What is UDISE and How to fill the form?

“Timely and accurate data is the basis of sound and effective planning and decision-making. Towards this end, the establishment of a well-functioning and Sustainable Educational Management Information System is of utmost importance today”.

What is the definition of UDISE?

The Govt. of India started a Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE in 2012-13. UDISE is integrating DISE for elementary and secondary education and is one of the largest “Management Information Systems in School Education covering more than 1.5 million schools, more than 9.6 million teachers, and more than 264 million children”.

UDISE+ is the latest and improved version of UDISE. All the data of your schools can be filled online and data has been collected in real-time since  2018-19.

What is the information collected in UDISE+ forms?

  • UDISE+ School Data is mandatory for all schools and has to be filled online these days.
  • The school is considered one unit and the district is a unit of data distribution. UDISE+ collects information from each school all over India.
  • All schools have a unique code and it is called UDISE NO.
  • It collects all information about the students like their social background.
  • Teachers and all types of staff information are collected in the data form.
  • The results of all classes are collected and entered in the data form to evaluate the students.
  • UDISE+ collects data on all physical amenities present in the school so that future planning can be done accordingly through the online Data Collection Form(DCF).
  • The DCF is divided into 11 sections and each section contains multiple queries of the various performance indicator of the school of classes from 1 to 12.

Information about your School

  • It is a module of UDISE+ for retrieving school information and school report summary filled in DCF by filtering according to their respective state, district, and block.
  • It gives the user an option to search for their respective school either by entering the school name or the UDISE code.
  • The user can also view the overall summary for any state in terms of the aggregate percentage of the schools & facilities, teachers, and enrolment data.

How to fill UDISE DCF FORM

  1. Fill in the number of working days in government schools according to MDM for 2020–2021.
  2. Fill in library information. Don’t leave it blank.
  3. The total details of the enrolment of students should be the same in all three tables.
  4. Gender and appointment date must be accurate.
  5. Don’t fill the ST column.
  6. CWSN student data should be correct.
  7. The language taught needs to be filled correctly.
  8. Fill me in, yes, on electricity and water.
  9. Be attentive while filling out the rooms and toilet and check your last year’s UDISE.
  10. Students’ strengths need to be taken care of while filling in the results.
  11. Fill in the correct teachers’ mobile phone numbers.
  12. Don’t leave any columns blank, like emp. id and adhar no.
  13. Teachers’ online attendance, fill yes.
  14. Students’ online attendance: yes.
  15. PFMS-YES.
  16. CCE, Fill-YES.
  17. Fill out medical checkups.
  18. Staff departure and school hours should be 15 minutes longer than total school hours.
  19. The percentage of passing students should be correctly filled in.
  20. School grants should be for 2020–21.
  21. Results should be available in the years 2022–21.

Note: Date of filling the UDISE FORM is extended till June 30, 2022.

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