Morning Activities at SJS GGSSS Silana(Jhajjar): Bag Free Day

morning activities at sjs ggsss silana: bag free day

Morning activities at SJS GGSSS, Silana (Jhajjar),  began at 8 a.m. with prayer at the school grounds. All staff members were present in the assembly. After prayer, the students sang the National Anthem.

Saturday activities always help students to excel in their life.

Morning Activities at SJS GGSSS, Silana (Jhajjar): Yoga and Exercises at SJS GGSSS, SILANA

In the morning activities at SJS GGSSS, Silana (Jhajjar), yoga is organised by Sh. Manjeet Singh, PTI, Smt. Preeti, and Smt. Madhu told the students about the importance of yoga in our lives. They also did yoga exercises in front of the students.

morning activities at silana school yoga

Mr. Pardeep, TGT Science, told students about the increasing temperature and gave tips on how to save themselves from the heat in the coming days. He instructed students to drink as much liquid as possible.

  1. Students need to stay indoors as much as possible during the hottest parts of the day, which are usually between 12 and 4 p.m.
  2. Always drink the maximum amount of water.
  3. Dress in loose cotton clothes.
  4. Always consume light food.
  5. Have a cool shower during the day.
  6. Always wear a hat while going out.

Ambedkar Jayanti 2023 at Morning Activities at SJS GGSSS, Silana (Jhajjar)

Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti was also celebrated in the school on April 15, as April 14 was a holiday. Mr. Surender Singh, PGT Pol. Sc., addressed the students regarding Dr. Ambedkar and the importance of the Constitution. Students were asked to write a 100-word paragraph on Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti 2023.


sjs ggsss silana cleaning campus at sjs ggsss silana yoga at sjs ggsss silana principal at work in sjs ggsss silana

In the last, Principal Sh. Mahinder Singh Yadav addressed the students in detail about Ambedkar Jayanti. On April 14, India commemorates Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar’s birth anniversary as the country’s first law minister. Ambedkar Jayanti is the name given to this day. Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is widely regarded as the Indian Constitution’s founder. The constituent assembly drafted the world’s longest written constitution during his presidency, which is now known as the Indian Constitution.

Cleaning of School Campus at SJS GGSSS, Silana(Jhajjar)

It is Saturday, therefore, students participated in the cleaning of campus under the guidance of Sh. Manjeet, Mrs. Sangeeta, Mrs. Banita, Mrs. Roma, and others. To maintain the inner campus, the students voluntarily participate in different activities on the school campus.


morning activities at sjs ggsss silana activities cleaning at sjs ggsss silana sjs ggsss silana students feeling happy at bag free day

Benefits of Bag Free Day in Schools

Bag-free day plays an important role in children’s development in schools. There are various benefits of having a bag-free or bagless day once a week in school:

  • Bagless Day reduces students’ stress from academic burdens.
  • The bag-free day develops a sense of observation.
  • It increases learning among students as there is no pressure.
  • develops a sense of cooperation among students as they act freely and become friends.
  • Students are allowed to watch movies and visit different places, which give them solace from their academic burden.
  • They develop a practical approach, as today we asked the students to participate in cleaning the school campus. Thus, they developed a sense of responsibility to keep their places neat and clean.
  • Thus, students’ enthusiasm level gets increased.
  • Learning by doing is possible because there are no academic classes.
  • But sometimes, it can create indiscipline if students are not taken care of by the teachers on bag-free days.

Students are shown movies on bag free day at sjs ggsss silana

These activities, such as watching instructive movies, eating foods, and participating in other activities, are only available on bag-free days.

So, in my opinion, the initiative of a bagless day will benefit students’ overall development.


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