Indigo Extra- Short Questions Solved Class 12 English Flamingo

Indigo Extra- Short Questions Solved NCERT Class 12 English Flamingo

Indigo Extra- Short Questions Solved Class 12 English Flamingo

The purpose of these extra-short questions and answers is to understand the essence of Indigo and check your understanding of reading comprehension which are helpful in answering MCQs. of Indigo. Download a free PDF. Therefore, read the questions and answers properly to attempt the MCQs. Reading Comprehension and Indigo Summary might have helped you understand the textbook. The Extra Small Questions and Answers will give the student a chance to show how well they understand Indigo and my tribute to the freedom fighters of Champaran who fought for the rights of sharecroppers against British landlords and Gandhiji guided them “to be free from fear” and taught them the lesson of “Civil disobedience”

The author, M.S. Yadav, a lecturer in English, has created the Indigo extra-short questions to help the students and teachers understand the text of Indigo. These Indigo extra-short questions will also help students answer MCQs, which I will discuss in a separate article for some technical reasons.

Q.1. When did Louis Fisher visit Gandhiji?

Ans. Louis Fisher visited Gandhiji in 1942.

Q.2. Where was the Gandhiji ashram?

Ans. Gandhiji’s ashram was near Ahmedabad.

Q.3. When did Gandhiji decide that it was the right time for the Britishers to leave India?

Ans. In 1917, Gandhiji decided that it was the right time for the Britishers to leave India.

Q.4. When was the Indian National Congress annual convention held in Lucknow?

Ans. The Indian National Congress annual convention was held in Lucknow in 1916.

Q.5. How many delegates were present at the convention?

Ans. There were 2301 delegates present at the convention.

Q.6. Who was Raj Kumar Shukla?

Ans. He was a poor but “resolute” farmer of Champaran.

Q.7. Where is Champaran situated?

Ans. Champaran is situated in the foothills of Nepal.

Q.8. Who were the Champaran peasants?

Ans. Champaran peasants were the sharecroppers of British landlords.

Q.9. What was Raj Kumar Shukla’s character?

Ans. He was a poor but determined farmer.

Q.10. Why did Raj Kumar Shukla visit the Congress annual convention?

Ans. He visited the Congress annual convention in Lucknow to meet Gandhiji.

Indigo Extra- Short Questions Solved NCERT Class 12 English Flamingo

Q.11. What do you mean by “tenacity”?

Ans. Persistence.

Q.12. Why was Gandhiji impressed by Raj Kumar Shukla?

Ans. Gandhiji was impressed by Raj Kumar Shukla by his “tenacity”.

Q.13. Where did Gandhiji ask Shukla to meet him?

Ans. Shukla was asked by Gandhi to meet him in Calcutta.

Q.14. Where did Shukla take Gandhiji to Patna?

Ans. He took Gandhiji to Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s house.

Q.15. Who was Dr. Rajender Parsad?

Ans. He was an advocate who became the first President of India.

Indigo Extra- Short Questions Solved Class 12 English Flamingo

Q. 16.What is Indigo?

Ans. Indigo was a commercial crop.

Q.17. Why was Gandhiji not allowed to draw water from the well?

Ans. The servant considered Gandhiji to be a man of lower caste.

Q.18. Where did Gandhi first go in Bihar?

Ans. He went to Muzzafarpur.

Q.19. Gandhi sent a telegram to whom?

Ans. He sent a telegram to Professor J.B. Kripalani.

Q.20. Who were the sharecroppers?

Ans. The poor farmers of Champaran were sharecroppers.

Q.21. What did Gandhi blame the advocates for?

Ans. Gandhiji blamed advocates for charging a high fee to the farmers of Champaran.

Q.22. What is the meaning of “chided”?

Ans. Criticises

Q.23. What was Gandhi’s view about courts?

Ans. Sharecroppers’ cases are time-consuming and cannot be decided by courts.

Q.24. Strike out, which is not true in the following. Raj Kumar Shukla was

  1. a sharecropper
  2. a politician
  3. delegate
  4. a landlord

Ans. a politician, a delegate, and a landowner

Q.25. Who was Rajkumar Shukla?

Ans. a sharecropper.

Q.26. Why is Raj Kumar Shukla described as resolute?

Ans. Raj Kumar Shukla is described as being resolute because of his determination.

Q.27). Why do you think the servant thought Gandhi to be another peasant?

 `Gandhi looked like a poor farmer without clothes.

Q.28. What was en route to Champaran?

Ans. Muzzafarpur was en route to Champaran.

Q.29. To whom did Gandhi send a telegram?

Ans. He sent a telegram to Professor J.B. Kripalani.

Q.30: Who was J.B. Kripalini?

Ans. Professor

Q.31. Where was Professor J.B. Kripalini working?

Ans. He was working at an arts college in Muzzafarpur.

Q.32: Where did Gandhi meet J.B. Kripalini for the first time?

Ans. He met him in Tagore’s Shantiniketan school.

Q.33. What time did the train arrive in Mujjafarpur?

Ans. The train reached Muzzafarpur on April 15, 1917, at midnight.

Q.34. Who was waiting at the train station to receive Gandhi?

Ans. Professor J.B. Kripalini was waiting at the station.

Q.35: Where did Gandhi stay for two days?

Ans. He stayed at Professor Malkani’s residence.

Q.36. Where was Prof. Malkani working?

Ans. Prof. Malkani was working in a government school.

Q.37: “It is an extraordinary thing these days.” Who spoke these words?

Ans. Gandhiji spoke these words.

Q.38. Why did Gandhi say these words, “It was an extraordinary thing in these days”?

Ans. Gandhiji said these words because a government school teacher was not allowed to participate in any political movement.

Q.39. What was the news that spread very quickly in Champaran?

Ans. The news of Gandhiji’s arrival spread quickly.

Q.40. Who was the champion of sharecroppers?

Ans. Gandhiji was the champion of sharecroppers in Champaran.

Indigo Extra- Short Questions Solved Class 12 English Flamingo

Q.41. Why did Gandhi chide the lawyers?

Ans. He chided the lawyers for charging high fees to poor farmers.

Q.42. Why did Gandhi decide not to fight the sharecroppers’ case in court?

Ans. It was pointless to fight in the courts as the people were terrified.

Q.43. Why were the law courts useless for sharecroppers?

Ans. Farmers’ fears could not be dispelled by the legal system.

Q.44. What will be the real relief for sharecroppers?

Ans. The real relief for farmers is to be free from “fear”.

Q.45. Who owned the large estates in Champaran?

Ans. The British landlords owned large estates in Champaran.

Q.46. Who worked on the large estates?

Ans. The poor farmers of Champaran worked on large estates.

Q.47. What was the chief commercial crop in Champaran?

Ans. Indigo was the chief commercial crop in Champaran.

Q.48. What was the compulsion for the tenants to plant?

Ans. The farmers were supposed to grow 15% indigo on the total land.

Q.49: What was the cost of rent of land for sharecroppers?

Ans. 15% was the rent of land.

Q.50. What was the length of the contract for Indigo?

Ans. It was a long contract.

Q.51 What did Germany develop?

Ans. Germany has developed synthetic indigo.

Q.52. What were landlords’ demands from sharecroppers’ arrangements after synthetic Indigo became available?

Ans. They asked them to repay 15% of the rent as compensation.

Q.53: Why was sharecropping “irksome”?

Ans. It was irksome to return the money as compensation for indigo.

Q.54. What do you mean by “irksome”?

Ans. Annoying

Q.55. What happened to sharecroppers who refused to pay?

Ans. They were beaten by “thugs”.

Q.56. Who did the landlord hired to beat the peasants?

Ans. They hired the thugs to beat the farmers.

Q.57. What do you mean by “thugs”?

Ans. It means unlawful people.

Q.58. List the places that Gandhi visited between his first meeting with Shukla and his arrival at Champaran.

Ans. Before he reached Champaran, Gandhiji visited Cawnpore, his ashram near Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Patna, and Muzzafarpur.

Q.59. What did the peasants pay the British landlords as rent?

Ans. They paid indigo as rent.

Q.60. What do the British not want now?

Ans. They want 15 % compensation.

Q.61. What would be the impact of synthetic indigo on share croppers?

Ans. They were at a loss as indigo was useless for them now.

Q.62: Why did Gandhi visit the British Landlords’ association?

Ans. He wanted to know the details of the contract.

Q.63. What response did Gandhi receive from the landlord’s association?

Ans. They refused to give him the information that Gandhi wanted.

Q.64. In which division is Champaran situated?

Ans. Champaran was in the Tirhut division.

Q.65. What did the commissioner of Chirhut ask Gandhi to do?

Ans. He ordered Gandhiji to leave Tirhut.

Q.66. How did Gandhi react to the commissioner’s action?

Ans. Gandhiji didn’t leave Tirhut.

Q.67. What was served to Gandhi?

Ans. Gandhiji was served with a notice to leave Tirhut.

Q.68. What did the prosecutor ask the judge?

Ans. The prosecutor asked the judge to postpone the hearing.

Q.69. What did Gandhi insist on before the judge?

Ans. Gandhiji asked the judge to punish him for breaking the law.

Q.70. What did the judge do in Gandhi’s case?

Ans. He didn’t pass any decision on Gandhiji.

Q.71. Who said these words, “The battle of Champaran is won”?

Ans. Gandhiji said these words.

Q.72. What was Gandhiji’s civil disobedience?

Ans. Gandhiji’s civil disobedience was not to accept government laws.

Q.73). How much time did Gandhi stay in Champaran?

Ans. He stayed in Champaran

Q.74. What was the percentage of settlement between the landlords and peasants on Indigo?

Ans. It was settled on 25% of the values.

Q.75. Why did Gandhi accept the settlement?

Ans. Gandhiji accepted the settlement as money was not important, but he made farmers free from fear.

Q.76. What lesson did Gandhi want the sharecroppers to learn?

Ans. Gandhi wanted the farmers to learn to fight for their rights.

Q.77. How did the episode change the sharecroppers’ attitude towards the landlords?

Ans. Now, the farmers were free from fear of the landlords.

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Indigo Extra- Short Questions Solved Class 12 English Flamingo: Download PDF
Indigo Extra- Short Questions Solved Class 12 English Flamingo

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