The Tiger King Class 12 Difficult Words: Meanings, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Meanings in Hindi

The Tiger King Class 12 Difficult Words: “The Tiger King” by Kalki, here are 25 difficult words with their Meanings, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Meanings in Hindi.

These words are essential to understanding the nuances and the depth of the story, “The Tiger King.”

  1. Indomitable
    • Meaning: Impossible to subdue or defeat.
    • Synonyms: Unconquerable, invincible, unbeatable.
    • Antonyms: Submissive, weak, conquerable.
    • Hindi: अजेय
  2. Transfixed
    • Meaning: To be motionless with amazement or terror.
    • Synonyms: Mesmerized, captivated, spellbound.
    • Antonyms: Unaffected, indifferent, unimpressed.
    • Hindi: स्तब्ध
  3. Incredible
    • Meaning: Hard to believe; extraordinary.
    • Synonyms: Unbelievable, astonishing, amazing.
    • Antonyms: Believable, ordinary, plausible.
    • Hindi: अविश्वसनीय
  4. Quake
    • Meaning: To shake or tremble, often with fear.
    • Synonyms: Shudder, tremble, shake.
    • Antonyms: Steady, stabilize, calm.
    • Hindi: कांपना
  5. Proclamation
    • Meaning: A public or official announcement.
    • Synonyms: Declaration, announcement, decree.
    • Antonyms: Concealment, secret, suppression.
    • Hindi: घोषणा
  6. Confiscated
    • Meaning: To take or seize someone’s property with authority.
    • Synonyms: Seized, appropriated, impounded.
    • Antonyms: Returned, restored, given.
    • Hindi: जब्त
  7. Objection
    • Meaning: An expression or feeling of disapproval or opposition.
    • Synonyms: Disapproval, protest, dissent.
    • Antonyms: Agreement, approval, acceptance.
    • Hindi: आपत्ति
  8. Reluctant
    • Meaning: Unwilling and hesitant.
    • Synonyms: Hesitant, unwilling, disinclined.
    • Antonyms: Willing, eager, enthusiastic.
    • Hindi: अनिच्छुक
  9. Incoherent
    • Meaning: Unclear or confusing.
    • Synonyms: Unclear, disjointed, jumbled.
    • Antonyms: Coherent, clear, logical.
    • Hindi: असंगत
  10. Exemption
    • Meaning: The process of being freed from an obligation or duty.
    • Synonyms: Immunity, exception, freedom.
    • Antonyms: Liability, obligation, duty.
    • Hindi: छूट
  11. Obstinacy
    • Meaning: Stubbornness or refusal to change one’s opinion.
    • Synonyms: Stubbornness, inflexibility, tenacity.
    • Antonyms: Flexibility, compliance, submissiveness.
    • Hindi: हठ
  12. Catastrophic
    • Meaning: Involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering.
    • Synonyms: Disastrous, devastating, calamitous.
    • Antonyms: Beneficial, fortunate, favorable.
    • Hindi: विनाशकारी
  13. Supplication
    • Meaning: The action of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly.
    • Synonyms: Plea, appeal, petition.
    • Antonyms: Demand, command, insistence.
    • Hindi: प्रार्थना
  14. Fury
    • Meaning: Wild or violent anger.
    • Synonyms: Rage, anger, wrath.
    • Antonyms: Calmness, peace, tranquility.
    • Hindi: क्रोध
  15. Triumphant
    • Meaning: Having won a battle or contest; victorious.
    • Synonyms: Victorious, successful, conquering.
    • Antonyms: Defeated, unsuccessful, failing.
    • Hindi: विजयी
  16. Gloom
    • Meaning: A state of partial or total darkness; a state of depression or despondency.
    • Synonyms: Darkness, melancholy, depression.
    • Antonyms: Brightness, cheerfulness, happiness.
    • Hindi: उदासी
  17. Ascertain
    • Meaning: To find out for certain.
    • Synonyms: Determine, discover, confirm.
    • Antonyms: Ignore, overlook, disregard.
    • Hindi: पता लगाना
  18. Obstinacy
    • Meaning: Stubbornness; unyielding attitude.
    • Synonyms: Stubbornness, inflexibility, intransigence.
    • Antonyms: Flexibility, compliance, obedience.
    • Hindi: हठ
  19. Brandish
    • Meaning: To wave or flourish something as a threat or in anger or excitement.
    • Synonyms: Wave, wield, flourish.
    • Antonyms: Conceal, hide, suppress.
    • Hindi: लहराना
  20. Conceal
    • Meaning: To hide or keep secret.
    • Synonyms: Hide, cover, mask.
    • Antonyms: Reveal, expose, disclose.
    • Hindi: छुपाना
  21. Exhausted
    • Meaning: Extremely tired or worn out.
    • Synonyms: Fatigued, weary, drained.
    • Antonyms: Energized, refreshed, invigorated.
    • Hindi: थका हुआ
  22. Incompetent
    • Meaning: Not having the necessary skills to do something successfully.
    • Synonyms: Inept, unskilled, incapable.
    • Antonyms: Competent, skilled, capable.
    • Hindi: अक्षम
  23. Elation
    • Meaning: Great happiness and exhilaration.
    • Synonyms: Joy, happiness, euphoria.
    • Antonyms: Despair, sadness, gloom.
    • Hindi: उल्लास
  24. Suppurating
    • Meaning: Undergoing the formation of pus.
    • Synonyms: Festering, discharging, inflaming.
    • Antonyms: Healing, cleansing, curing.
    • Hindi: फोड़ा
  25. Astonishing
    • Meaning: Extremely surprising or impressive.
    • Synonyms: Amazing, astounding, startling.
    • Antonyms: Ordinary, predictable, expected.
    • Hindi: आश्चर्यजनक

These words are essential to understanding the nuances and the depth of the story, “The Tiger King.”

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