Speech in English on Parvesh Utsav

Speech Writing: Message to Persuade the Audience

Speech in English on Parvesh Utsav one must know if he wants to communicate in an effective manner with the parents. Readleanexcel always utilizes opportunities for celebrations to improve students’ writing skills. Speech in English on Parvesh Utsav is another opportunity we will utilize to enhance your writing skills.

Speech in English on Parvesh Utsav

You are the Principal of SJS GGSS School, Silana. You are going to speak on Parvesh Utsav. Write a Speech in English on Parvesh Utsav.

Speech on Parvesh Utsav

By Principal

Good day, everyone! I am the school’s principal. We are celebrating Parvesh Utsav in our school as per the government’s instructions, and you are all welcome to use this occasion to discuss the previous year’s accomplishments and our future plans to improve the students’ academic level.

As all of you know, the schools throughout Haryana celebrate Parvesh Utsav in the first week of April. The schools declared results on March 31, and our students performed well in their home examinations. The students were promoted to the next class. The report cards of the students are ready, and you can collect the report card of your ward from the concerned class in charge. You are all welcome to share your views on what we did in the previous year. In the coming session, we will concentrate on these points, where every student needs to participate in at least one activity. Computer education will be imparted from class 4 onward. The students will be taught on digital boards, as we have installed five digital boards in the classrooms. The sports ground is loaded with facilities for different games, and the science lab is also renovated.

In closing, I invite all of you for tea in the principal’s office. You are also invited to share your views on Parvesh Utsav. We request that you increase the admission in this session, and I promise you that the teachers will do justice in delivering their academic obligations.


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