BSEH Half Yearly Assessment Class 9 English 2022: Solution

BSEH half yearly assessment sept. 2022 class9 english

The Readlearnexcel solution of the BSEH Half Yearly Assessment September 2022 Class 9 English(Core) is a tool to assess the students’ results in the mid-session of the year. After attempting and marking the BSEH Half Yearly Assessment September 2022 Class 9 English(Core), the students and teachers can work out the weaknesses and plan before the final examination. Download the free PDF of the BSEH Half Yearly Assessment September 2022 Class 9 English(Core) Solution for offline learning. The BSEH Half Yearly Assessment September 2022, Class 9 English (Core) solution will assist and guide students in learning how to take their final exams in class 9 English.

BSEH Half Yearly Assessment Class 9 English 2022: Solution: Question Paper

BSEH half yearly assessment sept. 2022 class9 english
bseh half yearly assessment sept.2022 class 9 english
BSEH Class 9 English

BSEH Half Yearly Assessment Class 9 English 202: Question Paper Solution

Read the questions from the BSEH Half Yearly Assessment September 2022, Class 9 English above and answer the questions. The answers to the above questions are given below.

Half Yearly Assessment September 2022 Class 9 English: Solution

Answer 1. c

Answer 2. a

Answer 3. a

Answer 4. d

Answer 5. d

Answer 6. c

Answer 7. d

Answer 8. a

Answer 9. d

Answer 10. b

Answer 11. a

Answer 12. The

Answer 13. attracts

Answer 14. stayed

Answer 15. had died,….. came

BSEH Half-Yearly Exam: Sample Question Papers 12th English

BSEH Half Yearly Assessment Class 9 English 202: Solution ( Qs 16-18)

Answer 16.

They have had mechanical teachers, computer teachers, and telebook teachers. But they didn’t have a separate building for the school. Their school had no separate building. The robotic teachers are used to show lessons and test papers on big screens. Their way of checking assignments was very easy, and tests and lessons could be checked without taking much time. The school didn’t have a building, so the teachers were confined to rooms and taught mechanically.

Answer 17

Evelyn’s hearing problem was discovered when she was hardly eight. Her hearing loss was finally confirmed at the age of eleven. It was gradual, and her mother discovered this problem when she was only eight years old. She tried and succeeded in hiding her hearing problem from her classmates for a long time. Her grades dropped when she turned eleven. Therefore, her mother took her to the doctor, and it was discovered that her hearing problem was affected due to nerve damage.

Answer 18.

Kezia’s father’s attitude was harsh towards her, and she was afraid of her father as he talked and her behaviour was harsh and rude. He was fond of finding faults in her.

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BSEH Half Yearly Assessment Class 9 English September 202: Answers ( Qs 19-21)

Answer 19.

The main idea of the poem is that we all have problems in our lives. But the poem also provides solutions to our problems, and life gives us a lot of opportunities to move ahead. Therefore, one has to take a final decision and act on it with concrete planning. Sometimes our decisions can be wrong, and in such circumstances, we should not lose heart and think positively, as one can’t achieve all that one wants. Therefore, the choice can affect our lives, but one shouldn’t be distracted and move ahead in life.

Answer 20.

The barber and the emperor played major roles in naming the’shehanai’. Shehnai is made up of two words, “Sheh” and “Nai”. ‘Sheh’ is used for the king and ‘Nai’ is used for the barber. After combining these two words, a new word came into existence and is called “shehnai”.

Answer 21.

Coates Kinney’s poem “Rain on the Roof” is included in the theBSEH English syllabus for Class 9. This poem was written to preserve the poet’s memories of rain, its sensory pleasure, its sound, and all other aspects of rain that the poet enjoys and appreciates. Through the raindrops, the poet recalls his past experiences and creates a beautiful relationship with them. When it rains, the poet likes to lie in his cottage chamber bed with his head pressed against the pillow and listen to the soft rain.

BSEH Half Yearly Assessment Class 9 English September 202: Answers ( Qs 22-23)

Answer 22.

This poem, “No Men are Foreign,” tells us about people. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet. Our bodies are the same; they require sun, air, water, and clothing. It means we are human beings living on the same planet. Our blood is red irrespective of our country. Our activities are the same as we all breathe, eat, and drink. After death, we are all cremated as per our traditions. Furthermore, we all sleep, get up in the morning, and love and hate. Thus, when we hate each other, we fight against each other. We all pollute the environment in which we live. Therefore, the poet wants to spread the idea that we are all brothers and sisters and should cooperate.


The author describes his father as a man who practises austerity while providing for all of his family’s needs. He described his mother as a woman with a big heart who used to cook for everyone who came to the house. Furthermore, Abdul Kalam has described himself as a short and thin boy born too tall and attractive parents.

Answer 23.

Application to the Principal to remit fine(BSEH Half Yearly Assessment Class 9 English September 2022 )


Class IX

Date October 14, 2022

The Principal

Holy Public School


Subject: Application to remit fine.

Respected Sir

I am a student in class 9th at the school. I was fined by my class in charge as I couldn’t attend school for four days due to my illness and, unfortunately, I couldn’t send an application for leave. Therefore, my class teacher informed me that the fine is Rs. 500.

Sir, My father is a poor man and works daily; sometimes he doesn’t get work. We are hardly managing to make both ends meet. Therefore, he is unable to pay my school fine. So, please remit my fine. I would be highly grateful if you remitted my fine. I promise such mistakes won’t be repeated in the future.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely


Q. 23 Describe the Annual Day Celebration event

On March 25, 2022, G.S.S.S. Dadri Toye, Jhajjar, celebrated its annual day. The Annual Day Celebration started at 10 a.m. in the school auditorium. The programme started with the National Anthem, and there was no class on that day. The students were welcoming the guests and parents. The girls from class 9 were there at the main gate of the school to welcome the visitors. The stage was beautifully decorated by the students. The D.E.O. Jhajjar was the Chief Guest of the Annual Day Function. The principal of the school introduced the guest and gave an introductory speech. Then, the cultural programmes started with the students of the primary wing. There was a drama programme. The Haryanvi dance was performed by the girls of class 12 and the skit play was also performed. The students of class 10 gave a speech on the importance of exams. The prizes for the different activities were given by D.E.O. and, at last, the Principal delivered a speech of thanks and extended his warm regards to the Chief Guest and everyone in the programme at the Annual Day Celebration.

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