CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023 Class 12 English(Core) Solved1

CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023 Class 12 English Solved

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CBSE Sure-Shot Questions Class 12 English(Core) 2023


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CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023 Class 12 English Solved

CBSE Class 12 English(Core-301) Question Papers 2022 Solved


Time allowed: 3 hours                                                                             Maximum Marks: 80                                                                           Download PDF

General Instructions :
Read the following instructions very carefully and strictly follow them :
(i) This question paper contains THREE sections READING, WRITING, and LITERATURE.
(ii) Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.

CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023 Class 12 English Solved: Reading Section Part-i

Section A: Rrading Skills (20 marks)

Note: You will get two paragraphs to test your reading comprehension skills.( 10*2=20)

Reading Comprehension of Unseen Passge 1: CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023 Class 12 English Solved

Section A: READING SKILLS (20 marks) Marks: 2022-2023 Sample Paper
Passage I.  Read the passage given below. 10

Ghost nets aren’t supernatural, but they are legitimately scary. A ghost net is a fishing net that’s been lost or abandoned in the ocean. They are one particularly appalling part of the global ghost fishing problem, which includes fishing gear abandoned in the water. Any net or line left in the ocean can pose a threat to marine life. Just because a net is no longer used by fishers doesn’t mean it stops working. These nets continue to trap everything in their path, presenting a major problem for the health of our oceans and marine life.
Ghost nets entangle sea turtles, dolphins and porpoises, birds, sharks, seals and more, apart from catching fish. The nets keep animals from moving freely, cause injuries and keep mammals and birds from rising to the surface for air. Since hundreds of animals can be caught in a single net, this threat is monumental. The ghost nets harm coral reefs too—breaking corals, exposing them to disease and even blocking the reefs from needed sunlight.
Ghost nets are also a major contributor to the ocean plastics’ crisis. Most modern nets are made of nylon or other plastic compounds that can last for centuries. According to a 2018 study in
Scientific Reports, ghost nets make up at least 46 percent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Those abandoned fishing lines and nets that do breakdown never go away; they just become smaller pieces of plastic. Marine animals mistake this microplastic for food and eat it, which can harm internal organs, keep them from eating and expose them to toxic chemicals.
Exorcising ghost nets from our oceans will require commitment, cooperation and innovation. Many groups are working to remove ghost nets from the sea and are collaborating with local
fishers and governments around the world to identify target areas and remove as many nets as possible. In 2015, a single World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF)-led mission in the Baltic Sea
hauled up 268 tons of nets, ropes and other material.
To stop these nets from becoming ghosts in the first place, conservation organisations advocate for fishing gear that can be traced to its owner so anyone dumping nets can be fined and
refundable deposits on nets to encourage returning or recycling rather than littering. Tools like sonar reflectors that can make ghost nets easier to find and working with small-scale fisheries to develop more sustainable fishing gear and practices are other suggestions. It is only by attacking this problem from all sides, together with conservation partners, fishers and supporters, can we banish ghost nets and protect our oceans.
(437 words)
Based on your understanding of the passage, answer the questions given below. 1×10
i Complete the sentence by choosing an appropriate option.
Ghost nets have been named so because they
A. cause much harm to the marine life.
B. are functional though not in use by fishers.
C. are not owned by anyone.
D. act as a snare for all animals in oceans.1

Ans. C. are not owned by anyone.
ii Comment on the writer’s reference to the ghost nets in paragraph one, as a health problem for the oceans. 1

Ans. Ghosts nets are creating health problem for the oceans as they are responsible for fishing gear left in the ocean and they create maritime danger to marine life.
iii List the two ways being entangled in a ghost net is likely to impact a walrus.
(Clue: Think about the type of animal a walrus is) 1

Ans. The walrus can be affected in two ways by gost net are:

1. They can cause injuries to themselves as they got injuries and got sick due to lack of sunlight.

2. They can lead to death by drowning themselves as they are not able to come on the surface to breathe.
iv Select the option that conveys the opposite of ‘negligible’, from words used in paragraph two.
A. unimpressive
B. monumental
C. exposing
D. threat 1

Ans. B. monumental
v The writer would agree with the given statements based on paragraph three,EXCEPT:
A. Most ghost nets take a few years to completely disintegrate.
B. Ghost nets contribute to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
C. Most ghost nets provide nutrition to marine animals, upon disintegration.
D. Ghost nets can curtail freedom of marine animals. 1

Ans. C. Most ghost nets provide nutrition to marine animals, upon disintegration.
vi Some records share that fishing nets used to be made of common rope using natural fibres, prior to the 1960s. Based on your understanding of paragraph three, list one major advantage that these had over the fishing nets being used in present times. 1

Ans. Traditional nets are biodegadable and moden nets are made of plastics and cause harm to sea life.
vii Why is it fair to say that commitment and innovation have to go hand-in-hand to rid the oceans of ghost nets? 1

Ans. The commitment and innovation have to go hand-in-hand to rid the oceans of ghost nets to save marine life. The continuous commitement is required to innovate new types of net save marine life.
viii Complete the given sentence with an appropriate inference, with respect to the following:
The writer quotes the example of the WWF-led mission in the Baltic Sea (Paragraph 4),
in order to………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 1
Ans. attract the attention of the masses. or clean the ghost nets or approach the NGO to help to clean the sea.
ix How can the solutions, suggested in paragraph five, best be described?
A. practical
B. presentable
C. popular
D. prejudiced 1

Ans. A. practical
x Select the most suitable title for the above passage.
A. The Scary Side of Ghost Nets
B. Ghost Nets – A Result of Human Dominance
C. Ghost Nets – A Menace to Marine Life
D. Ways to Tackle the Problem of Ghost Nets 1

Ans. C. Ghost Nets – A Menace to Marine Life

ReadLearnExcel SureShot Questions Class 12 English(Core): Coming Soon

ReadLearnExcel SureShot Questions Class 12 English(Core)

Reading Comprehension of Unseen Passge 2: CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023 Class 12 English Solved

Passage II.  Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: 10

It is generally accepted that leadership development should be a part of the education system’s responsibility for preparing individuals to participate in a democratic and progressive society.
Many schools, colleges and universities, across nations, provide their students with leadership courses, curricular programs and co-curricular programs that are designed to develop students’
formal knowledge about leadership as well as opportunities and experiences to develop students as leaders and actually practise leadership. Yet, only a handful of studies have sought to
understand leader development from the students’ point of view, with students describing their own experiences and what they learned from them in their own words.
A 2014 descriptive study sought to understand student leadership with research through key events via the following research questions: Research Question 1: What key events do student leaders in college, report as significantly impacting their development as a leader? Research Question 2: What lessons do student leaders in college, report learning as a result of the key events they have experienced? Research Question 3: Are certain key events more likely to be linked to particular lessons? Approximately 130 students were contacted and the 72 interested, were interviewed. Two members of the research team were present for each 15–45-minute interview. One member served as the primary interviewer while the second ran the audio equipment. The results for lessons learned (Table 1), were varied, but there were a few that were frequently quoted.

table data
canva Table 1

This study described the rich array of leadership lessons that students are learning through their experiences. It revealed that student leaders are learning foundational leadership skills and
competencies that have positively impacted how to accomplish work, how to work with others and how to be both supported by and support others.
(295 words)

Solution of Reading Comprehension of Unseen Passge 2: CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer the questions given below. 1×10
i Does the following statement agree with the information given in paragraph 1?
The researcher believes that educational institutions have ideal resources to study impact of leadership skills on young adults.
Select from the following:
True – if the statement agrees with the information
False – if the statement contradicts the information
Not Given – if there is no information on this 1
Ans. False – if the statement contradicts the information. Educational Institutes have programme to to study the impact of leadership.
ii Do you think the researchers of the study aimed to change the students’ outlook towards the development of leadership skills, directly or indirectly? Support your answer with reference to the text. 1

Ans. No, the researchers emphasis was on developmental of leadership programmes with better designing and creation of the new leadership programme.
iii Select the option that displays the most likely reason for including Research Question 3 in the 2014 study. In order to find out if…
A. learning opportunities shape students’ overall personality.
B. leadership lessons are the result of the designed learning opportunities.
C. all learning opportunities cater to a specific lesson.
D. certain lessons are common in more than one learning opportunity. 1

Ans. D. certain lessons are common in more than one learning opportunity.
Iv Complete the sentence based on the following statement.
More than 50% of the identified student respondents were keen to participate in the
2014 study.
We can say this because . 1

Ans. We can say this because 72 of 130 were consented and interviewed.
v Select the option that displays the key event designed with “Balancing Roles” (Table 1)

as the objective.
A. Students will be able to debate the issue at hand, with different teams.
B. Students will be able to manage the responsibilities of a mentor, planner researcher and presenter.
C. Students will be able to surmount minor problems and focus on the final goal.
D. Students will be able to explain concepts and clarify them for peers. 1

Ans. B. Students will be able to manage the responsibilities of a mentor, planner researcher and presenter.
vi Complete the given sentence by selecting the most appropriate option.
The 2014 study attempts to understand student leadership by focussing on .
A. experiences that shaped students’ overall personality.
B. lessons gained by students as they grew up.
C. relationship of key events with particular lessons.
D. students in leadership roles. 1

Ans. D. students in leadership roles.
vii The lessons for ‘Individual competencies’ had a range of responses.
Give one reason why having the least number of responses for ‘Decision Making’, is a matter that needs attention. 1

Ans. The lesson or student experiences do not provide enough opportunity for development of this critical skill.
viii Complete the given sentence by selecting the most appropriate option.
The concluding sentence of the text makes a clear case for by listing it as a core competency for student leadership.
A. collaboration
B. flexibility
C. hard work
D. observation

Ans. A. collaboration
ix Complete the sentence appropriately with one/ two words.
In the context of “Working with Others” in Table 1, the lesson of ‘Conflict’ refers to

Ans. Reflect Resolution
x Based on the reading of the text, state a point to challenge the given statement.
When theoretical knowledge about leadership suffices, it is a waste of funds by educational organisations, to organise leadership camps and programmes.

Ans. It cannot be agreed as the theoretical knowledge can’t aid the students to learn the developmental skills and other skills.

CBSE Sure-Shot Creative Writing Skills Class 12 English(Core) 2023

SECTION B – CREATIVE WRITING SKILLS( 20 marks): CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023 Class 12 English Solved

Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below.

Q. 1. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below. 5

A: You are John, the President of the school book club. The club is organising a drive for promoting reuse of study materials and books. Draft a notice in about 50 words, for the school notice board, addressing students , informing them about this drive and urging them to contribute to the endeavour. Mention how the donated books would would benefit a charitable cause.


Notice Writing on : Promotion of Reusing Study Materials and Books!

Save Paper! Save Trees! Participate in Promotion of Reusing Study Materials and Books!

The D.P.S. Public School is organising a drive to promote the reuse of study materials and books on Haryana Day at 10 a.m. in the school library. The students who want to donate their used books can participate in the drive by using second-hand books to save paper and thus trees. Interested students may contact the undersigned for further information.



Book Club



B: Asthe House Captain of A.B.M Public School, Telangana, draft a notice in not more than 50 words for the school notice board, informing House members from X-XII about the change in topic and submission dates for Round 1 of ‘Discovery’ – the upcoming InterHouse Reasearch-based Paper Presentation Competition. Do not forget to issue an apology for the above. You are Kruthika Reddy.

Notice Writing: Revised Schedule for Paper Presentation Competition

Revised Schedule for Paper Presentation Competition

We regret to inform the house members of class X-XII that the topic and dates of submission for Round 1 of “Discovery,” the interhouse research-based paper presentation competition, have been changed due to some unavoidable circumstances. The revised schedule and topic will be communicated to all the members in due course. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience you faced. For more information, contact:

House Captain

Asthe House

Drafting Invitation Letter: CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023 Class 12 English Solved

Q. 2. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below. 5

A: You are Dr. Suchitra Mukherjee. You have received an invitation from the Director, Health Services, Kharagpur, W.B, to preside over a gathering of leading medical practitioners attending a workshop on mental wellness on 09 November, 2023 at 11 a.m. in the Public Hospital, Jammu, J & K. Respond to accept the invitation in about 50 words.


I, Dr. Suchitra Mukherjee, has a great pleasure in receiving an invitation from The Director, Health Services, Kharagpur who has invited the leading medical practitioners to attend a workshop on mental wellness on November 9, 2023 at 11 a.m. in the Public Hospital, Jammu. I am proud that I have been given the responsibility in presiding over  the workshop on Mental Wellness.

I confirm mysolicited presence with thanks.

Dr. Suchitra Mukherjee

November 5, 2023.


B: Draft an invitation in about 50 words, on behalf of your aunt, Meghna Menon, which she has to share to invite prior work colleagues to the inaugural event of her own investment consultancy firm, in the Acer mall, Kozhikode, Kerala.

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Q. 3. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below: 5

Letter to the Editor: Importance of CSR for the community

Q. A: You are Minu Sen, an intern in a software company in Hyderabad. You feel that the growing relationship of companies with non-profit organisations have made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) the buzzword today. Your own involvement in one such project for your company has convinced you that CSR looks beyond the company profits and focuses on benefiting the greater community.

Write a letter to the editor of a national daily in about 120-150 words, sharing your opinion about CSR and its advantages and provide suggestions to make it an integral part of every organisation. Use the given cues along with your own ideas to compose this letter.


IT Hub

Golf Course Road


November 6, 2022

The Editor

The Hindu


Subject: Importance of CSR for the community

Respected Sir

Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I, Menu Sen, an intern at Samanth Tech Pvt. Ltd., want to draw the attention of concerned people regarding corporate social responsibility and its benefits for society. Recently, on the occasion of Diwali, my company promised to help improve the infrastructure of public schools in the poor area of Hyderabad so that the poor students can avail of a good education in such schools. My company has been doing this type of work for a long time, and every year the CSR budget is increased. We took this step to encourage other organisations in the area to help the downtrodden by utilising their CSR for the upliftment of society. In a way, the CSR increases the brand value of the company; people start recognising it, and as a result, the profit gets enhanced. If all the companies can come together and donate their CSR to educate poor children, they can be the source of eradicating their poverty.

I sincerely expect that your valuable newspaper will publish my thoughts in the paper. Your positive response will benefit society and will help organisations think about how to best utilise their CSR for the greatest benefit.


Sincerely yours

Menu Sen


CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023 Class 12 English(Core): Application for the post of CSR Manager

B: You are Minu Sen, employed as an Asst. Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in your current company in Hyderabad. You saw the given advertisement in the newspaper and wish to apply for the position advertised.

cbse sample letter job advertisement

Write a a letter to Credit Sage Pvt. Ltd. along with your bio-data, expressing your interest in the situation vacant.


1. Sender’s Name and Address:

H. No. 47
City- Hyderabad

2. Reference no. and date:

March 5, 2023

3. Receiver’s Name and Address:

Gagan Vij

HR Head

Credit Sage Pvt. Ltd.


4. Subject of the Letter:

Subject: Application for the post of Manager(CSR) Head

5. Greeting or Salutation:

Respected sir

The body of the letter:

Opening paragraph – Grab the reader’s attention with 2-3 of your most notable academic accomplishments. You should also include the following  in your introductory paragraph:

  • Why are you applying for this post?
  • When and where did you discover the post?
  • Cover all your testimonials and qualifications, which help convince the employer to take action.
  • Explain how can be an asset to the organisation?
  • Sell your skills like a salesman.
  • Adopt a different approach at the beginning of the letter, avoid such sentences which are common in use “Concerning your advertisement…”

On March 5, 2022, I was reading “The Times of India’s” advertisement column when I came across your advertisement for the position of manager (CSR) head. It immediately piqued my interest that a reputable company, Credit Sage Pvt. Ltd., would be able to put my 5 years of experience as an Asst. Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and my M.A. in Sociology with a high GPA from Delhi University, which awarded me a certificate of excellence, to good use. I believe I am qualified for this position.

  • Convince the employers of your experience and other achievements(the main body of the job application letter).

As you can see from my enclosed C.V., I have met the requirements for the position of manager (CSR) head through my extracurricular activities and have worked in a variety of NGO settings. During my studies, I interned in human resources management at the Hope India Gurugram branch, where I gained practical experience in the HR department, which will benefit me in this position at your organisation. In my present position as assistant manager (CSR), I have made strategies for the utilisation of 1% of people’s time that will give me an edge in delivering on my responsibilities as manager (CSR) head. I am capable of developing CSR money utilisation in the village adopted by the company. I have extensive experience working with various government agencies and non-governmental organisations to maximise CSR. My experience and excellent oral and written communication skills should make me a valuable candidate for the position of manager.

  • Prepare your employer to take immediate action on your application for a job(Concluding Paragraph).

A copy of my C.V. is enclosed with copies of testimonials. With my experience as an assistant manager, I look forward to the challenge of becoming a manager in your company and enhancing business of Credit Sage Pvt. Ltd., I would be delighted to answer any additional questions you may have, and I hope to have the opportunity to meet you. I am available to attend the interview at your convenience, and I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Complimentary closing


Signature and name:

Minu Sen

Encl: C.V.

Resume Format the post of Manager(CSR) Head


CSR importance for the community is a known field for me and my aim to become CSR Manager to spread the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility for the benefit of both the organisation and the the needy people.


K.U. Kurukshetra, May 2016

B.A.(Hons.) Sociology

Delhi University Delhi, May 2018

M.Sc. Sociology


Strong Interpersonal and communication skills in verbal and written way


Asst. Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): October, 2018-Present

SSEN, Hyderabad

  • Worked as Asst. Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on different projects of CSR.
  • Four Years experience with NGO to disburse CSR amount


Member of CSR Group, Hyderabad


Manager, CSR, NGO, 


H. No. 47
City- Hyderabad
Check your skills of Cover Letter Writing

Q. 4. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below: 5

A: The construction sector is believed to be quite hazardous and has the maximum number of fatal work injuries because apart from other causes, stakeholders in this sector tend to ignore safety regulations.
As a columnist for an e-zine, write an article in about 120-150 words, on the theme of the importance of worker safety in construction zones. Explore possible reasons for the prevailing situation and include suggestions for addressing it. Support your ideas with cues given below:



Article Writing:


The importance of worker safety in construction zones

By Sneha

India has become a construction hub as residential and commercial properties are in high demand. Hence, the importance of worker safety in construction zones has become a serious issue in the construction sector, as it is believed to be quite hazardous and has the highest number of fatal work injuries. The stakeholders in the construction field tend to ignore the rules and regulations. There could be immense reasons behind the issue of worker safety.

The working hours of the workers depend on the nature and demand of the work. So, they get tired due to excess work and get fatigued, and the chances of accidents increase. Sometimes they work overtime without caring about their fatigue. The health issue of construction workers is another cause of fatalities, as the workers are not insured in India. So, in extreme weather conditions, they get sick and are unable to attend the hospital due to a shortage of money. Another reason for the fatalities is that they get buried under the soil due to a lack of safety measures in the mining areas. The managers of construction companies feel superior, and they consider the workers just as machines. Such a feeling creates misunderstandings among the workers. And last but not least, lack of training also causes fatal accidents on construction sites.

Safety is a vital part of any project to reduce the cost of the project. Safety on construction sites protects the public. Safety also reduces work-related accidents. Hence, a culture of safety should be developed on the construction site. So, give workers training to improve their safety and the safety of the public.


Report Writing Examples for CBSE 12th English: Learn Reporting on the importance of worker safety in construction zones.

Question 1. The construction sector is believed to be quite hazardous and has the maximum number of fatal work injuries. A safety fair was organised by ‘Building Safely’, an NGO in Mysuru, Karnataka with the overarching theme pertaining to the importance of worker safety in construction zones. You were asked to cover this event as the junior correspondent of a local daily. Write a report covering this event in about 120-150 words. Support your ideas with outline cues given below, to craft your newspaper report:


Report on SAFETY FAIR by ‘Building Safely’

By Priyanka, Junior Correspondent, Mysuru news


March 10, 2023

Being a junior correspondent, I got the opportunity to cover a Safety Fair programme for workers in the construction sector. The Safety Fair was organised by “Building Safely,” an NGO in Mysuru, Karnataka. The theme of the safety fair was the importance of worker safety in construction zones, as the construction sector is believed to be quite hazardous and has the highest number of fatal work injuries.

“Building Safely,” an NGO in Mysuru, Karnataka, had arranged the programme on the safety of the workers in the construction sector. The programme began with a discussion on the importance of toolboxes for the workers on construction sites. The Safety Inspector delivered a speech emphasising the importance of the toolbox for the safety of construction workers at all levels.A video was played for the deceased people at such sites, and people gave their tributes to the deceased workers at different sites. Safety games were organised by the IT cell of “Building Safely” for the workers. The workers were playing such video games.

The safety workers of “Building Safely” arranged a safety demonstration at the construction site. An emergency drill was organised by DLF Construction Pvt. Ltd. Different insurance companies were present at the safety fair, which was inaugurated by SDM, Mysuru. The drive for insurrection was organised for the workers at a discount. The safety fair came to an end with a vote of thanks from the CEO of “Building Safely.” The picnic and lunch for the workers were arranged by “Building Safely.”

Extra Example on Report Writing: CBSE Sample Question Paper 2022-2023 Class 12 English(Core) 

B. You are Radha/Rajesh, the Sports Captain of your school P.B. Bose Public School. The Annual Sports Day was conducted last Monday. As a sports reporter, write a report in about 120 150 words covering all the details such as day, date, time, venue, Chief Guest, march past, field events, award ceremony, etc.

Answer 1.

P.B. Bose Public School conducted its Annual Sports Day on Monday, the 7th of March, 2023. The event was held at the school’s sports ground from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Sunil Kumar, a renowned sports personality and a former Olympian.

The event started with a colorful march past, where students from different classes marched in formation, representing their respective houses. The four houses – Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow – competed against each other in various field events such as sprint races, long jump, high jump, shot put, discus throw, and relay races.

The students participated in the events with great enthusiasm and spirit, showcasing their athletic prowess and sportsmanship. The spectators, including parents, teachers, and other students, cheered the participants throughout the day.

The award ceremony was the highlight of the event, where the winners of each event were felicitated. The chief guest, Mr. Sunil Kumar, congratulated the winners and appreciated the efforts of all the participants.

The Blue house emerged as the overall winner, followed by the Green, Red, and Yellow houses in second, third, and fourth place, respectively. The Sports Captain, Radha/Rajesh, thanked everyone for their participation and hard work, making the event a grand success.

In conclusion, the Annual Sports Day at P.B. Bose Public School was a great success, with the participants displaying excellent athletic skills and sportsmanship. The event was well-organized and enjoyed by all the participants and spectators.

Reporting on different topics is an art and can be learned with a lot of practise in writing reports on different topics. Reporting on Annual Sports Day is the most common report type which appears in different exams. Before writing a report on Annual Sports Day, you need to know the basics of report writing. You might have seen different events, but sports day is totally different than other events where there is great applause from the audience. Therefore, writing a report on Sports Day must be thrilling, like a game.

The answer to the above question on report writing will help you to excel in report writing on annual day sports and, hence, your score in the examination for class 12 English will be 100%.

Answer 2.

Report Writing on Annual Sports Day

Report on Annual Sports Day of P.B. Bose Public School

By Radha/Rajaesh, Sports Captain

November 1, 2022


On November 1, 2022, the P.B. Public hosted its annual sports day meet in honour of Haryana Day in the school play ground. The sports meet starts at 10 a.m. with the speech of The Deputy Commissioner of Jhajjar, Sh. Shakti Singh, the chief guest, spoke to the gathering about the importance of games in our lives. He permitted to start the annual sports day of the school by unfurling the green flag. All the participating teams of houses marched past on the ground with the flags of their houses, and they were cheered by the students and audience gathered on the ground. The annual sports day function began with the athletics of different wings of the school. Then, the four houses participated in Khoko, kabaddi, and badminton. The judges made their decision on the champion house, and Subhash House was declared the overall winner of the annual sports day. In the end, the award ceremony began and the Deputy Commissioner handed over the trophy to the captain of the Subhash House. Thus, the annual sports day came to an end at 6 p.m. with the closing speech by the Principal, Dr. Parbhu Arya.



IV Read the given extracts to attempt the questions with reference to context.

1. Attempt ANY ONE of two extracts given. 1*6=6

Q. 1.A

It is in the news that all these pitiful kin Are to be bought out and mercifully gathered in To live in villages, next to the theatre and the store, Where they won’t have to think for themselves anymore, While greedy good-doers, beneficent beasts of prey, Swarm over their lives enforcing benefits That are calculated to soothe them out of their wits, And by teaching them how to sleep they sleep all day, Destroy their sleeping at night the ancient way.

(A Roadside Stand)

i. What is the tone of the poet in the above lines?
(i) aggressive
(ii) tolerant

(iii) sarcastic
(iv) resigned
(v) sentimental
Choose the most appropriate option.
A. Only (i)
B. (ii) and (iii)
C. (i), (iv) and (v)
D. Only (iii)

Ans. D. Only (iii)

ii. Identify the phrase from the extract, that suggests the following:
No one bothers to take ‘their’ consent before pushing the promise of a better life, their

Ans. enforcing benefits

iii. What quality of the villagers can be inferred through these lines?
A. gullible
B. futuristic
C. hypocritical
D. ambitious

Ans. A. gullible

iv. Complete the following analogy correctly. Do NOT repeat from used example.
greedy good doers: alliteration ::…………………………….. oxymoron

Ans. beneficient beasts of prey

v. On the basis of the extract, choose the correct option with reference to (1) and (2)
given below.
(1) The city dwellers make promises for the betterment of the villagers.
(2) The city dwellers have ulterior motives.
A. (1) is true but (2) is false.
B. (2) is true but (1) is false.
C. (2) is the reason for (1).
D. Both (1) and (2) cannot be inferred from the extract.

Ans. C. (2) is the reason for (1).

vi. . Fill the blank with an appropriate word, with reference to the extract.
‘… calculated to soothe them out of their wits’ implies that ‘them’ are being .

Ans. fooled/manipulated

Q. 1.B

A thing of beauty is a joy forever     1*6=6
Its loveliness increases, it will never
Pass into nothingness; but will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.
Therefore, on every morrow, are we wreathing
A flowery band to bind us to the earth

i. Choose the option that displays the same poetic device as used in the first line of the extract.
A. I’m as happy as I can be.
B. Life is a roller coaster ride.
C. Nature is God’s gift to us.
D. The dazzling divas enchanted all

Ans. B. Life is a roller coaster ride.

ii. What does the phrase ‘a bower quiet’ indicate?
A. serenity
B. morality
C. superiority
D. diversity

Ans. A. serenity

iii. The benefits of a thing of beauty for humans include .
(i) healthy body
(ii) calm mind
(iii) struggle-free life
(iv) better relationships
(v) hope to carry on
Choose the most appropriate option.
A. Only (v)
B. (i), (ii) and (v)
C. (i), (iii) and (iv)
D. (ii) and (iv)

Ans. B. (i), (ii) and (v)

iv. Answer in ONE word.
When the poet says that ‘a thing of beauty’ will never pass into nothingness, he means
that it is………..

Ans. immortal
v. On the basis of the extract, choose the correct option with reference to the two statements given below.
(1) We are surrounded by beautiful things.
(2) Beautiful things provide us joy.
A. (1) can be inferred from the extract but (2) cannot.
B. (2) can be inferred from the extract but (1) cannot.
C. Both (1) and (2) can be inferred from the extract.
D. (2) is the reason for (1) and can be inferred from the extract.

Ans. B. (2) can be inferred from the extract but (1) cannot.
vi. Which of the following is an apt title for the extract?
A. Full to the Brim with Joy
B. Beauty Galore
C. Live Life King Size
D. Hope Floats

Ans. D. Hope Floats

Q. 2 Attempt ANY ONE of two extracts given. 1*4=4


DERRY: You’re… peculiar. You say peculiar things. You ask questions I don’t
MR LAMB: I like to talk. Have company. You don’t have to answer questions. You don’t
have to stop here at all. The gate’s open.
DERRY: Yes, but…
MR LAMB: I’ve a hive of bees behind those trees over there. Some hear bees and they
say, bees buzz. But when you listen to bees for a long while, they humm….and hum
means ‘sing’. I hear them singing, my bees.
DERRY: But….I like it here. I came in because I liked it …..when I looked over the wall.
MR LAMB: If you’d seen me, you’d not have come in.
(On the Face of It)
Q. i. List the playwright’s purpose of using ellipses (…) in this extract.

Ans. The character is paused for thought.
ii. Select the option that best describes Derry and Mr. Lamb in the extract.
A. Derry: introvert; Mr. Lamb: friendly
B. Derry: fearful; Mr. Lamb: domineering
C. Derry: friendly; Mr. Lamb: weird
D. Derry: open minded; Mr. Lamb: charming
Ans. A. Derry: introvert; Mr. Lamb: friendly
iii. Which of the following best summarises Mr. Lamb’s attitude towards the bees?
A. Beauty is being true to yourself.
B. There is a kind of beauty in imperfection.
C. Beauty is the promise of happiness.
D. The beauty of the world lies in the details.
Ans. D. The beauty of the world lies in the details.
iv. Derry says, “I came in here because I liked it ….” What was the one significant thing
Derry might have liked about the place, as per the extract?
Ans. Derry was away from the eyes of the people.
Q. 2.B

Students on Ice, the programme I was working with on the Shokalskiy, aims to do exactly this by taking high school students to the ends of the world and providing them with inspiring educational opportunities which will help them foster a new understanding and respect for our planet. It’s been in operation for six years now, headed by Canadian Geoff Green, who got tired of carting celebrities and retired, rich, curiosity-seekers who could only ‘give’ back in a limited way. With Students on Ice, he offers the future generation of policy-makers a life-changing experience at an age when they’re ready to absorb, learn, and most importantly, act. (Journey to the End of the Earth) i. Complete the sentence appropriately, with reference to the extract.
iThe writer refers to the educational opportunities as ‘inspiring’ because .
Ans. Educational opportunities as inspiring because they motivate the team to work for the benefit of the planet.
ii. Which of the following would NOT be ‘a life changing experience’?
A. Being given the lead role in a play.
B. Going on an adventure trip.
C. Playing a video game.
D. Meeting a great leader, you admire.
Ans. C. Playing a video game.
iii. Select the most suitable title for the given extract.
A. Adventure with a Mission
B. Adventure – The Spice of Life
C. The Wanderlust
D. Students of the Future
Ans. A. Adventure with a Mission
iv. Why does the writer refer to ‘act’ as more important than ‘absorb’ or ‘learn’?

Ans. Right practical knowledge is always better and task can be done easily.

Q. 3 Attempt ANY ONE of two extracts given. 1*6=6

Q. 3.A

A girl from the countryside, she hadn’t gone through all the stages of worldly experience that generally precede a position of importance and sophistication that she had found herself catapulted into. She never quite recovered from the terror she felt that day. That was the end of a brief and brilliant acting career — the legal adviser, who was also a member of the Story Department, had unwittingly brought about that sad end. While every other member of the Department wore a kind of uniform — khadi dhoti with a slightly oversized and clumsily tailored white khadi shirt — the legal adviser wore pants and a tie and sometimes a coat that looked like a coat of mail. Often, he looked alone and helpless … (Poets and Pancakes)
i. Select the option that completes the given sentence appropriately.
‘Stages of worldly experience’ in the given context would refer to .
A. good education to gain knowledge.
B. situations that require one to be street smart.
C. smaller, not so important roles in acting.
D. training in soft skills.
Ans. B. situations that require one to be street smart.
ii. Select the suitable word from the extract to complete the following analogy:
sealed: closed :: propelled:
Ans. catapulted
iii. Select the correct option to fill in the blank.
The harm done to the actress was a/an
A. well-planned act.
B. unintentional act.
C. act of jealousy.
D. act of male dominance.
Ans. B. unintentional act.
iv. Based on the above extract, choose the statement that is TRUE for the legal adviser.
A. He disliked the actress from the countryside.
B. He acted after thinking through things carefully.
C. He did not gel well with others in the Department.
D. He was always dressed smartly.

Ans. C. He did not gel well with others in the Department.
v. Identify the textual clue that allows the reader to infer that the writer is sympathetic towards the professional fate of the actor. (Clue: a phrase)
Ans. sad end
vi. Complete the sentence with an appropriate explanation, as per the extract. The writer uses the word ‘uniform’ to refer to the outfits of the Department members because just like a uniform 
Ans. Their uniform depicts nationalism as they were khadi dhoti and kurta.
Q. 3.B

Some might make quite extravagant claims for it as being, in its highest form, a source of truth, and, in its practice, an art. Others, usually celebrities who see themselves as its victims, might despise the interview as an unwarranted intrusion into their lives, or feel that it somehow diminishes them, just as in some primitive cultures it is believed that if one takes a photographic portrait of somebody then one is stealing that person’s soul. (The Interview)
i. What is the most likely reason some people consider the practice of interview to be an art? This could be because it requires

A. fluency of words.
B. sensitive and careful handling.
C. creativity and imagination.
D. probing and focusing on details.
Ans. C. creativity and imagination.
ii. Rewrite the sentence by replacing the underlined phrase with its inference. Celebrities feel that an interview diminishes them.
Ans. interview maks them appear ordinary.
iii. On the basis of the extract, choose the correct option with reference to the two statements given below.
(1) Celebrities don’t consent to be interviewed.
(2) Interviews intrude the privacy of celebrities.
A. (1) Can be inferred from the extract but (2) cannot.
B. (1) cannot be inferred from the extract but (2) can.
C. (1) is true but (2) is false.
D. (2) is the reason for (1).
Ans. D. (2) is the reason for (1).
iv. Rationalise, to support the given opinion: To say that an interview, in its highest form, is a source of truth, is an extravagant claim.
Ans. Interview can be false statements, hiding facts, and questions are unanswered.
v. Replace the underlined word with its antonym from the extract. Some celebrities hate the idea of having to give an interview because it makes them feel like supporters.
Ans. Victims
vi. The author’s views on interview, in the extract, can best be described as statements based on .
A. facts
B. hypothesis
C. beliefs
D. superstitions
Ans. A. facts

V. Answer ANY FIVE of the following in about 40-50 words each. 5*2=10(Short Answer Questions)

i. “You realise the true value of a thing only on losing it.” Comment on this statement in the light of the story, The Last Lesson.

Ans. As per M. Hamel, French was not going to be taught from tomorrow. Hamel informed the villagers that French was not going to be taught in the school. There was an order from Berlin that German would be taught in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine. The author, who showed no interest in the French language, started missing his mother tongue and felt sorry for not learning the language. Being a French teacher, he knew the value of language, but unfortunately, people couldn’t realise the importance of French. Naturally, people realise the value only when they are free to learn the language. The same thing happened with the author. Everyone loves the country and its language. The mother tongue always reflects the rich culture of any country.
ii. State the common issue faced by most of the aged in the current times, with reference to the poem My Mother at Sixty-six.

Ans. All of us are going to be old one day, and aging is a natural process. In this poem, the poetess explains the old age of her mother, and she tries to explain that all of us have to become old. Old age symptoms and gestures are common among all human beings. She explains the problems of old age in her poem, “My Mother at Sixty-six.” She was seated beside her mother and looked at her face. Her mother’s face was ‘doze, open-mouthed, her face ashen like that of a corpse’. All these words are the symbol of old age, which all of us have to face.
iii. What do we come to know about the author of Lost Spring, Anees Jung, through her interactions with Saheb and Mukesh?

Ans.Anees Jung explains how poverty affects children regardless of what they do. She explains that Saheb and Mukesh, like the other children, wanted to work according to their desires, but circumstances prevented them from doing so. Both Seemapuri and Ferozabad suffer from a lack of amenities. As a result, we can conclude that the title, Lost Spring, is appropriate in both parts of the story.
iv. Give two reasons why, according to Pablo Neruda, is ‘keeping quiet’ essential to attaining a better, more peaceful world. (Keeping Quiet)

Ans.The poet, Pablo Neruda, wants to convey through his poem, Keeping Quiet, that stillness is important for human beings. He conveys this idea through the title of the poem. We are always busy with our actions and don’t have time for self-reflection. Therefore, the poet wants us to be still for a second, and during this stillness, we will realise the importance of being quiet in our acts. This moment of silence will be an esoteric moment for the whole world.
v. If the Christmas spirit is about selflessness, forgiveness and becoming ‘better’ versions of ourselves amongst other things, Edla Willmansson is the epitome of this spirit.
Justify with two points of evidence from The Rattrap.


Answer: Edla Willmansson handled the peddler in a respected way. Therefore, her empathy toward the peddler helped him to change his life. This is the main idea of The Rattrap where the author, Selma Lagerlof asks us that a bad man can be turned into a good human being if we treat the person with a human touch.

Elda cooperates with the peddler to change himself and offers him a Christmas suit as a gift. Therefore, her love and care help him to become a nice fellow. Thus, the peddler wrote to Elda and appreciated her, “Honoured and noble Miss,” since you have been so nice to me all day long. “

vi. How can we say that marriage was a compromise for Aunt Jennifer? Support your response with two justifications. (Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers)

Ans. Do it yourself.
VI Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 40-50 words each. 2*2=4
i. ‘It’s easy to judge others and give advice, but much more difficult to apply it to ourselves.’ Elaborate with reference to the character of Sam in The Third Level.

Ans.The author or narrator of The Third Level creates a character named Charley who wishes to escape the problems in his life and travel to an imaginary world known as the third level. Charley fought with his girlfriend, Louisa. He was lost in his thoughts and wanted to reach home with this problem in his mind. He reached the third level of the Grand Central. It was a total escape from problems for Charley. On the ‘Central has been an exit, a way of maybe that’s how the tunnel I got into… ‘
ii. Comment on any one aspect of the writing style of the author, Kalki in The Tiger King. 2

Ans. The author uses the method of satire on the society. The Tiger King was a “man of indomitable courage face-to-face.” The most fantastic aspect of his demise was that, as soon as he was born, astrologers had foretold that one day the Tiger King would have to die. “The child will grow up to become the warrior of warriors, hero of heroes, champion of champions. But… “They bit their lips and swallowed hard.” When compelled to continue, the astrologers came up with it. “This is a secret which should not be revealed at all. And yet we are forced to speak out. “The child born under this star will one day have to meet its death.”
iii. How do we know that Dr. Sadao was conscientious as well as loyal? (The Enemy) 2

Ans. Sadao was a renowned surgeon who had taken an oath to save lives at any cost. They approached him and examined him. He was a wounded American soldier in the war. Dr. Sadao was in a pickle. Should he treat the injured American soldier or turn him over to the police? They would be arrested if they kept the man in their home. He would die if they left him there. They took him to their house after much deliberation. The servants were terrified when they saw the person and asked the doctor not to treat the war prisoner. They protested by leaving the house. This is how he was able to save his life as a doctor, but as a citizen, we might think that he didn’t fulfill his duty. DDrSadao did his duty as a doctor and saved the life of a soldier by fleeing from his house. It was natural for a doctor who saved their life to kill the same person whose life he had saved.

Long Answer Questions

VII Answer ANY ONE of the following in about 120-150 words. 1*5=5

i. The prose selections, Deep Water and Indigo, bring out the importance of overcoming fear, in order to be able to lead our lives successfully. Imagine yourself to be a motivational speaker who has to address high school students. Write this address in 120 – 150 words elaborating on occurrences from the two texts to inspire your audience and to convince them about the importance of overcoming fear.

You may begin like this … Good morning, students!  We all know what it’s like to be afraid. Fear is our body’s natural response to a perceived threat or danger. But when …


In Indigo, the Champaran Movement became a symbol of Indian independence. Gandhi agreed to a settlement of a 25 percent refund to the farmers, as he explained, “The real relief for them is to be free from fear.” Mahatma Gandhi helped the Indian farmers come out of the fear of English landlords who used to exploit the sharecroppers of Champaran. Therefore, Gandhi knew the importance of courage in fighting against the exploitation of landlords.

Hence, the students must learn the psychology behind their fears and adopt techniques for overcoming them to live a happy life.

ii. ‘Their mother sighed. Sophie watched her back stooped over the sink and wondered at the incongruity of the delicate bow which fastened her apron strings.’ The prose selection, Going Places includes this telling comment about Sophie’s mother. In Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, we are told that – ‘The massive weight of Uncle’s wedding band Sits heavily upon Aunt Jennifer’s Hand.’
Imagine a conversation between Sophie’s mother and Aunt Jennifer. Create this exchange with reference to the two extracts given above.

You may begin the conversation like this … Sophie’s mother: Your embroidery is so beautiful. Do you love tigers?


Sophie’s mother: Your embroidery looks very beautiful. Mrs. Jennifer, do you really love tigers?

Aunt Jennifer: I am afraid of living tigers, but I love the art of tigers.

Sophie’s mother: Can you explain why you like tiger art but, in real life, you feel afraid of tigers?

Aunt Jennifer: “I want to show my feelings through the art of tiger.”

Sophie’s mother: What does it mean? I didn’t get it. Can you explain in detail?

Aunt Jennifer: It means a show of strength for me, and this is the only way I can express myself as I am not listened to by my husband, and he always dominates the family. My life is spoiled.

Sophie’s mother: “Oh, very sad!” I get it now. I am also treated in the same way in my family. And you have chosen the right way to express your feelings.

Aunt Jennifer: I don’t expect that my situation will change in the near future. Therefore, I embroider, which will be remembered after my death, and my tigers will prance.

Q. VIII Answer ANY ONE of the following in about 120-150 words. 1*5=5
Q. i. On returning home, Tishani Doshi writes her thoughts reflecting on how her decision to enrol for the Students on Ice programme has been the single most important decision of her life that has completely transformed her. Imagine yourself to be Tishani and express these thoughts. You may begin like this: I can’t thank my stars enough for having cashed in on the opportunity of………..


I can’t thank my lucky stars enough for having cashed in on the opportunity of being part of this adventure trip to Antartica, called the “Students on Ice” program. It was an exciting and unforgettable decision to participate in the program, and I can call it the best decision I have ever made in my life. This programme helped me learn a lot, which became possible only after being a part of the “Students on Ice” team. The landscape was not inhabited by humans, and hence, the absolute difference can be seen in Antartica. Unfortunately, things are changing due to environmental pollution. The temperature is changing at Antartica due to global warming; the ice is melting and the sea level is increasing every day. We are all responsible for the degrading conditions of the environment, as we have either become selfish or don’t understand the consequences of environmental pollution. This trip to Antartica is a reminder to save our beloved earth. Hence, we should act as stewards of this earth to save our future generations. The moment was unforgettable for me.

Q. ii. Both Bama and Zitkala Sa experienced the harsh reality of discrimination in their childhood. Instead of letting it pull them down, they both found a way to overcome it. You wish to include a cameo* of both in your upcoming blog post. As a part of the research, compare and contrast the experiences faced by the two and their response/s to these experiences, in 120-150 words. [Clue: Include the similarities and differences in the discrimination they faced – their feelings – determination to overcome – success]
*a short description that neatly encapsulates someone or something


Zitkala-Sa and Bama have the theme of discrimination, irrespective of their cultural differences:

  • Zitkala-Sa and Bama belong to different cultures.
  • Both of them belong to marginalized communities.
  • Both are celebrated writers.
  • Both of them struggled hard in their lives.
  • They faced discrimination, oppression, humiliation, suffering, and insults.
  • Zitkala-Sa faced the severe prejudice that prevailed toward Native American culture and women.
  • Zitkala-Sa’s haircut reduces her to a losing warrior.
  • Bama faced the oppression of the high society on untouchables.
  • Bama never got respect, dignity, or honour because she belonged to an untouchable society.
  • Both of them felt a sense of rebellion against the existing state of affairs.
  • Zitkala-Sa and Bama had the seeds of rebellion in their early years.

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