How to deal with Exam Results Stress: Tips for Parents, Students, and Teachers

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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  Winston Churchill

Are you waiting for your results anxiously? Are you excited about your results? Are you under the stress of unexpected results? Do you have a phobia of results in your mind? These are the major questions that come to the minds of students, parents, and teachers near the exam results, and it happens every year. Tensions over results, performance in the results, and what to do after the results have taken over students, parents, and teachers. The fears of result-related suicides usurped the parents’ minds. It’s sad but it is true  This is the crucial time to handle the situation after the result is out. Therefore, everybody is pondering the question: how to deal with exam results anxiety?

Being a teacher, I have seen a lot of ups and downs for students, parents, and teachers after the results are out. It’s a natural process that every human being has faced in his or her life before or after the result. Stress is a normal process during the examination and results. How to deal with this form of stress is more important, and I will be providing some major tips and steps to be followed by students, parents, and teachers to relieve the students from stress. So, let us dive into the details of stress-relieving methods for students and parents after the result is out:

“Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, No matter how difficult, No matter how unfair, You will do more than simply survive. You will thrive despite it.” Joel Osteen

Different Reactions of Parents on the Result Day, Choose which one is for you?

Parents’ expectations of your results are genuine. It’s a natural process due to so many factors like social, peers, neighbours, and, after all, your future. Just calm down is the right theory for both parents and children. Let’s discuss some common comments made by parents on your results. I will start with the best comments of parents, as I was in the same position as other parents. Who knows children and parents better than a teacher?

  • Appreciating parents, “Koi Baat Nahi Beta, Agli Baar Aur Mehnat Karna”. No problem, it’s fine, you gave your best, good luck next time.
  • Understanding parents are those who understand their children and work to improve their lives.
  • Cool parents are least worried about results, as they know that results are not everything. There are so many things to do rather than take exams.
  • Parents with an attitude of comparison, “Arora Ji Ke Bachhe ne Kamal Kar Diya.” Arora’s son secured 90%. Such parents live in comparison without understanding the pros and cons of their children.
  • Over expecting parents, it’s natural in our society to compete with others without using their common sense of understanding their ward’s position. This all happens due to social pressure.
  • You get 89 % and you’re out. You must have secured 90%. You get a score of 90 and you’re out. No matter how well you perform, you will be mocked for the unachieved 1%, 2%, and 5%.
  • To jindgi me, Kuch Nahi Kar Sakta “is a common phrase used by parents who don’t know much and can’t figure out what it means.

You must be ready to hear the above comments from your parents but you must also understand that they love you so much. This is a temporary phase, it will pass. have patience and cool down and understand what is your feeling about your result. Are you feeling anxiety, stress, and social pressure? It’s a natural beta, take it lightly and put more effort to excel in life.

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Let us try to learn together and find the solutions to the after-effects of results on children and parents and what can we do in such circumstances:

How can parents assist their children to cope with the stress of exam results?

Share with your parents about the result of your
  • Understand your child’s weaknesses and strong points to plan for his future.
  • Discuss it with your child about his interests and problems.
  • Ask your child to take the result positively. Console him for his poor performance.
  • Take your children out on summer vacation to divert their attention.
  • If they don’t understand their interests and hidden talents, they should take the help of a counselor.
  • Always use positive language; ‘Don’t worry beta, you tried well and will improve next time.’
  • Don’t compare your child with others, as every child is different. Just compare their performance with their previous results and try to improve the performance.
  • Parents always support their children and let it continue at the time or result.

How can students overcome the stress of results?

stress of result and talk to friends help in relieving stress of exams
  • Assess your performance and try to improve it next time.
  • Talk to your friends and share your feelings.
  • Plan for the future instead of thinking too much about the result.
  • Talk to your teachers for future action on admission after your school.
  • Have good food and sound sleep.
  • Never compare yourself with others and get frustrated. Just think of your performance and compare it with the previous one.
  • Do research on your future course.
  • Work out your hidden talents.
  • Learn from your mistakes instead of criticising yourself.
  • Failures and unexpected results provide you an opportunity to reevaluate your strategies for the future. Always focus on your weak points and learn how to improve your techniques.
  • Don’t take your parents’ advice seriously. Cool down and relax with friends.
  • Even if you fail, the wastage of one never matters. Start a new season with new friends. Things will be all right soon.
  • If you still feel depressed, consult your doctor or counselor.

How can teachers assist students in dealing with the stress of results?

  • Teachers can call their students and talk to them after the poor result. They can console them.
  • They can arrange a PTM to deal with students immediately after the result is out to divert the attention of the students.
  • Teachers can arrange a counseling session after the result is out. They can guide students in their plans and help them in making plans.

Boards Results 2022: Read the Warning Signs to Stop Suicide Cases

The announcements of different boards’ results have increased tensions of pareamongs like every year. The fears of result-related suicides usurped the parents’ mind minds sad but it is true every year and every year we make plans to stop it next time but nothing happened.  According to the National Crime Records Bureau, 10,159 students committed suicide in 2018. In 2017, the number of cases was 9950 and in 2016 it was 9478.

Why does suicide happen?
Most experts consider this rising trend to the current educational system. A student is always under intense pressure to succeed in his studies. Parents and teachers expect the best from their students. They are expected to excel in all areas, including academics and extracurricular activities. So, in addition to academic stress, a student must contend with intense peer competition. Many students are stressed, anxious, and depressed as a result of this. So, if a student does not achieve the highest possible grade in an examination, it can lead to feelings of worthlessness and total despair. This can cause students to develop chronic depression, which can lead to suicide.

Be alert to changes in your child’s behavior

  • Always be vigilant: Be alert for any signs that may indicate that your child is going through some mental stress. He/She keeps himself away from friends and doesn’t tdoesn’troper diet. Therefore, spend some days with your child to avoid mishappening.
  • Create a positive e environment: Parents must create an environment where your Matheran reveals his feelings.
  • Encourage your child to express his feeling about the result and try to find the right solution for him.
  • Don’t compel the children to go to friends if they are not feeling comfortable in friends’ company.
  • Take keave to leave our office and spend the time with your kid.
  • Always be supportive and talk about the topics he likes to listen.
    • Consult the psychologist if you can’t handle the situation.
    • Schools should organise a PTM immediately after the result. Schools should organise a counseling sessions to relieve their students from the aftereffects of exams.

A Word from RLE Mission on Students’ Result

Dear Students, don’t worry about your results as it is a regular exercise every year. Identify your strengths and move ahead to succeed in your life, as it is the greatest gift God has ever given to us. Enjoy it. %age never matters; it’s your talents that will help you to succeed in your life. Send me a message if you are stressed about your results. I am always with you. God Bless You.



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