Tips for Teachers to follow at New School/ Station: Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022

Great moment of joining of hsla president, satpal sandhu and is welcomed by anil yadav

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I am sharing my views with all the teachers who are starting at their new schools after the Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022. I am explaining my individual views and maybe you might differ from my ideas, but I am sure these tips and advice will enlighten you. Thus, take my views with a positive attitude. I am also sharing steps to join the new station after Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022 result.

Sh. Anil Yadav and the rest of the HSLA Rewari Unit greeted the HSLA President when he joined GSSS KARAVARA MANAKPUR (Rewari) after passing the transfer drive 2022 test. 

Readlearnexcel Tips for Teachers to follow at New Station/School: Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022

  • Always be positive at a new school.
  • Don’t bring negativity with you and it will help you to bring out a good teacher in yourself.
  • Know your principal and staff members objectively.
  • Meet your principal and ask for your new timetable.
  • Go to your class and introduce yourself to your students.
  • Ask your students to introduce themselves.
  • Enquire about the syllabus covered by the old teacher.
  • Contact the old teacher to get to know your class better.
  • Ask about any problems regarding any previous topics and help them to understand.
  • Always keep a smile in your class to help the students get comfortable with you.
  • Always be a learner, as a learner always wins in all situations.
  • Plan your topics before teaching them in class.
  • Put maximum effort into improving the students’ reading habits.
  • Attend the prayer regularly to boost your confidence.
  • Interact with all your class and school teachers without any previous biases.
  • Learn and help the students learn self-regulation in class as well as in life.
  • Treat your students with love, even if they create some problems.
  • Never punish the students physically.
  • Don’t be biased and feel that you are the future of your country.
  • Students always follow teachers. Therefore, be sensible and a good human being.
  • Give special care to academically, financially, and socially backward students.
  • Join the school and class whatsup groups to get a better understanding of teachers, administration, and students.
  • Shy away from your shyness to understand the things in your school.
  • Always share your experiences and topics of interest with students.
  • Treat the students as your kids.
  • Always ask your seniors for better output.
  • Keep your class register properly.
  • All the best for your new assignment.

Revised Transfer Orders: Date, September1, 2022 by DSE Haryana

Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022: Subject-wise Strategy for filling the Stations: Ranked 1 on Google is ranked no. for haryana teachers' transfer drive 2022
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Steps to Join the New Allocated Stations: Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022

  • Check your MIS to know the allotted station,
  • Take a copy of the transfer order from your MIS.
  • Read all details of your transfer order.
  • Check the time of joining the new stations.
  • You have been given 7 days for joining? Check the latest on DSE Website if anything is changed after the allocation of a new station in your transfer order.
  • You will get a journey day after joining the new station.
  • Get it photocopied and make two copies at a minimum.
  • Prepare a letter of request in the name of the Principal to relieve you from the station.
  • Don’t forget to mention the order number.
  • Get it sanctioned by the Principal.
  • Prepare a relieving slip and get it signed by the Principal.
  • Check the date and time of relieving F.N. or A.N.
  • Ask the clerk to write down the order number of your school order book as it is required in HRMS.
  • If you are relieved in the F.N., try to join on the same day in the F.N. as your salary will be prepared as per the date and time of your relieving.
  • Check your service book and verify that all entries are made properly in the service book.
  • Check your Personal file and don’t forget to carry it with you.
  • If you have a charge, ask your principal to include the phrase “relieved undercharge.”
  • Ask the clerk to be relieved from HRMS and mention the date and time so that the salary can be prepared as per the rule.
  • Your new school will withdraw your salary and then the salary from your old school will be generated automatically.
  • Check your HRMS properly and complete it in all senses.
  • Keep a counter copy of all the documents for relieving and joining.
  • Accept that you are supposed to work in any circumstances and at any place in Haryana as we are all in state cadre.
  • Accept that your union has tried its best to make you comfortable while participating in the Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022.
  • Leave all your stress, anxiety, and fatigue of teachers’ transfer drive 2022.

Teachers’ Relieving Day 31/08/2022 A.N: Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022

On August 31, 2022, A.N., the majority of teachers are relieved from their old schools because their salary bills for the month of August 2022 will be prepared in their old schools. So, it was convenient for everyone to be relieved on August 31, 2022, in Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022. We can call it “Relieving Day,” and I was also busy the whole day in preparation of their documents for release so that they won’t face any problems at their new school.

The teachers have worked at their old stations for more than five years. The students and all villagers will miss the old teachers of G.S.S.S. Dadri Toye(3079). Our team of teachers was superb as they were totally devoted to the school and students.  The school has got name and fame during their tenure at the school. The following teachers are relieved from G.S.S.S Dadri Toye on 31/08/2022 A.N.


  • Sh. Suresh Kumar, Lecturer in English
  • Sh. Parvinder, PGT Hindi
  • Sh Anil Kumar Dhull, PGT Sociology
  • Sh. Narender Kumar, PGT Phy. Education
  • Dr. Suman Lata, PGT Bio.
  • Smt. Anil Kumari, PGT Sanskrit
  • Smt. Asha Rani, PGT Eco.
  • Sh. Sombir( HARYANA STATE AWARDEE), PGT Maths.
  • Sh. Vinod Kumar, PGT Pol. Sc.
  • Smt. Babita, PGT Fine Arts
  • Smt. Anju, TGT SCIENCE
  • Sh. Virender Kumar, TGT S.S. wishes all the best for transferred for the new assignments.

Teachers’ Joining Day September 1, 2022 F.N: Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022

Teachers are going to join their new stations tomorrow, September 1, 2022, F.N. Therefore, September 1, 2022, is going to be the “Joining Day” for transferred teachers under the Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022. The teachers should follow the tips after joining the new school, which I have already discussed above. Students are waiting impatiently for their new teachers and they are also missing their old teachers. The day was looking like a festival and the following things happened today:

  • Welcome of new teachers at the entrance of the school by the students’ showers of flowers.
  • Students were excited as if they had got something new.
  • Teachers came in groups to say farewell to their old friends.
  • Teachers were loaded with sweets.
  • Sweets were distributed to the teachers and students.
  • The joining process is done at office level by the clerk or a teacher.
  • The names of the new teachers were entered into the school attendance register and they marked their attendance.
  • Teachers looked happy with the outcome of the drive, except for a few teachers who were not happy.
  • A new timetable is distributed to the new teachers.
  • The new teachers went to the classroom, and they saw the whole school. welcomes the following teachers who joined G.S.S.S. Dadri Toye(3079) on September 1, 2022:

joining day at gsss dadri toye after transfer of teachers

Welcome at GSSS Dadri Toye(3079), Jhajjar

PGT English

  • Smt. Suman 
  • Smt. Lalita

PGT Hindi

  • Smt. Promila
  • Smt. Rekha

PGT Physics

  • Smt. Shallu

PGT Biology

  • Smt. Saraswati
  • Smt. Shakuntala
  • Smt. Sarita

PGT Mathematics

  • Sh. Satish Kumar

PGT Sociology

  • Smt. Suresh Bala

PGT Fine Arts

  • Smt. Rakhi Devi

PGT Physical Education

  • Smt. Poonam

PGT Economics

  • Smt. Seema

PGT Commerce

  • Sh. Narender Singh

PGT Sanskrit

  • Smt. Reenu


  • Sh. Jaikishan, S.S.
  • Sh. Inderjeet, English
  • Sh. Kaptan Singh, DPE
  • Smt. Sunita, Hindi
  • Smt. Sunita
  • Sh. Manish Verma, Science

After the transfer drive 2022, HSLA PRESIDENT Sh. Satpal Sandhu joined GSSS Karavara Manakpur (Rewari). 

HSLA President, Satpal Sandhu, joined GSSS Karavara Manakpur (Rewari). Bhai Anil Yadav, ex-HSLA President, and his team gave a warm welcome to the President and Ex. President, Sh. Dayanand Dalal. It was an auspicious moment for HSLA that the president was received by the great leaders of HSLA, Sh. Anil Yadav and the District Rewari Team. We are thankful to all my old friends who welcomed our President. Therefore, it was a memorable moment to be captured. So, I am writing to congratulate all the friends who made joining a great moment and showed the strength of HSLA. Karavara Manakpura has a great history, and the school is very old and beautiful. I hope our President will look into the problem of students and will contribute his all to the development of education in the village. congratulates the HSLA President on his new assignment at GSSS Karavara Manakpur(Rewari)

Notice Regarding Guest Teachers’ transfer 2022

Finally, Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022 came to an end with the declaration of stations to Guest Teachers.( updated on September 11, 2022)Image result for 75th independence day

Haryana Teachers’ Transfer Drive 2022 came to an end today. The final list of allotments of stations to guest teachers is declared. Now, it’s time to work for the students as half-yearly exams are starting in September 2022. Teachers should concentrate on the academics of the students, leaving aside the tension of a new station as we are all part of the same system. Start loving your new station and concentrate on the students’ problems and the solutions. Check the list of guest teachers on the DSE website.

[Transfer Drive-2022] Transfer orders TGT Guest Teachers (11.09.2022)

[Transfer Drive-2022] Transfer orders PGT Guest Teachers (11.09.2022)

[Transfer Drive-2022] Notice 467 guest teachers protected at their present school in Transfer Drive (11.09.2022)

Readlearnexcel congratulates Sh. Sombir and Mrs Ritu on receiving State Award 2022

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