International Yoga Day 2022: History, Theme, and Benefits of Yoga

Yoga day 2022 at badli college

International Yoga Day 2022 is observed nationally and internationally on June 21. The theme for International Yoga Day 2022 is “Yoga for Humanity.” It focuses on the importance of yoga in our lives. Yoga Day is celebrated all around the world. On June 21, Yoga Day is celebrated at schools, blocks, and districts in Haryana to make it a movement to help humanity become healthy citizens of the world.

Yoga day 2022 at badli college
Ch. Dheerpal Govt. College, Badli.

Yoga Day is celebrated on the campus of Ch. Dheerpal Govt. College Campus, Badli, Jhajjar. Teachers, students, and common people of the block participated in huge numbers.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, said that this year’s yoga day theme reminds us of “how yoga is truly universal”. He further added, “For hundreds of millions of people worldwide, yoga has also been an essential lifetime during the Covid-19 pandemic, providing an important means of coping with the challenges of social isolation and stress.”

History of International Yoga Day

International Day Of Yoga was first recognised by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 2014. During his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the had talked about delegating a day for the celebration of yoga and its benefits. The draft resolution, which was supported by the 175 member states, was passed within 90 days. The United Nations, on December 11, the same year, announced that June 21 will be observed as yoga day.

What is the theme of Internationa Yoga Day 2022?

The theme of international yoga day 2022 is”Yoga for Humanity.”

Importance of Yoga Day

international yoga day2022

Yoga has become very popular among all sections of society, irrespective of caste, creed, and boundaries. People who do yoga daily are able to control so many diseases and have improved their health a lot. It has become a part of their life.

Yoga is “not just about balance within the body or that between the mind and the body, but also balance in the human relationship with the world.” UN adds, “Yoga emphasises the values of mindfulness, moderation, discipline, and perseverance. When applied to communities and societies, Yoga offers a path to sustainable living.”

Benefits of Yoga

How does yoga improve our health?

international yoga day2022

Are you doing yoga daily? You might have felt the difference in your health and internal feelings. You do yoga in the morning and feel relaxed the whole day. It doesn’t matter how much you are an expert in yoga, but it improves your health. Yoga always benefits everyone, irrespective of age. It improves your healing if you have been sick for some days.

  • Slow movements and deep breathing improve our body strength, balance, and flexibility. They also help with blood flow. Making poses can build our muscular strength.
  • Back pain can be helped by doing Cat-Cow Pose, and basic stretching can give you relief from back pain.
  • It benefits your heart by relieving your stress level and anxiety. Long deep breaths will lower blood pressure.
  • It helps you get a sound sleep. wall pose
  • It increases your mental strength and improves your health.
  • You meet a lot of people while doing yoga. It improves your social circle
  • At last, you can take care of yourself.

Yoga makes you feel better. 

Do you have a bad mood? In the king dancer stance, you can sit in lotus and raise your arms into the air. According to one study, consistent yoga practise reduced depression by significantly increasing serotonin levels and, as a result, lowering monoamine oxidase and cortisol levels. Through deep breathing, yoga promotes happiness by lowering blood pressure and anxiety levels.

Yoga can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

The two cornerstones of enhancing your lifestyle are moving your body parts and eating less. It burns calories, fats, and spiritual and emotional aspects, resulting in a healthy lifestyle. Your eating habits may be substantially altered as a result of your continued yoga practise. Yoga can help you enhance your other daily habits as well.

How is yoga helpful in self-regulation?

Self-regulation is the ability to manage one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in such a way to maintain consistency with one’s overall life goals and intentions. It is the difference between crying at your friend when you are angry and talking things out. Self-regulation is something we all do daily for our success. Lack of self-regulation leads to depression, anxiety, tension, and sometimes even criminal behaviour. Self-regulation is an important skill we need to learn to be happy. Comprehensive yoga helps us to improve our behaviour. Yoga helps us to improve our mental as well as behavioural attitudes.

How can yoga benefit students?

internationa yoga day 2022


People feel that young people are away from stress, anxiety, and tension. It’s not true. The students sit on the floor and at desks the whole day and are under the stress of academic pressure. Therefore, yoga can help them get relief from whole-day tiredness and be helpful in improving their academic record in a long way.

  • Yoga helps students reduce their stress and mental pressure.
  • Yoga brings peace of mind among students if they are used to doing yoga daily at home or at their institutions.
  • Yoga improves students’ memory levels by improving their attention levels in the class, which ultimately improves their academics.
  • Yoga helps to reduce the weight of students due to their excess sitting in schools and at home. Their eating habits also increase their weight.
  • They can lose weight by doing exercises.
  • Yoga improves students’ flexibility and posture.
  • Yoga helps them improve their breathing, and they also learn how to breathe better in the future.
  • It helps with mindfulness, as mindfulness improves your concentration while studying. It helps us reduce our anxiety and tension.
  • Students learn to love their body and this reduce their health problems.
  • It brings peace of mind and self-control.
  • Once your health is improved, your attendance in school also improves.
  • Yoga improves students’ immunity and physical fitness.
  • Yoga improves self-regulation among students.

Yoga Classes Near Me

In our area, Maharishi Dayanand Yagya Yog Sansthan is training people. This institution benefits residents in our Sector. Acharya Shatkratu teaches yoga classes at his home in H.N. 1000, Sector 6, Jhajjar (Haryana).

RLE Mission’s Message for International Yoga Day 2022

“Yoga for Humanity” is the right and appropriate theme for Yoga Day. To improve societal health, we should assist communities in practising yoga. A healthy society keeps the nation at the top.

Students, parents, and teachers should come forward to improve the health of our nation, and be a proud citizens of a healthy country.

Topics for Students on International Yoga Day 2022

  • Write a report on International Yoga Day.
  • Write an article on International Yoga Day.
  • Write a Paragraph on International Yoga Day.
  • Write a speech on International Yoga Day.
  • Unseen passage on Yoga Day.


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