9Perceptions and Remedies of Success for Students

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In our society, success has always been a topic of debate. Perceptions and solutions to success have always been a matter of debate in our society. Everyone aspires to achieve success in life. People have different perspectives on radiance. Regrettably, they lack obvious solutions for success in life. As a result, having different perspectives on how to thrive in life is natural. Individual circumstances, family culture, education, and upbringing all play a role in one’s ability to succeed in life. People have different ideas and attitudes about how to be successful in life. Therefore, you need proper planning and strategies to excel in life. Here, I will discuss 9 perceptions and remedies for success and a step-by-step guide to shine in your life:

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#Step1: Parents’ Role In Shining Of Their Children’s  Career

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The Parents’ Preconceived Perception of Success!

They have preconceived notions about what constitutes true success in life and believe what others believe. Putting pressure on children to follow the path and career of their choice has been a trend among parents.  It is established that the children must take the science stream in eleventh grade, with no regard for their ward’s advantages and disadvantages. This is because they never ask their children about their educational and career choices. Therefore,  such children do not succeed in their careers and have a variable level of success in life. As a result, parents must uncover the hidden talents and interests of their ward.

 Remedies: Aid Children in Reaching the Top

According to research and our own experience, parents who actively participate in their children’s education are more likely to raise successful adults. Parents play an important role in their children’s skillful upliftment from birth to success.

It is solely the responsibility of parents to guide and assist their children in outperforming others. The home is a child’s first learning institution. Children learn the most from their parents and their surroundings. Without a doubt, parents have a significant impact on their children’s education and careers.

As a result, parents should help their children discover their abilities, skills, interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

# Step 2: Teachers’ roles can motivate students to excel in all areas.

teachers role in success in life

Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Students’ Success

As teachers, we all have some preconceived notions and perceptions about success. We try to persuade others of our path to success while failing to notice that things in our studies and careers are changing.  Be Reasonable and Keep Up-to-Date on Life-Excellence Knowledge

Teachers assist kids to flourish in all areas.

Teachers should help and guide pupils from academics to job advancement. Teachers should always consider their pupils’ financial situation. They are always student counselors. Their job is more significant than parents because children look up to teachers as role models. They don’t have to have every student learn by rote. In addition to academic excellence, some students have a streak that shows an interest in social work, for example. Teachers who can assist pupils uncover their intrinsic strengths will also serve the nation. Teachers must specifically:

  • Look for student activities that demonstrate originality and innovation.
  • Make the most of those skills.
  • Help and guide the child to achieve more.
  • Inform parents about their children’s strengths and limitations.
  • Follow up outside of school/college
  • Local schools frequently have the best brains. We must find and develop such children.
  • School/College Reading Skills Needed
  • Plan the students’ learning skills
  • Describe The Ethics To Follow
  • Values Enhancement
  • Improve students’ technical skills
  • Updating learning resources
  • Teach students to use social media properly

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Step 3: Improve Your Reading Skills to Be Successful in Life

Students’ Perceptions of Reading Skills

However, reading should be one of the top priorities. In our extensive teaching experience, we have observed that students’ reading habits are deteriorating daily. Generally, we ask students to read the chapter, but it has been discovered that the majority of students are uninterested in reading the textbook. Reading is the foundation of learning. Learning enables us to shine in our daily lives. We don’t read much to succeed in life because we never learned the value of reading in school.

reading problems solved

Remedies for Learning to Read and Excel

Reading has many advantages, but it is a skill that many adults do not use enough. To be successful in life, we will need to start reading daily. Begin your reading journey in school and make it a hobby. Read some good books that will increase your interest in reading. The more you read, the more you’ll discover. 

Reading is a gateway to learning anything and everything. It allows you to learn new things and educate yourself in any area of life that interests you. You can find a book on almost any subject you can think of, dive in, and begin learning.

#Step4: Discover Your Hidden Talent to Stand Out in Life

hidden talents among students play vital role in excelling in life

Perception of Hidden Talents

In general, we choose our courses and careers based on what our neighbours and friends do. We begin our studies in elementary school, and especially in senior secondary school, students choose subjects that their friend who lives in his neighbourhood is studying. Herein lies the issue.

How did we decide on a stream? Did we choose based on our interests or did we steal someone else’s idea? We generally do not follow The First Principle and instead rely on analogy to succeed in life. Is this correct? It means that we copy other people’s ideas and never try to discover our hidden talents to succeed in life. “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problems and 5 minutes thinking about solutions” Albert Einstein

Remedies of Finding Hidden Talent to Achieve 

We generally find that some students are naturally talented and are admitted to prestigious institutes regardless of their background, whereas some talents cannot be learned – these people were born with a special talent that just needed to be discovered! Your interests will always play an important role in your potential to achieve success. It means that your natural talent is an interest, and it must be identified. As a result, some talents are innate, while others are acquired.

As a result, excelling in life has become the most elusive component of life in this competitive and unimaginable fast-moving world where everything appears to be a rat race. When compared to excellence, excelling in life is always valued. It means identifying your interests and talents, which will aid you in your life success. “I believe that talent is innate in everyone.” Maya Angelou’s

#Step5:Understand Your Internal Biases or Egos to outshine

internal biases


Perception: Don’ Accept their Biased Attitude

Many people, in my experience, develop internal biases or egos. In my long teaching career, for example, I have encountered many parents who wanted their children to be admitted to prestigious institutes such as IIT and NIT. They instruct their children to study for the JEE. Unfortunately, their children are not accepted into these prestigious institutions. Some students become successful graduates. Meanwhile, the parents begin to believe that Civil Service Jobs are better and have more power and status. They ask their children to prepare for UPSC, and their children waste two to three years preparing for the exams, but they do not achieve the desired success. Because of their internal biases or egos, they are now frustrated.

Remedies: Change Your Mindset to Eliminate Biases and Enlightenment

This type of trend must be reversed for children to flourish according to their desires rather than those of their parents. They will succeed in life and be content. Keep yourself at bay as you fight your way to the top. Egotistical people are frequently the most ignorant, clinging to bad ideas and bad practices even when a better option is available. Overconfidence is not a good thing. Collaboration and deep relationships with others are required for success. It’s also critical to include people who think and believe differently than you do (they’ll help to challenge and expand your thinking).

#Step6: Don’t Let Your Past Control You; Redefine Yourself to be Perfect


Perception: Past controls our Future

In general, we are always engrossed in our memories and never try to escape them. We should always try to forget our mistakes while choosing a course or trade in high school. When it comes to choosing a career, we are generally guided by our parents and society. We never look for our hidden talents. Sometimes we make this mistake unknowingly. Discover your hidden talents and interests by redefining yourself.

I’ve seen many students be guided by their parents to take a course that isn’t their first choice. This is because, in the future, we will have fewer resources and information about the courses and their values. Do you understand what it means to be successful? Consider it. What kind of life do you want to live? When deciding on a career, make your own decision.

Remedies: Forget Your Past and Start from Scratch to Reach your Goal

Forget the past and begin anew to succeed in life. Success necessitates that you feel good about who you are, the decisions you make, and the way you live your life. A success definition that has been redefined in this way allows you to work toward a better future while remaining content with where you are now.” The past could have been either good or bad. Whether you are a success or a failure, never let your past control you in any way. Failures and successes in the past are a thing of the past. Don’t let your past define you.

The past could have been either good or bad. Whether you are a success or a failure, never let your past control you in any way. Failures and successes in the past are a thing of the past. Success is determined by how you choose to live your life (and hence, living a life with purpose). Your perspective is important.

#Step7: Modify your perception, Strategies for the future Achievement

Perception: Perceptions and Wrong Strategies Block our Success

A student aspires to be a doctor and works hard to achieve his goal. Unfortunately, he was unable to succeed for unknown reasons, and he tries every year without success. He is now in a different situation. He wishes to alter his strategies by pursuing a different career to achieve success in life. For nearly four years, he was forced to spoil due to parental pressure, societal expectations, and a lack of seats. To be successful, we must put in a lot of effort. Even so, nothing is guaranteed. Should we alter our strategies to succeed in life?

Remedies: Be Practical and Proper Planning are Signs of Happiness

Make a list of everything you can do to succeed in life. The first step is to determine what success means to you, your values, and the type of life you want to live. It may take some time to sort through all of these questions and determine what true success means for you. Try to define excelling in life as broadly as possible: short-term, long-term, big dreams, and small successes. Make a list of your goals and methods for achieving them.

There should always be room to change one’s strategies for success in life. As a result, if you are not shining in your life, be skilled and improve your plans to become a master of your talents and work out in different ways. Values and ideals also play a role in achieving success in life. As a result, rather than wasting too much time on one field. Take a break and consider how you can shine in different areas. I’ve met so many people who changed careers and still shined and were happy. Happiness should be the primary criterion for success in life.

#Step8: Using Social Media to Achieve Success in Life

social media confusion among people

Perception: Social Media is a Wastage Of Time

In general, we see our children using social media daily at school. According to the general perception, social media is a waste of time for students! Social media spoils a child’s career and habits. Is it true? Watching YOUTUBE has been considered a bad thing by some parents. It is all about how you use technology and make it work for you, just like any other form of technology. How do you make use of the Internet and social media? We widely assume that social media is a complete waste of time. Do you share my viewpoint? If you believe this, you should reconsider your use of social media.

Remedies: Strategic Use of Social Media is a Guarantee of Enlightenment

Change your perspective on social media and use it to your advantage. Everything is available on the internet, and you don’t always need a teacher to study various aspects of a topic. Every company requires someone with technological skills and a basic understanding of how to use social media sites. By using social media, you can begin to learn new things with a variety of options to choose from. This will allow us to outperform our peers in terms of knowledge. Students who do not have academic achievements are excelling in life these days.

#Step9: Be Positive and Disciplined to Succeed in Life

Perception: Be Positive? But Always Distracted?

Changing your perspective on how you see things is the first step toward being positive. If you believe something is negative, it is likely to be so (and vice versa). Challenge that negativity by adopting a fixer and doer mindset. Where there is a will, there is a way! That is truly how to maintain a positive attitude. Staying positive entails being self-aware and in touch with your emotions.

Remedies: Be Positive in Real Sense and Taste the Fruit of Success

Don’t let fear take over and convince you that things will not turn out well. Accept the criticism that comes your way and remember that the majority of life’s events aren’t personal. Make a good environment for yourself. Surround yourself with people who lift you, support you, and only want the best for you. Avoid putting yourself in situations that will not contribute to your happiness. Discipline and consistency are also important factors in achieving success in life. So, always be positive and taste the fruit of success.  

A Message from ReadLearnExcel

There is no single definition of success, and certainly no single answer to how to excel in life. However, by studying some of the habits of successful people, you can learn new tactics and strategies to use in your own daily life. Cultivate Your Hidden Talents and nurture these abilities, and you may discover that you are better able to achieve your goals, shine in your life, and achieve the success you desire. Therefore, working on the above 9 solutions, I hope you will excel in your life.

All The Best For Your Excelling in Life!

Let us be optimistic and assist our students in achieving success in their careers.

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  6. Does reading play any role in successful person?
  7. Are we up to date on the best methods for achieving success in life?
  8. Are we up to date on the latest global trends?
  9. Are we willing to accept the descent?
  10. Have we reconsidered our subject matter, teaching methods, and career opportunities?
  11. Are we still dealing with students in the same way we used to?
  12. How do we handle social media for success in life?
  13. Does past affects our present and future?
  14. What is the role of discipline in success?
  15. Are we putting our full efforts in success of our children?


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