The Rattrap Extra Small Questions and Answers NCERT Solutions Class 12 English

The Rattrap Reading Comprehension

The purpose of these extra small questions and answers is to check your understanding of the reading comprehension and are helpful in answering MCQs. of The Rattrap. Download a free PDF. Therefore, read the questions and answers properly to attempt the MCQs. The Rattrap Summary and Reading Comprehension of The Rattrap might have helped you understand the textbook of The Rattrap. The Rattrap is the next stage to understanding the upcoming 100th article of, the complete NCERT Solution for class 12 English. The Extra Small Questions and Answers of The Rattrap will test the student’s understanding of the reading comprehension skills of The Rattrap.


Extra Small Questions and Answers of The Rattrap NCERT Solutions Class 12 English

Q.1. Who is the author of The Rattrap?

Ans. Selma Lagerlof is the author of The Rattrap.

Q.2. What was the peddler selling?

Ans. He was selling small rattraps.

Q.3. What was he used to doing at odd times?

Ans. He used to steal at odd times.

Q.4. What was the business of the peddler?

Ans. He was selling rattraps.

Q.5. How was the peddler managing his life?

Ans. He was managing his life through thievery and selling rattraps.

Q.6. What was the peddler wearing?

Ans. The peddler was wearing ragged clothes.

Q.7. Did he look healthy?

Ans. No, he was not healthy.

Q.8. Who is the vagabond in the Rattrap?

Ans. The peddler is a vagabond.

Q.9. What is the meaning of “vagrant” in The Rattrap?

Ans. Gypsy, nomad, and wanderer

Q.10. What does it mean, “the world is a rattrap”?

Ans. It means the world cheats on everyone.

Q.11. “The world had never been very kind to him.” What does it mean?

Ans. The world never cared for the nomad.

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Q.12. What was the peddler searching for in the evening?

Ans. He was searching for a shelter during the night.

Q.13. What did the peddler see by the roadside?

Ans. He saw an empty cottage on the roadside.

Q.14. What did he do at the door of the cottage?

Ans. He knocked at the door.

Q.15.Who was the owner of the cottage?

Ans. The old crofter was the owner of the cottage.

Q.16. Why did the owner of the cottage welcome the peddler?

Ans. The owner welcomed the stranger as a company.

Q.17. What did he serve to the stranger during the night?

Ans. He served him supper and tobacco.

Q.18. What did the owner play with the guest?

Ans. The owner played cards and mjolis with the stranger.

Q.19. How did the owner behave with the guest?

Ans. He behaved politely with his guest and welcomed him.

Q.20. Where was the owner working?

Ans. He was working at Ramsjo ironworks.

Q.21. How did the owner manage his livelihood?

Ans. He sold milk to manage his life.

Q.22. How much did he earn from selling the milk?

Ans. He earned 30 kronor.

Q.23. What did the stranger do with the leather pouch?

Ans. He took out the money and hung the pouch as it was before.

Q.24. Where did the crofter keep the pouch of money?

Ans. He kept the pouch in the window.

Q.25. Who was the crofter?

Ans. The crofter was a man working in Ramsjo ironworks.

Q.26. What did they both do in the morning?

Ans. They both went out of the house.

Q.27. What did the crofter do with the door in the morning?

Ans. He locked the door and went to milk the cow.

Q.28. What did the rattrap peddler do in the morning?

Ans. He got up and went out.

Q.29. What did the peddler do after smashing the window?

Ans. He took out the money after smashing the window pane.

Q.30. How did the peddler feel after the theft?

Ans. He was very happy to have the money.

Q.31. How much was the money in the pouch?

Ans. There were 30 kronor.

Q.32. What did the peddler do with the empty pouch?

Ans. He hung the empty pouch.

Q.33. Why did he leave the public highway?

Ans. He didn’t want to be caught, so he left the highway.

Q.34. Which way did he choose to move after the theft?

Ans. He chose the woods to hide.

Q.35. What happened to the pedlar in the forest?

Ans. He lost his way in the forest.

Q.36. What did he realise when he lost his way in the woods?

Ans. He realised that the world was rattling for him and he would die.

Q.37. What did you think of Jungle?

Ans. The jungle is like a rattrap.

Q.38. Which was the month when the peddler was trapped in the jungle?

Ans. It was the month of December.

Q.39. What did he start thinking about in the jungle?

Ans. The jungle is a trap for him.

Q.40. What happened to Ramsjo ironwork?

Ans. It was closed.

Q.41. What was in the packet for Elda?

Ans. There was a small rattrap in the gift pack for Elda.

Q.42. How did the peddler spend most of his time on Christmas?

Ans. He spent most of the time sleeping.

Q.43. What did the ironmaster’s daughter say when the rattrap peddler was leaving their house?

Ans. She asked the peddler to stay one more night with them.

Q.44. What did the peddler say in his lecture?

Ans. The peddler said that the world was a rattrap.

Q.45. What was the purpose of Elda’s visit to the iron mill?

Ans. She asked the peddler to spend the night with them.

Q.46. What is the name of the ironmaster’s daughter?

Ans. Her name is Elda.

Q.47. What did the ironmaster think of the peddler?

Ans. The ironmaster considered the peddler his old regimental comrade.

Q.48. What was the intention of the tramp while entering the iron mill?

Ans. He wanted to protect himself from the cold.

Q.49. Why was the old man generous to the peddler?

Ans. He was generous as he wanted someone to talk to.

Q.50. When did the ironmaster realise his mistake?

Ans. The ionmaster realised his mistake when the peddler washed his face.

Q.51. How did the crofter treat the peddler?

Ans. He treated the peddler with love.

Q.52. Why did the peddler not disclose his identity?

Ans. He didn’t disclose his identity as he was greedy for money.

Q.53. Why did Elda bring the peddler to her house?

Ans. She mistook him for his father’s old acquaintance.

Q.54. The whole story revolves around…

Ans. The story revolves around the peddler.

Q.55. Where was the plot of the story set?

Ans. The plot of the story is set amongst the mines of Sweden.

Q.56. Why did Elda ask her father not to throw the stranger out of the house?

Ans. She was moved by the peddler’s poverty.

Q.57. Why did the peddler reject the invitation?

Ans. He rejected the offer as he was guilty of stealing the money.

Q.58. How did the peddler’s heart change?

Ans. The peddler was impressed by their positive behaviour of Elda.

Q.59. How was the peddler in the last?

Ans. He was a good man to the last.

Q.60. To whom did the peddler last write a letter?

Ans. The peddler wrote a letter to Elda.

As a result, the answers to extra small questions will help you understand. Complete NCERT Solution for Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 4: The Rattrap The very short questions and answers of The Rattrap are even helpful for weak students who can’t write long questions and answers. This way, they can combine the different questions to form the answers to long questions.

About the author of The Rattrap: The Nobel Prize in Literature 1909

Author: Selma Lagerlof

The author of The Rattrap and Selma Ottilia Lovisa Lagerlöf won
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1909

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