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Do you have a fear of writing? Don’t be concerned! We will teach you the best techniques for improving your writing skills. Begin learning to write with us. The writing skills are designed by an eminent teacher with 25 years of experience as an English lecturer.

Techniques to Improve Writing Skills

Here are some tips and techniques for everyone to feel easier with writing, and improve their English writing skills:

1. Place Reading in your Main Menu of Writing Skills 

Reading is the best skill to improve your writing skills, as both reading and writing are interrelated. Always place your reading skills at the top of your list of writing skills. Reading always enhances your vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar skills. Some people feel that they can improve their writing skills by just learning grammatical rules. It is always advisable to read to learn grammar and sentence structure. You can begin reading about a topic of interest, which will boost your confidence to write as you become more comfortable after reading. Writing can’t be learned in isolation. In my 25 years of experience as an English teacher, I have seen so many students and teachers who work on the rules of tenses. Unfortunately, they couldn’t learn the basics of writing as they never tried to learn the reading techniques. For example, if you want to write a letter to complain about the electricity in your locality, you can read two or three letters of the same type and then start writing your letter. You will definitely find it easier than before. Hence, put reading at the top of your list of learning to write skills.

2. Improve the basics of grammar to learn writing skills

Always try to learn the basics of grammar just for the sake of your knowledge. As I have already told you, learning grammar won’t solve the whole fundamentals of writing, but it will act as a tool to increase your confidence in checking sentence formation. Learn the basics of subjects, verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and tenses and their use to boost your reading and writing experience. Grammar is generally used when you speak, as it is purely formal.

3. When learning to write, use a digital dictionary.

It is advisable to keep a good dictionary at home as a reference book. Teachers used to ask us to have an Advanced Learners’ Dictionary when we were students. Now I am a teacher and ask my students to find antonyms and synonyms for words on search engines such as Google. Students get a lot of comparable words to use at their convenience.

4. Check your spellings after writing

It is always advisable to check the spelling before and after writing when you are writing on paper and on the computer. This habit of checking and learning spellings is diminishing every day in this digital world as most of us are now using apps to check our grammar and spellings and a lot more. Here comes the need to read to strengthen your spelling and grammar.

5. Learn the basic sentence structure of English language to improve your writing skills

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The basic structure og English language is: S+V+O(SUBJECT+ VERB+ OBJECT). 

  1. Subject+Verb(Mahesh runs, My dog is running).
  2. S+V+O(She plays hockey, Reading helps writing).
  3. Subject+Verb+Adjective(Ram is happy. Natur is beautiful.).
  4. Subject+Verb+Adverb(Indians speak English fluently, He plays hockey efficiently).
  5.  Subject+Verb+Noun(I am a teacher, My daughter is C.F.A.).

6. Ask your teacher to check your writing work

Teachers are always willing to help their students. When you write something, first check yourself and take it to your English teacher for his views. This will help you to improve your writing skills.

7. Write one page daily without any help

What are you thinking about today? Write it on a page. This will give me a chance to write about different ideas. In the evening, check what you have written. This will strengthen your power of sentence formation and vocabulary.

At the end of the month, read and check all your writing. You will definitely find better writing and your collection might even help you write a book.

Learning Advance Writing Skills after the basics writing skills

I hope you have grasped the fundamentals of learning to write. It is now time to improve your writing skills in areas such as paragraph writing, article writing, letter writing, report writing, email writing, speech writing, notice writing, essay writing, and note-taking.

Paragraph Writing

Paragraph writing suitable for the reader to understand the main points of things they want. Short paragraphs are easier to read and understand for secondary-level students. Article Writing for students is of medium size and paragraph is the shortest form. Writing a short paragraph is the art of explaining the details of an essay in a short form to convey the meaning to a reader who is not able to understand the long essay and, sometimes, is not interested in reading the details.

Article Writing

An article is a piece of art that explains your ideas and facts to enhance the knowledge of the reader and is supposed to be published in newspapers, websites, and magazines. There are different types of articles:

  1. Factual Articles: They explain the facts as they are without any personal views of the writer.
  1. Argument-based articles: Arguments from the writer and readers are welcome to reach an acceptable solution to the problem.
  1. Explanatory or narrative articles: recounting incidents
  1. Articles are written in a way of describing the situation with the help of adjectives.
  1. It aids people in understanding the situation and should be convincing.

Letter Writing

What is the purpose of letter writing? Before you begin writing, everyone must know the answer to this question. First, think about the main points of the letter and create mental outlines of them. “A letter is a written message sent from one person (or group of people) to another via a medium.” The primary goal of letter writing is to convey a message to friends, offices, and local officials. It implies that your ideas should be self-explanatory and that the letter’s purpose should be met. While writing a letter, you must keep certain points in mind. These are referred to as the “7 C’s” of letter writing.

Report Writing

A report is a notification and summary of facts about an incident, event, topic, and issue. Students are supposed to learn to write a report and a good report always reveals everything to satisfy all queries about the incident.
A report explains an event or incident that had happened in the past without giving personal ideas. it means report writing is simply a factual description of any event.

Email Writing

Email writing is an important part of professional communication these days. People used to write letters, and now e-mail has taken the place of letters. Writing an email has become an art form to impress your readers. After creating interest in your email message or proposal, it is expected that you will get a response. This is how it has become mandatory to learn impressive email writing for all of us. Email writing needs to convey the message in the right way. It should be simple and clear.

Speech Writing

Speech writing is the process of communicating a thought or message to a reader by using proper punctuation and expression. Speech writing is similar to other types of narrative writing. However, students should be aware of some different punctuation and writing structure techniques.

Notice Writing

A notice is written or printed information or news announcement. Notices are either prominently displayed or published in newspapers, school bulletin boards, and magazines. It is only meant for a small number of people. Because it contains a formal announcement or information, the tone and style of the notice are formal and factual. Its language should be simple and formal. Notices are always brief and direct.

Essay Writing

As a student, you may be required to write a variety of essays. The length and content of an essay are determined by your level, subject of study, and course requirements. Most essays at the university level, on the other hand, are argumentative: they seek to persuade the reader of a particular position or perspective on a topic

An academic essay is a focused piece of writing that uses evidence, analysis, and interpretation to develop an idea or argument.

The essay writing process is divided into three stages:

Preparation: Choose a topic, conduct research, and write an essay outline.
Writing: Begin with an introduction, then develop your argument with evidence in the main body, and finish with a conclusion.
Check your essay’s content, organisation, grammar, spelling, and formatting.


Making notes is a skill that can be honed through practice. There are some benefits to taking notes. Let us discuss some benefits of note-making:

  1. It is crucial in exams and academic writing.
  2. It is a collection of key points for future use.
  3. Making notes allows us to keep information on hand when we need it.
  4. It allows for faster revision during exam time, especially,the previous night of the examination.
  5. It has key points that make it easier to read.
  6. It helps in concentration, and comprehension, and keeps a permanent record.
  7. A note-making format allows a writer to go through large documents more quickly
  8. It enables comprehension when notes are written in our own words.
  9. Note making distinguishes between main points and small details.
  10. Note making relies heavily on storage and retrieval of information.

Writing in English is not an easy task that you can easily acquire comfortably. Everything is difficult in the beginning, but with constant planning, hard work, and gradual improvement, you will definitely get there. Start reading and writing simple sentences on the topic of your interest and accept the opportunity and challenge to write more wherever you work. Let us learn together with You will be writing like me one day after a constant serious effort. Good writer, all the best.

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