Write a Report on Chain Snatching Incident as an Eye-Witness

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Write a Report on Chain Snatching Incident as an Eye-Witness
By Rohan
March, 10, 2023
Write a Report on Chain Snatching Incident as an Eye-Witness whic was held last week in our locality during the busy hours in the market place of Jhajjar city.
Main Parts of Report

On March 10th, 2023, at 3.30 pm, an incident of chain snatching took place in the busy marketplace of Jhajjar city. The victim, identified as Mrs. Malti, was walking on the sidewalk when two unidentified men on a motorcycle drove by her and snatched her gold chain from her neck. The assailants then fled the scene before anyone could react.

Lucky for the police, there were a few people at the scene who saw what happened and could tell them important things. According to one of the witnesses, the motorcycle had a black color and a registration number that ended with “HR 14 G0789”. Another witness described the assailants as wearing black helmets and jackets.

After getting the call, the police were there within a few minutes and started their investigation right away.They obtained CCTV footage from the nearby shops and were able to identify the motorcycle used in the crime. They also told other police stations in the city what they knew about the bike.

Within a few hours, the police found the motorcycle and caught the people who stole it.They were identified as two young men in their early twenties and were found in possession of the stolen chain. During questioning, the suspects said they had done similar crimes in the past and gave the names of their partners.

The police are looking for the other members of the gang and have stepped up patrols in the area to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.The chain that had been stolen was given back to the victim, and she thanked the police for their quick response and thorough investigation.


In conclusion, the chain snatching in Jhajjar city was a bad thing, but the criminals were caught quickly thanks to the quick work of the police and the help of the witnesses. To stop these kinds of crimes, people need to be careful in crowded places and report anything that seems odd to the police.

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