20 Smart Jankari To Learn Before You Turn 20

20 Things To Learn Before You Turn 20

Time has changed, and students must learn 20 smart jankari before reaching the age of 20 to live smarter and excel in life.

We went to college with no goals in mind, and our parents never came to visit us because of their lack of smart jankari and work in the fields. However, things have completely changed as a result of increased awareness and social media presence. Students must still learn some important lessons before finishing school or college.

The adolescent years are ideal for trying new things, making memories, and having the kind of fun that can only be had when you are carefree and have few responsibilities. Certain habits and lifestyle changes must be implemented before it is too late in our twenties.

 There is a great deal to do and learn in 20 years. The followings are 20 things to keep in mind to live a smarter and happy life:

Smart Jankari.1.Health is Wealth, Start Physical Activity

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Start Incorporating at least one physical activity into your daily routine. Seriously, go for a walk, exercise, or do anything. You are not even required to go to the gym. One physical activity is critical for both our physical and mental health. We owe it to ourselves as well as our bodies. You’ll be grateful to yourself in your 30s for staying fit in your 20s.

Smart Jankari.2. “Money makes the Mare Go” Learn Your Finance

We are never taught how to manage our finances in our schools and colleges. Therefore, learn about money. Begin saving and investing. Do you know the power of a compound? According to Albert Einstein  “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it”. Ask your Mathematics teacher about compound interest.

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Smart Jankari.3. Always maintain your sleeping cycle to be fit

I’m not asking you when to sleep. This is totally up to you. Always try to take a nap during the daytime to feel fresh and energetic. As we all know that sacrificing your sleep today means sacrificing your task list for the next day. And this chain reaction will not end. So, make a proper schedule of sleeping in your life.

Smart Jankari.4. Go on a Walk Without a Destination.

Connecting with nature can provide total healing in unexpected ways.

Smart Jankari.5. Travel and discover the world


Take advantage of every opportunity to travel and explore the world. Traveling is therapeutic, educational, and wholesome. Make your life exciting. Don’t pass up travel opportunities if you can afford them.

Smart Jankari.6. Learn to Cook

It is compulsory to know how to cook. To say the least, you must be capable of preparing survival meals. That is fundamental if you want to live an independent life. We should be aware that our parents will not always be available to prepare meals for us. Moreover, if go to another city, you just need to know about cooking. Learn cooking from your mom and help her in the kitchen.

Smart Jankari.7. Spend quality time with your parents

Learn to spend some time with your parents as it will boost your understanding of family management.

The very least we can do is spend quality time with them. It will brighten their day.

Smart Jankari.8. Start Reading to excel in life

Reading is the foundation of the educational system and the foundation for success in life. Reading has several advantages, including improved memory and vocabulary. Our generation is unaware of the importance of reading for personal and intellectual development. I’m speaking from personal experience. I’ve seen students and others who can’t sit through to read even the basic newspaper. However, it is necessary to read and it would be ideal if we began working on this habit of reading in our twenties.

Smart Jankari.9. Learn a Second Language

This is a valuable life skill that will prove useful at the most inconvenient times. Learning a second language always makes you smart. These days, there is no problem with learning any foreign language due to the advancement of technology and social media platforms. I think Youtube is the best source to learn anything these days. At the age of 54, I learned to design websites on Youtube.

Smart Jankari.10. Consume Nutritious and Organic foods


Having junk all the time is bad for our health. We are all aware that our bodies require a well-balanced diet to function properly. We must exercise caution in our food selection and frequency of consumption of junk food. Try to grow your vegetable at home without any pesticides.


Smart Jankari.11. Have a Meaningful Conversation With a Stranger.

“Shy away your shyness” Every year, this has been the first topic of discussion at the start of a new session so that students can learn how to converse. As a result, engaging in meaningful conversations with new people will improve their communication skills. Nothing is impossible to learn in this world.

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Smart Jankari.12. Learn to keep calm and spend time alone with yourself.

Don’t react immediately when the situation is out of control.  Be calm and think. At some point, we must have the ability to sit still and wait patiently.

Smart Jankari.13. Learn to live a happy life.

As we grow older, we realize that certain assumptions about life that we were raised with are incorrect. We must learn to be independent as soon as possible. In our country, parents should let their wards to independent as they grow up. We should develop our concept of happiness.

Smart Jankari.14. Forget What Others Think

People want you to fail for whatever reason. It’s not because of anything you said or did it’s completely unrelated. It’s not your problem. It’s not something you said or did, it’s their issue. So ignore their criticism and keep working. That’s time you’ll never get back. Nobody has ever succeeded without being told they can’t.

Smart Jankari.15. Always Accept Yor Failure and Analyse Your Weaknesses

Everyone fails: Steve Jobs lost his job, J.K. Rowling went on welfare, Oprah lost her job as a TV anchor, George Clooney made many lousy movies, and Paul McCartney composed some bad songs. Success is founded on failure, therefore accept it and don’t fear it. Taking risks and making difficult decisions bring you closer to success.

Smart Jankari.16. Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Coaches tell swimmers and runners not to turn to the side to observe the competition since it slows them down. Someone else’s success or failure does not decide yours. You should be the sole competitor. All that matters is that you work hard every day and improve.

Smart Jankari.17. Find your Hidden Talents



Always try to find out what you want as we know that everyone has some hidden talents. Therefore, explore your hidden talents.

Smart Jankari.18. Make yourself Mentally Strong

Physical and mental health are equally important. Make it a top priority at all costs. We must learn to say “no” and avoid overloading ourselves with tasks every day. This applies to both personal and professional obligations. We need to be kinder to ourselves, and the sooner we start, the better.

Smart Jankari.19. Take breaks from social media if it becomes too much.

Social media is not a requirement. We don’t have to stay on the platform if it becomes toxic. Even if we are on the platform for work, we can try to limit our personal use. According to Statista Research Department, the average daily social media use by internet users worldwide is approximately 147 minutes per day. How much time do you devote? And how much of your time is spent consuming brain-draining content?

Smart Jankari.20. Always help your friends

Be that person for your friends. Always help your friends as they help you. It will satisfy both of you.

Turning 20 is a bigger deal than most people realize. You’re no longer in your teens once you reach the age of 20. This one will always be difficult. However, the more you work on it during your adolescence, the easier it will be later on. Your twenties will bring you experiences that will make you question everything, but as long as you love yourself, you will be able to strive. Therefore, act now to lead a successful life.

A Word on Smart Jankari( Smart Knowledge) by RLE Mission

Turning 20 is a bigger deal than most people realize. You’re no longer in your teens once you reach the age of 20. To succeed in life, decide on your interests and career. Dear students, explore your positive and negative traits. Identify your strong and weak points and note them down in your notebook. Learn to overcome your weaknesses. Follow the above “20 Smart Jankari To Learn Before You Turn 20”. Feel the change in your life. Kamyaabi apke dwar! Success is at your door!


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