Speech on the Chandrayaan 3

Distinguished instructors, respectable students, and ladies and gentlemen,

I’m here today to commemorate a wonderful accomplishment that exemplifies the spirit of innovation and exploration that makes our country great. The Indian Space Research Organisation, or ISRO as it is more often known, has once again proven its genius in space exploration. ISRO has been at the forefront of extending our understanding of everything from the vastness of space to the nuances of satellite technology.

Since its foundation, ISRO has set out on a journey that not only expands the boundaries of technology but also inspires pride in our country. It has played a key role in making India a great superpower in the field of space exploration. In addition to bringing us closer to the heavens, the scientists and engineers of ISRO have inspired generations of young minds to dream big and reach for the stars through their devotion, hard work, and unwavering pursuit of greatness.

The successful landing of the Chandrayaan 3 Vikram lander on the south pole of the moon is a recent accomplishment that has made us feel proud. Another significant turning point in India’s space exploration adventure was marked by this momentous occasion. Our imaginations were captured by the first image the Vikram lander sent out, which is a testament to the care and accuracy that went into this mission’s execution.

We can see a portion of the Chandrayaan-3 landing site when we look at the image produced by the landing imager camera. In addition to displaying the lunar landscape, the picture also focuses on a lander’s leg and its shadow. This is evidence of the careful consideration and planning that went into selecting a somewhat level landing site on the lunar surface.

The fact that a communication link has been established between the Vikram lander and MOX, Bengaluru, is certainly cause for celebration. This accomplishment highlights ISRO’s technological proficiency and its capacity to overcome difficulties encountered during space missions. The photos of the moon taken during the Vikram lander’s descent are evidence of the amazing strides ISRO has achieved in obtaining and transmitting images from such a faraway celestial body.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the commitment, effort, and passion that the scientists and engineers of ISRO bring to their work in closing. In addition to pushing the limits of science and technology, their endeavours inspire all of us. Let this accomplishment serve as a reminder to us that the sky is indeed the limit and that we are only just beginning our quest to discover the uncharted.

I’m grateful.

Yadav M.S

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