of G.S.S.S., Dadri Toye, got the opportunity to cover the function of the school on World Environment Day on June 5. The function on World Environment Day started at 10 a.m. The function started with the National Anthem and Saraswati Vandana on the prayer ground. Students and staff welcomed the chief guest, Sh. Subhash Bhardwaj, D.E.E.O, Jhajjar. In the beginning, a tree was planted on the school premises by the chief guest. A student from class 12 was handling the stage and declared the details of the program.

Our English teacher, Sh. M. S. Yadav, gave a welcome speech. He gave a detailed speech on the history, theme, and importance of World Environment Day. He told the gathering that the First World Environment was celebrated in 1974 and that this year, Sweden is hosting the conference on that day.

This year, the theme of World Environment Day was ‘# OnlyOneEarth’ and a student of class 12th gave a speech on the importance of ‘# OnlyOneEarth’. Then, the poster-making competition started in the school. Ten students participated in the competition, and a girl from the 12th Science Stream won the first prize. Our school principal and chief guest gave her the trophy and a certificate of appreciation.

In the last, the Principal and the Chief Guest briefed the students about the value of trees in our lives. Sweets were distributed among the students. The program ended with a pledge by the scouts and NSS students.

Example 1 Report Writing: Annual Sports Day

You are Radha/Rajesh, the Sports Captain of your school P.B. Bose Public School. The Annual Sports Day was conducted last Monday. As a sports reporter, write a report in about 120 150 words covering all the details such as day, date, time, venue, Chief Guest, march past, field events, award ceremony, etc. (CBSE 2022)

Reporting on different topics is an art and can be learned with a lot of practise in writing reports on different topics. Reporting on Annual Sports Day is the most common report type which appears in different exams. Before writing a report on Annual Sports Day, you need to know the basics of report writing. You might have seen different events, but sports day is totally different than other events where there is great applause from the audience. Therefore, writing a report on Sports Day must be thrilling, like a game.

The answer to the above question on report writing will help you to excel in report writing on the annual sports day and, hence, your score in the examination for class 12 English will be 100%.

Report Writing on Annual Sports Day

Report on Annual Sports Day of P.B. Bose Public School

By Radha/Rajaesh, Sports Captain

November 1, 2022


On November 1, 2022, the P.B. Public hosted its annual sports day meet in honour of Haryana Day in the school play ground. The sports meet starts at 10 a.m. with the speech of The Deputy Commissioner of Jhajjar, Sh. Shakti Singh, the chief guest, spoke to the gathering about the importance of games in our lives. He permitted to start the annual sports day of the school by unfurling the green flag. All the participating teams of houses marched past on the ground with the flags of their houses, and they were cheered by the students and audience gathered on the ground. The annual sports day function began with the athletics of different wings of the school. Then, the four houses participated in Khoko, kabaddi, and badminton. The judges made their decision on the champion house, and Subhash House was declared the overall winner of the annual sports day. In the end, the award ceremony began and the Deputy Commissioner handed over the trophy to the captain of the Subhash House. Thus, the annual sports day came to an end at 6 p.m. with the closing speech by the Principal, Dr. Parbhu Arya.

On March 25, 2022, G.S.S.S. Dadri Toye, Jhajjar, celebrated its annual day. The Annual Day Celebration started at 10 a.m. in the school auditorium. The programme started with the National Anthem, and there was no class on that day. The students were welcoming the guests and parents. The girls from class 9 were there at the main gate of the school to welcome the visitors. The stage was beautifully decorated by the students. The D.E.O. Jhajjar was the Chief Guest of the Annual Day Function. The principal of the school introduced the guest and gave an introductory speech. Then, the cultural programmes started with the students of the primary wing. There was a drama programme. The Haryanvi dance was performed by the girls of class 12 and the skit play was also performed. The students of class 10 gave a speech on the importance of exams. The prizes for the different activities were given by D.E.O. and, at last, the Principal delivered a speech of thanks and extended his warm regards to the Chief Guest and everyone in the programme at the Annual Day Celebration.

Exercise:  Prepare a report of the Annual Prize Distribution function held in your school last week. You are Lokesh and student editor of school magazine.( HBSE 2017 SET B)

Exercise: The Health Minister of Haryana inaugurated the new Science Block of your school. As the editor of school magazine, prepare a report of the function.(HBSE 2017,SET D)

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