CBSE Model Answer By Candidate Class 12 &10 English

CBSE Model Answer By Candidate Class 12 &10 EnglishCBSE

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CBSE Model Answer By Candidate Class 12 &10 EnglishCBSE

Model Answer By Candidate for CBSE Class 10 English

CBSE Important Sample Question Papers 2022-2023 Class 12 English

CBSE Model Answer By Candidate Class 12 &10 English
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CBSE Question Paper Structure Class 12 English(Core) 2022-23( Courtesy: CBSE)

CLASS – XII 2022-23

Section A
Reading Skills
Reading Comprehension through Unseen Passage 20 Marks
I. One unseen passage to assess comprehension, interpretation, and inference. Vocabulary and inference of meaning will also be assessed. The passage may be factual, descriptive, or literary.(10×1=10 Marks)
II. One unseen case-based passage with verbal/visual inputs like statistical data, charts, etc. (10×1=10 Marks)
Note: The combined word limit for both passages will be 700-750 words.
Multiple Choice Questions / Objective Type Questions will be asked.
Section B
III. Creative Writing Skills 20 Marks
The section has Short and Long writing tasks.
i. Notice up to 50 words. One out of the two given questions is to be answered. (5 Marks: Format : 1 / Organisation of Ideas: 1/Content: 2 / Accuracy of Spelling and Grammar: 1 ).
ii. Formal/Informal Invitation and Reply of up to 50 words. One out of the two given questions is to be answered. (5 Marks: Format: 1 / Organisation of Ideas: 1/Content: 2 / Accuracy of Spelling and Grammar :1 ).
iii. Letters based on verbal/visual input, are to be answered in approximately 120-150 words. Letter types include an application for a job with bio-data or a resume. Letters to the editor (giving suggestions and opinions on issues of public interest). One out of the two given questions is to be answered. (5 Marks: Format: 1 / Organisation of Ideas: 1/Content: 2 / Accuracy of Spelling and Grammar :1 ).
iv. Article/ Report Writing, descriptive and analytical, based on verbal inputs, to be answered in 120-150 words. One out of the two given questions is to be. (5 Marks: Format: 1 /
The organization of Ideas: 1/Content: 2 / Accuracy of Spelling and Grammar :1 ).
Section C
This section will have a variety of assessment items including Multiple Choice Questions, Objective Type Questions, Short Answer Type Questions, and Long Answer Type Questions to assess comprehension, analysis, interpretation, and extrapolation beyond the text.
IV. Reference to the Context 40 Marks
i. One Poetry extracts out of two from the book Flamingo to assess comprehension, interpretation, analysis, and appreciation. (6×1=6 Marks)
ii. One Prose extract out of two from the book Vistas to assess comprehension, interpretation, analysis, and appreciation. (4×1=4 Marks)
iii. One prose extracts out of two from the book Flamingo to assess comprehension, interpretation, and analysis. (6×1=6Marks)
V. Short answer type question (from Prose and Poetry from the book Flamingo), to be answered in 40-50 words. Questions should elicit inferential responses through critical
thinking. Five questions out of the six given are to be answered. (5×2=10 Marks)
VI. Short answer type question, from Prose (Vistas), to be answered in 40- 50 words. Questions should elicit inferential responses through critical thinking. Any 2 out of 3 questions to be done. (2×2=4 Marks)
VII. One Long answer type question, from Prose/Poetry (Flamingo), to be answered in 120-150 words. Questions can be based on incident/theme/passage / extract / event as reference points to assess extrapolation beyond and across the text. The question will elicit an analytical and evaluative response from the student. Any 1 out of 2 questions to be done. (1×5=5 Marks)
VIII. One Long answer type question, based on the chapters from the book Vistas, to be answered in 120-150 words to assess global comprehension and extrapolation beyond the text. Questions to provide evaluative and analytical responses using incidents, events, and themes as reference points. Any 1 out of 2 questions to be done. (1×5=5 Marks)

CBSE Model Answer By Candidate Class 12 English: Solve The Question Paper Given Below

CBSE 12th English Final Practice Question Paper 2022–23 will have the most important questions expected in the Question Paper (2022–2023) Class 12 English (Core). You should prepare CBSE 12th English Final Practice Question Paper 2022–23 seriously to succeed in your academic career. ReadlearnExcel has already published three sample question papers, including CBSE SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER (2022-23) ENGLISH CORE (301) CLASS XII SOLVED and CBSE Pre-Board Sample Question Paper 2022-23 for Class 12 English (Core). The CBSE Sure-Shot Question Paper 2022–23 for Class 12 English (Core) is going to be an asset for the students, and it will help you to practise just before the final exams on February 24, 2023.

CBSE 12th English Final Practice Question Paper 2022–23


Time allowed: 3 Hrs. Maximum Marks: 80

General Instructions:
1. 15-minute prior reading time allotted for Q-paper reading.
2. The Question Paper contains THREE sections-READING, WRITING and LITERATURE.
3. Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part. Write the correct question number in your answer sheet to indicate the option/s being attempted
Section A: READING SKILLS (20 marks) Marks

1. Read the passage given below. (1×10 = 10)
1. “Who doesn’t know how to cook rice? Cooking rice hardly takes time.” said my father. So, I challenged myself. I switched from news to YouTube and typed, “How to cook rice?” I took one and a half cups of rice. Since I didn’t have access to a rice cooker, I put the rice in a big pot. Firstly, the rice has to be washed to get rid of dust and starch. I thought I won’t be able to drain the rice and that it will fall out of the pot. I observed the chef as I swirled the rice around and used my dexterous hands to drain it, not once, not twice, but three times. I looked down at the sink and saw less than 50 grains that made their way out of the pot. Suffice to say, I was up to the mark.
2. The video stated that the key to perfect rice is equal amounts of rice and water. I have heard that professionals don’t need to measure everything; they just know what the right amount is. But as this was my first time in the kitchen, I decided to experiment by not measuring the water needed for boiling the rice. I wanted the rice to be firm when bitten, just like pasta. I don’t enjoy the texture of mushy rice. It has to have that chutzpah; it has to resist my biting power just for a bit before disintegrating.

3. After what seemed like 10 minutes, all the water disappeared. I went in to give it a good stir. To my surprise, some of the rice got stuck to the pot. I tried to scrape it off but to no avail. At the same time, there was a burning smell coming from it. I quickly turned the stove off. “What have you done to the kitchen?” shouted Mother, while coming towards the kitchen. I managed to ward her off.
4. Finally, when the time came to taste my creation, I was surprised! It wasn’t bad at all. The rice had the desired consistency. Sure, a little more salt would’ve been better, but I just added that while eating. The experience was fairly rewarding and memorable. It taught me a new sense of respect for those who cook food on a regular basis at home or engage in gourmet creations professionally.

On the basis of your understanding of the above passage, answer ANY TEN questions
from the eleven given below. (1×10 = 10)
i. Father’s question to the narrator, about knowing how to cook rice, was intended to a. criticize the narrator’s lack of abilities.
b. make the process sound simple.
c. encourage the narrator to take up cooking.
d. showcase his own expertise in cooking rice.
ii. “I switched from news to YouTube …” Pick the option in which the meaning of ‘switch(ed)’ is NOT the same as it is in the passage.
a. He switched on the radio to listen to the news while having dinner.
b. “Forget these diet supplements and switch to yoga, if you want a true sense of
c. Mom switched to reading fiction recently because she was bored with cook-books.
d. The company will switch the trucks to other routes to bring down city pollution.
iii. Based on your understanding of the passage, choose the option that lists the correct sequence of the process.
1. Use water to wash the rice.
2. Repeat the process three times.
3. Drain the water off.
4. Put rice in a utensil.
5. Swirl the water in and around the rice.
a. 4,2,1,3,5
b. 1,3,2,5,4
c. 4,1,5,3,2
d. 5,1,2,4,3
iv. The narrator says that he has dexterous hands. He would have had a problem had it been the opposite. NOT BEING dexterous means, being

a. uncomfortable.
b. clumsy.
c. unclear.
d. clueless.
v. How did mother react to the burning smell?
a. She commented on it.
b. She brushed it aside.
c. She enquired about it .
d. She handled it .
vi. According to the passage, the fact that the narrator risked experimentation, on his maiden attempt in the kitchen, shows that he was
a. conscientious.
b. nervous.
c. presumptuous.
d. courteous.
vii. Pick the option showing the CORRECT use of the word ‘chutzpah’.
a. It is the court’s duty to dispense chutzpah to everyone irrespective of caste or creed.
b. The speaker may not have much of a stage presence, but you’ve got to admit she’s
got chutzpah.
c. I could crack the code easily which proved me to be a chutzpah and I was the only
one who could do so.
d. After his father’s demise, the daughter took over the family’s chutzpah to save it
from disaster.
viii. Pick the option that correctly states what DID NOT happen after the writer checked on the rice.
a. Turning the stove off.
b. Being taken aback at the condition of rice.
c. Forgetting to scrape the stuck rice.
d. Smelling the delicious aroma of cooked rice.
ix. The narrator’s creation was
a. almost perfect to taste.
b. way off from what he wanted.
c. overly seasoned.
d. quite distasteful.
x. Pick the option that correctly lists the final feelings of the writer with reference to the cooking experience.
1. frustrating
2. amusing
3. satisfying
4. disillusioning
5. exacting
6. enlightening
a. 1 and 4
b. 2 and 5
c. 3 and 6
d. 1 and 3

2.B Read the passage given below. On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer ANY TEN questions from the eleven that follow. (1×10= 10)
1. The present generation is well updated in the use of internet and computers. The rapid
development in computer technology and increase in accessibility of the internet for
academic purposes has changed the face of education for everyone associated with it.
2. A recent survey that was done to ascertain the time spent on utilisation of the computer
and internet revealed the following results:
For all five usage reasons – academics, personal use, e-mail access, work, and leisure – at
least half the respondents indicated daily activity. Almost everyone said that they use
these facilities at least once a month for leisure, with 30% saying they use it once a
week. All respondents said that they had used computers for work at least once and
very few (less than 10%) said that they had never used e-mail. 50% students said that
they use the computer and the internet for academic reasons on a daily basis and over
20% stated doing so 2-3 times a week. Only 1% confessed to never having used these
services for academics.
3. The internet provides a wide variety of references and information to academics as well
as scientific researchers and students. However, research on the Net is very different
from traditional library research, and the differences can cause problems. The Net is a
tremendous resource, but it must be used carefully and critically.
4. According to a 2018 Academic Student e-book Experience Survey, when reading for
pleasure, almost 74% of respondents said they preferred print books for leisure where-
as, 45 % of respondents chose e-books rather than the printed versions, for research or
5. When asked what e-book features make them a favourite for research, the respondents
were clear. Having page numbers to use in citations, topped the list (75%); followed by
the ability to resize text to fit a device’s screen (67%); the ability to bookmark pages,
highlight text, or take notes for later reference (60%); downloading the entire e-book
(57%); and allowing content to be transferred between devices (43%) were the varied
i. According to the passage, one of the reasons for the recent transformation of education is the:
a. techno-efficiency of the present generation.
b. expanse of courses on technology.
c. simplification of the teaching and learning- method.
d. easy availability of the internet.
ii. Pick the option that lists statements that are NOT TRUE according to the passage.
1. Internet-based education can only complement familiar methods
of education.
2. Net-based learning will replace face-to-face education.
3. The resources that the net provides are a danger to the education system.
4. The current times has seen a rise in the convenience of using the internet for academic purposes.
a. 1 & 2
b. 3 & 4
c. 2 & 3
d. 1 & 4
iii. The word ‘tremendous’, as used in paragraph 3, means the same as
a. ‘expensive’.
b. ‘renowned’.
c. ‘innovative’.
d. ‘incredible’.
iv. Choose the option that CORRECTLY states the relationship between those who never
use the internet and/or computers for work, and those who don’t use them for academic
a. An equal number totally avoid computers for work and academics.
b. They are both 40% or above, but zero computer use is less common at work.
c. Under 5% study without computers, but all reported usage for work at least once.
d. Zero computer use in academics is 5 times more common than zero use at work.
v. “… but it must be used carefully and critically.” The idea of being careful and critical while
using the internet, is mainly a reference to
a. hardware malfunction.
b. plagiarism.
c. troubleshooting.
d. virus threats.
vi. Based on the given data in the passage, choose the option that lists the statements that
are TRUE with respect to the usage of email.
1. At least 50% of the participants reported using e-mail every day.
2. Less than 10% of the participants said they use e-mail once a week.
3. Computer/Internet usage for work and e-mail was exactly the same in all cases.
4. A very small number of those surveyed said that they had never used e-mail.
a. 1 and 3
b. 2 and 3
c. 1 and 4
d. 2 and 4
vii. Based on the given statistics, pick the option that is TRUE for all usage reason
categories (academics, personal use, e-mail access, work, and leisure.)
a. Exactly 50% people use computers/the internet every day.
b. Weekly usage is more popular than monthly usage.
c. There’s always at least one person who never uses the computer/internet.
d. 2-3 times a week is always the option chosen by the majority.
viii. What does change the face of something mean, as used in paragraph 1 – ‘…changed the
face of education for one and all’?
a. The problems that people associate with an organisation, industry etc.
b. The popularity of an organisation, industry etc. and the reasons for it.
c. The approaches that people apply to compete with an organisation, industry etc.
d. The nature of an organization, industry etc. and the way it appears to people
ix. Which of the following statements is NOT substantiated by information in paragraph 4?
a. About three-quarters of the respondents preferred print books for recreational
b. A little less than a 50% of the respondents voted for e-books for research or
c. More than 50% respondents stated enjoying both versions of books for leisure
d. The survey was intended for understanding the e-book experience among
x. Which of the following is TRUE according to the 2018 survey, about e-books ?
a. Content transfer between devices was the most popular reason followed by
text-to-screen resizing options.
b. The book download option was a close second to the bookmarking, highlighting, and
note taking ability reason.
c. Text-to-screen resizing and having page numbers handy for easier citations were
both equally popular reasons.
d. Bookmarking, highlighting and note taking ability did not add much value compared
to the other reasons.
xi. Arrange the given e-book features preferred for research from the least favourite to the
most favourite, from the following –
1. downloading the entire e-book.
2. choosing page numbers in citations.
3. highlighting text.
4. resizing text to fit screen.
a. 1, 3, 4, 2
b. 3, 2, 1, 4
c. 2, 4, 3, 1
d. 4, 1, 2, 3

Q. 1. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below. 5
A: The main aim of the communal harmony day is to provide financial assistance to children rendered orphans or destitute by communal, caste, ethnic, or terrorist violence for their education and rehabilitation. Your school wants to celebrate “Communal Harmony Week” in the school. Write a notice in not more than 50 words asking the students to participate in different programmes on this day.
B Asthe House Captain of A.B.M Public School, Telangana, draft a notice in not more than 50 words for the school notice board, informing House members from X-XII about the change in school time due harsh winter. You are Kruthika Reddy.

CBSE Important Sample Question Papers 2022-2023 Class 12 English

Q. 2. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below. 5

A: You are Dr. Suchitra Mukherjee. You have received an invitation from the Director, Health Services, Kharagpur, W.B, to preside over a gathering of leading medical practitioners attending a workshop on mental wellness on 09 November, 2023 at 11 a.m. in the Public Hospital, Jammu, J & K. Respond to accept the invitation in about 50 words.


B: Draft an invitation in about 50 words, on behalf of your aunt, Meghna Menon, which she has to share to invite prior work colleagues to the inaugural event of her own investment consultancy firm, in the Acer mall, Kozhikode, Kerala.

Q. 3. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below: 5

Letter to the Editor: Importance of CSR for the community

Q. A: In response to the undermentioned classified advertisement in a reputed newspaper, write a letter in about 120 150 words for the post with the detailed curriculum vitae. Mention personal details, academic qualifications.


STATE BANK OF INDIA invites applications for Qualified Sales Advisor

Knowledge of computers and Management Degree

Contact : The Manager


B: You are Mahesh, a resident of Urban Estate, Rohtak. You are concerned about the increasing number of theft cases in your city. Write a letter to the editor of”The Tribune”  highlighting the problem and suggesting measures to check the problem.

Q. 4. Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below: 5

A: India is celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav on its 76th Independence Day. Your school also celebrated Independence Day on the school campus. As the chief editor of the school magazine, write a report on the celebration of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav for your school magazine.


B: India is commumerating its Constitution Day on November 26, 2022. Students and teachers of Govt. Sr. Sec. School Dadri Toye Celebrated Constitution Day 2022 in the school campus. Govt. Sr. Sec. School Dadri Toye Celebrates Constitution Day 2022 on November 26th. Write an article on Constitution Day in 125-200 words include the importance of preamble and values of constitution of India.

IV Read the given extracts to attempt the questions with reference to context.

1. Attempt ANY ONE of two extracts given. 1*6=6

Q. 1.A

Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow briefly : 1x 6=6
I saw my mother,
beside me
doze, open mouthed, her face
ashen like that
of a corpse and realised with
that she was as old as she
looked but soon
put that thought away, …
(a) What did the poet notice about her mother ?

(b) What were her feelings ?

(c) Why did the poet put ‘that thought’ away ?

(d) Identify the figure of speech used in the expression : ‘her face ashen like that of a corpse’.

(e) What is the name of the poet?

(f) The words ‘doze, open mouthed, her face ashen like’ represent:

(i) old age

(ii) young age

(ii) children age

(iv) Both i and ii

Aunt Jennifer’s fingers fluttering through her wool
Find even the ivory needle hard to pull
The massive weight of uncle’s wedding band
Sits heavily upon Aunt Jennifer’s hand.
(a) Why are Aunt Jennifer’s fingers fluttering through her wool ?

(b) What is Aunt Jennifer doing that she finds very hard to do ?

(c) Why does the wedding band seem too heavy ?

(d) What impression do you form of Aunt Jennifer from the extract ?

(e) Was she happy ?

(f) What is the meaning of “hard to pull”

Q. 2 Attempt ANY ONE of two extracts given. 1*4=4


THE presidents of the New York Central
and the New York, New Haven and
Hartford railroads will swear on a stack
of timetables that there are only two. But
I say there are three, because I’ve been
on the third level of the Grand Central
Station. Yes, I’ve taken the obvious step:
I talked to a psychiatrist friend of mine,
among others. I told him about the third
level at Grand Central Station, and he said it was a wakingdream wish fulfillment. He said I was unhappy. That made
my wife kind of mad, but he explained that he meant the
modern world is full of insecurity, fear, war, worry and all
the rest of it, and that I just want to escape. Well, who
doesn’t? Everybody I know wants to escape, but they don’t
wander down into any third level at Grand Central Station

Q. i.  The author talks of two levels. What are these levels and are they real?

Q. ii.  ‘I say there are three’,what does it meanin the chapter”TheThirdLevel”?

Q. iii. Everyone wants to escape from the situation. Does Charley want to escape from his problem?

Q. iv. What did author’s friend tell him about his escape?

Q. 2.B

“The child will grow up to become the warrior of
warriors, hero of heroes, champion of champions. But…”
they bit their lips and swallowed hard. When compelled to
continue, the astrologers came out with it. “This is a secret
which should not be revealed at all. And yet we are forced
to speak out. The child born under this star will one day
have to meet its death.”

i. The lines are taken from………

ii. Who is the child here?

iii. Who is the “warrior of warriors, hero of heroes, and champion of champions?”

iv. Which word or phrase best represents surprise in the passage?

Q. 3 Attempt ANY ONE of two extracts given. 1*6=6

Q. 3.A

A girl from the countryside, she hadn’t gone through all the stages of worldly experience that generally precede a position of importance and sophistication that she had found herself catapulted into. She never quite recovered from the terror she felt that day. That was the end of a brief and brilliant acting career — the legal adviser, who was also a member of the Story Department, had unwittingly brought about that sad end. While every other member of the Department wore a kind of uniform — khadi dhoti with a slightly oversized and clumsily tailored white khadi shirt — the legal adviser wore pants and a tie and sometimes a coat that looked like a coat of mail. Often, he looked alone and helpless … (Poets and Pancakes)
i. Select the option that completes the given sentence appropriately.
‘Stages of worldly experience’ in the given context would refer to .
A. good education to gain knowledge.
B. situations that require one to be street smart.
C. smaller, not so important roles in acting.
D. training in soft skills.
Ans. Check Your Answer
ii. Select the suitable word from the extract to complete the following analogy:
sealed: closed :: propelled:
Ans. Check Your Answer
iii. Select the correct option to fill in the blank.
The harm done to the actress was a/an
A. well-planned act.
B. unintentional act.
C. act of jealousy.
D. act of male dominance.
Ans. Check Your Answer
iv. Based on the above extract, choose the statement that is TRUE for the legal adviser.
A. He disliked the actress from the countryside.
B. He acted after thinking through things carefully.
C. He did not gel well with others in the Department.
D. He was always dressed smartly.

Ans. Check Your Answer
v. Identify the textual clue that allows the reader to infer that the writer is sympathetic towards the professional fate of the actor. (Clue: a phrase)
Ans. Check Your Answer
vi. Complete the sentence with an appropriate explanation, as per the extract. The writer uses the word ‘uniform’ to refer to the outfits of the Department members because just like a uniform 
Ans. Check Your Answer
Q. 3.B

Some might make quite extravagant claims for it as being, in its highest form, a source of truth, and, in its practice, an art. Others, usually celebrities who see themselves as its victims, might despise the interview as an unwarranted intrusion into their lives, or feel that it somehow diminishes them, just as in some primitive cultures it is believed that if one takes a photographic portrait of somebody then one is stealing that person’s soul. (The Interview)
i. What is the most likely reason some people consider the practice of interview to be an art? This could be because it requires

A. fluency of words.
B. sensitive and careful handling.
C. creativity and imagination.
D. probing and focusing on details.
Ans. Check Your Answer
ii. Rewrite the sentence by replacing the underlined phrase with its inference. Celebrities feel that an interview diminishes them.
Ans. Check Your Answer
iii. On the basis of the extract, choose the correct option with reference to the two statements given below.
(1) Celebrities don’t consent to be interviewed.
(2) Interviews intrude the privacy of celebrities.
A. (1) Can be inferred from the extract but (2) cannot.
B. (1) cannot be inferred from the extract but (2) can.
C. (1) is true but (2) is false.
D. (2) is the reason for (1).
Ans. Check Your Answer
iv. Rationalise, to support the given opinion: To say that an interview, in its highest form, is a source of truth, is an extravagant claim.
Ans. Check Your Answer
v. Replace the underlined word with its antonym from the extract. Some celebrities hate the idea of having to give an interview because it makes them feel like supporters.
Ans. Check Your Answer
vi. The author’s views on interview, in the extract, can best be described as statements based on .
A. facts
B. hypothesis
C. beliefs
D. superstitions
Ans. Check Your Answer

V. Answer ANY FIVE of the following in about 40-50 words each. 5*2=10(Short Answer Questions)

i. “You realise the true value of a thing only on losing it.” Comment on this statement in the light of the story, The Last Lesson.

ii. State the common issue faced by most of the aged in the current times, with reference to the poem My Mother at Sixty-six.

iii. What do we come to know about the author of Lost Spring, Anees Jung, through her interactions with Saheb and Mukesh?

iv. Give two reasons why, according to Pablo Neruda, is ‘keeping quiet’ essential to attaining a better, more peaceful world. (Keeping Quiet)

v. If the Christmas spirit is about selflessness, forgiveness and becoming ‘better’ versions of ourselves amongst other things, Edla Willmansson is the epitome of this spirit.
Justify with two points of evidence from The Rattrap.

vi. How can we say that marriage was a compromise for Aunt Jennifer? Support your response with two justifications. (Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers)

VI Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 40-50 words each. 2*2=4
i. ‘It’s easy to judge others and give advice, but much more difficult to apply it to ourselves.’ Elaborate with reference to the character of Sam in The Third Level.

ii. Comment on any one aspect of the writing style of the author, Kalki in The Tiger King. 2

iii. How do we know that Dr. Sadao was conscientious as well as loyal? (The Enemy) 2

Long Answer Questions

VII Answer ANY ONE of the following in about 120-150 words. 1*5=5

i. The prose selections, Deep Water and Indigo, bring out the importance of overcoming fear, in order to be able to lead our lives successfully. Imagine yourself to be a motivational speaker who has to address high school students. Write this address in 120 – 150 words elaborating on occurrences from the two texts to inspire your audience and to convince them about the importance of overcoming fear.

You may begin like this … Good morning, students!  We all know what it’s like to be afraid. Fear is our body’s natural response to a perceived threat or danger. But when …

ii. ‘Their mother sighed. Sophie watched her back stooped over the sink and wondered at the incongruity of the delicate bow which fastened her apron strings.’ The prose selection, Going Places includes this telling comment about Sophie’s mother. In Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, we are told that – ‘The massive weight of Uncle’s wedding band Sits heavily upon Aunt Jennifer’s Hand.’
Imagine a conversation between Sophie’s mother and Aunt Jennifer. Create this exchange with reference to the two extracts given above.

Q. VIII Answer ANY ONE of the following in about 120-150 words. 1*5=5
Q. i. On returning home, Tishani Doshi writes her thoughts reflecting on how her decision to enrol for the Students on Ice programme has been the single most important decision of her life that has completely transformed her. Imagine yourself to be Tishani and express these thoughts. You may begin like this: I can’t thank my stars enough for having cashed in on the opportunity of………..


Q. ii. Both Bama and Zitkala Sa experienced the harsh reality of discrimination in their childhood. Instead of letting it pull them down, they both found a way to overcome it. You wish to include a cameo* of both in your upcoming blog post. As a part of the research, compare and contrast the experiences faced by the two and their response/s to these experiences, in 120-150 words. [Clue: Include the similarities and differences in the discrimination they faced – their feelings – determination to overcome – success]
*a short description that neatly encapsulates someone or something


Zitkala-Sa and Bama have the theme of discrimination, irrespective of their cultural differences:

  • Zitkala-Sa and Bama belong to different cultures.
  • Both of them belong to marginalized communities.
  • Both are celebrated writers.
  • Both of them struggled hard in their lives.
  • They faced discrimination, oppression, humiliation, suffering, and insults.
  • Zitkala-Sa faced the severe prejudice that prevailed toward Native American culture and women.
  • Zitkala-Sa’s haircut reduces her to a losing warrior.
  • Bama faced the oppression of the high society on untouchables.
  • Bama never got respect, dignity, or honour because she belonged to an untouchable society.
  • Both of them felt a sense of rebellion against the existing state of affairs.
  • Zitkala-Sa and Bama had the seeds of rebellion in their early years.

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