Important Study Tips and Advice for CBSE Exams in 2022–2023

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“Important Study Tips and Advice for CBSE Exams in 2022–2023” is prepared by a principal who has been teaching English to CBSE and HBSE students for the last 25 years. “Important Study Tips and  Advice for CBSE Exams in 2022–2023” is a tested and practical approach to scoring better marks in their academic career as students of different board classes. “Important Study Advice for CBSE Exams in 2022–2023” is another effort by, which has already published another article on “How to Score Maximum Marks in CBSE Class 12 English (Core)?”—the best article on Google in this category of CBSE examinations.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tests were administered by CBSE in two terms in the session 2021–2022, and the exam format was different from that of the session 2022–2033.

The term-wise bifurcation for the academic year 2022–2023 has been cancelled by CBSE. Exams will be given once a year as per the new guidelines published by CBSE. On February 15, 2023, the exams for classes 10 and 12 will start. Students, parents, and teachers are busy designing strategies for the students to score the maximum in the upcoming exams of the CBSE and other boards. The upcoming months are full of tension, anxiety, fatigue, and stress for all of you. Leave all your doubts and worries and follow the’s “Important Study Advice for CBSE Exams in 2022–2023”. The followings are the tips and strategies for the students, parents, and teachers to excel in the CBSE boards’ examinations in  2022–2023:

Important Study Advice for CBSE Exams in 2022–2023

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the exams were administered by CBSE in two terms in the session 2021–2022, and the exam format was different from that of the session 2022–2033. Therefore, you are advised to follow the study advice to avoid the confusion that has developed in your mind. Now, things have changed, and even the pattern of exams has changed. For example, the exam pattern in 12th-grade English has been almost completely altered. Hence, you should follow the tips and advice on for the last 30 days, which are crucial for scoring excellent marks and succeeding in the final exams.

  • Go through the prescribed syllabus of the CBSE for all the subjects.
  • Practice at least three sample papers for 2022–2023 to get used to the new pattern and how many points each topic is worth.
  • Prepare small, important notes to revise in the last hours of the examination.
  • Follow the NCERT books and solve the textual questions; then, go for the reference books.
  • Don’t allow the exams’ phobia to create pressure on the examination day.
  • Weak students can go ahead with the selected syllabus.
  • Always keep figuring out what your strengths and weaknesses are and then work on your weaknesses.
  • Try to solve previous years’ question papers.
  • Follow your timetable to revise and concentrate on one subject at a time.
  • Prepare sticky notes for points that are difficult and important to remember.
  • Reduce your screen time near the exams, as social media activities might reduce your chance of scoring good marks.
  • Have sufficient sleep, at least 7 hours for students in class 12 and 8 hours for students in class 10.
  • Give some time to yoga and meditation.

Subject-wise Tips and Advice to Succeed in CBSE Class 12 Exam Preparation 2022-2023

Students, teachers, and principals are busy designing plans to achieve maximum merits in their schools, and for this, they need to follow the important tips to score maximum marks in the CBSE class 12 exam preparation for 2022-2023. There are five subjects in all the streams of class 12, and students should strategize as per their needs and requirements. Let’s discuss some important tips and strategies for the different subjects:

Tips and Advice to Succeed in Class 12 English Exam Preparation 2022-2023

Mahinder Singh Yadav, Principal

Students, teachers, and principals are busy designing plans to achieve maximum merits in their schools, and for this, they need to follow the important tips to score maximum marks in CBSE Class 12 English (Core) and irrespective of whether students belong to the Humanities, Commerce or Science stream, English is a compulsory subject that everyone has to attempt. Fortunately, if one prepares well, one can score high marks Score Maximum Marks in CBSE Class 12 English in Board Exams.

Scoring maximum marks in CBSE Class 12 English (Core) will depend upon many factors and the way you attempt the question paper. The question paper for class 12 English (core) contains three sections: reading, writing, and literature. Therefore, you will have to plan to score 100% in each section, as per the sections. In this article, you will get tips and methods for scoring maximum marks in CBSE Class 12 English (Core). Students have always been at the top of my priority list during my 25-year career as an English teacher while marking CBSE exam papers. Let’s begin with the day of the examination and during the time of the examination.

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Tips and Advice to Succeed in Class 12 Physics Exam Preparation 2022-2023

Are you prepared for your Physics final paper? Studying physics is thrilling and fascinating. It is a result of its effectiveness in practical settings. Students may find the theoretical and numerical sections to be more involved and time-consuming to study, but if they grasp the fundamentals, they will enjoy learning Physics.

CBSE Exams are commencing on February 15, 2023; therefore, the students need some expert views and advice for different subjects. Physics is the major subject for Science Stream students. Here are the best tips for the students of the Science stream from an expert teacher:

Advice for Getting High Grades in the CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam

Ved Parkash Saini, Principal

  • Start revising the important topics in which you are weak in physics.
  • Establish a daily chart for the implementation of your physics revision work.
  • Write down and memorize the important chapter-wise formulas for the efficient revision of Physics.
  • Learn the basic principles and devise the techniques to apply them through derivation.
  • After learning the principles, comprehend the question and check the solved answer.
  • Practice more sample papers for 2022–2023 and previous years’ question papers of the CBSE to get used to the new pattern of examination.
  • Electrostatics and Current Electricity a common ways of preparing, starting with the first unit. Although there are numerous topics covered in this course, the grades aren’t very good. Therefore, a preferable approach would be to focus on significant modules that have greater weight to complete the syllabus as quickly as feasible. This method lightens the load on pupils by finishing the most crucial chapters first.
  • Start with NCERT and then use reference books.
  • Consult your teacher to remove your doubts.
  • Practice conceptual and numerical skills to get good marks.
  • Prepare a list of formulas for all the topics.
  • Keep a record of your revisions to avoid forgetting any topic.
  • Remember the units of measurement.
  • Students get 15 minutes extra to go through the question paper before attempting. Hence, examine the question paper thoroughly.
  • Allow enough time to review physics.
  • Attempt to give long answers to questions as they carry more weight.
  • Develop the long questions as per the question’s requirements.

Tips and Advice to Excel in Class 12 Chemistry Exam Preparation 2022-2023

Chemistry, a science that deals with the study of matter, is both fascinating and perplexing. It investigates the structure of our surroundings as well as the relationship between inanimate objects and living beings. Here are some helpful tips and advice to help students perform well on the upcoming chemistry exam.

Tips for Scoring High Marks in the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Exam 

Bhoop Singh, Principal

  • Chemistry is a science that deals with the study of matter and hence your interest will matter in understanding the matter.
  • Chemistry is both fascinating and perplexing and it may attract you but can create a problem hence, you must have some attraction towards physical, inorganic, and organic chemistry.


How to Get the Best Math Score in CBSE Examination?

Sombir Beniwal, State Awardee
Lecturer Maths
SMAD GSSS Surehti Jhajjar Haryana

Many students find math difficult, and as a result, a career in math or any profession that requires it may be out of reach for some. This is because there is almost no room for error in the subject. So, if you’re wondering how to get good grades in math, a simple solution is to make mistakes during practice and learn from them. This way, you can avoid making the same mistakes in your paper, increasing your chances of getting good grades.

National Mathematics day 2022

🌞Formulae, theorems, and principles abound in mathematics. The best way to keep them all together is to keep a separate notebook and take important notes while studying. You can memorize the formulas by going over them every morning as a study ritual.

🌞When it comes to problem-solving, your steps are just as important as the result. Make sure to neatly answer each question by writing down all of the steps until you arrive at the solution.

🌞Learn formulae
First, learn the Chapter wise than with two chapters then three…in this way whole book
🌞 Concentrate on previous years’ question papers
That will help you with the important questions and frequently asked questions. First, do a Long Answer type then a short finally very short answer
🌞 Full Sample paper of Maths on every holiday
After steps, no 1 & 2 go with a mock test of the Sample paper within the prescribed time. Evaluate yourself will enhance your capacity and confidence
🌞100% Score
Revise the whole process till u get 💯 out of 💯


Tips and Advice to Score in Class 12 Economics Exam Preparation 2022-2023

Asha Rani, Lecturer in Economics

1. The two branches of economics are microeconomics and macroeconomics, which cover the foundation of the field.
2. Students should start by understanding the basic principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics.
3. Economics also involves some math and analysis. So, students should practise problem-solving.
4. To understand economic concepts, students should learn economic tools such as supply and demand diagrams, marginal analysis, etc.
5. Economics is a broad field with a lot of subfields, such as environmental economics, behavioural economics, and international economics. Explore the different subfields to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.
6. Economics theories are often developed in the context of historical events or trends, so economic history can help you better understand current real-world economic issues.
7. Students should keep up with current affairs and real-world economic issues. as economics is continuously evolving and is influenced by current events.
8. Stay engaged in the classes, take notes, and participate in discussions on economic issues and current developments.
9. Online resources, such as economic blogs, can help you stay up to date with current economic news and issues.
10. Don’t forget to start with the basic definitions of economics, as this will develop your foundations!


General Tips and Advice to Appear in the CBSE Class 12 and 10 Examinations in 2022-2023

Follow these general CBSE exam tips and advice for students from all streams:

  • Always go through the syllabus before the final examination.
  • Before the exam, review the changes made by CBSE to the exam pattern.
  • Clear your concepts by reading the best reference books.
  • Practice the previous and sample papers to help you plan ahead of time.
  • Make a schedule for your exams that will allow you to comfortably review the syllabus.
  • Organize your books and notes before the examinations.
  • Plan your study schedule daily.
  • Prepare small notes to revise quickly before the examination day.
  • Have a healthy diet and sleep during the examinations.
  • Don’t get distracted by social media’s influences.
  • Follow the templates for answering these types of questions.
  • Reach the examination center in time.
  • Read the question paper thoroughly before you start answering the questions.
CBSE date sheet 2022-23

CBSE date sheet 2022-23

CBSE date sheet 2022-23

CBSE date sheet 2022-23

CBSE date sheet 2022-23

CBSE date sheet 2022-23


45-Days Time-Table To Prepare for Class 12 Exam 2023

Dear students, please find attached a timetable for the CBSE class 12 examinations, which will begin on February 15, 2023. This is a simple example to prepare for the examination. You are free to follow it or follow your timetable. This is the schedule for the science group, and students of commerce and the humanities can set their schedules accordingly.


Date&Days Subjects
10/01/23 to 17/01/23-8 days and 20/02/23 to 23/02/23-4 days. February 24, Class 12 English(Core)
18/01/23 to 25/01/23-8 days and 25/02/23 to 27/02/23-4 days. February 28, Class 12 Chemistry
26/01/23 to 02/02/23-8 days and 01/03/23 to 05/03/23-5 days. March 6, Class 12 Physics
03/02/23 to 10/02/23-8 days and 07/03/23 to 10/03/23- 4 days march March 11, Class 12 Mathematics
11/02/23 to 18/02/23-8 days and 12/03/23 to 15/03/23- 4 days

Note: 19/02/23 to 23/02/23- 5 days Extra for the solution of some special topics.

March 16, Class 12 Biology

So, “Important Study Tips and Advice for CBSE Exams in 2022–2023” will help students in many ways and make it easier for them to prepare for the upcoming final exams for different boards.



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