You are a student of class 12. Summer vacations are going on. Write an article on what students and parents should do during summer vacation in no more than 200 words.

Summer vacation is in full swing for students. They all have free time, and parents are frustrated because their children are wasting their time. This is free time for students and parents to plan new vacation activities. There are numerous skills that can be learned during vacations.

Parents and children should work out together on physical fitness during summer vacation because health is the most important factor in achieving success in life. To keep their children fit, parents should take them to morning activities. They can also encourage their children to participate in yoga, meditation, and swimming. Children enjoy social media and sometimes abuse it. Maintain vigilance over your ward and assist them in learning proper social media usage.

Summer vacation can be used to improve reading abilities. As a result, parents must provide books related to their children’s interests. We all know that children have poor reading skills, and summer vacation can be an excellent time to improve those skills. Parents can take them to the library or give them an English newspaper to read during the summer. Other skills that children can learn during their summer vacation include art and crafts.

Mothers should teach their children to cook. During summer vacation, the entire family can plan a picnic or tour. During such activities, the children will have a great time and learn a lot. Parents can take their children to the fields to assist with agricultural tasks. Parents and kids can watch some good movies during summer vacation.

Summer vacation is coming to an end, but the kids will be excited to return to school with new energy and skills.

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