CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023 Set 1 Solution

CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023 Set 3 Solution

CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023 Set 1 Solution, will help you assess your answers to the exam on February 24, 2023. I hope you worked hard on your paper to the best of your ability. Most of the questions have appeared in Readlearnexcel’s English Guide: CBSE Sure-Shot Questions Class 12 English(Core) and HBSE/CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Sure-Shot Exam Solution PDF.

CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023 Set 1 solution will allow you to check your answer, but for the time being, ignore matching the answers until you have completed all of your papers. The CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023 Set 1 was not an easy paper for the students of class 12 as it was time-consuming and some questions were a little bit vague and students were not able to answer the analogy questions so easily.

Note: Questions nos. 1,2,7,8,9,10,11,12, and 13 are the same as in sets 2 and 3 in CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023 Set 1 Solution. Thus, section- B is different in all the sets of CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023.

CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023 Set 1 PDF

CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023 Set 1 Solution

Section A

Reading Skills

Question 1.


(i) (a)

(ii) Water, air, soil, and trees are the natural resources without which we can’t continue to live.

(iii) The writer talks about “celebrating the progress” during World Conservation Day, where things are discussed to protect nature.

(iv) d

(v) b

(vi) Forests and rivers provide us food, air, and water to protect mankind.

(vii) d

(viii) Population explosion is the major reason behind the depletition of natural resorces at very fast pace.

(ix) to try and practise a sustainable lifestyle to protect and conserve nature.

(x) (b) Save Nature Save Life

Question 2.


(i) Not Given- If there is information on this

(ii) The companies demand exemplary performance from their employees because there is competition among enterprises.

(iii) (c) when there are chances to get financial gratifiction

(iv) The two factors that display the work performance of both categories are team spirit and work environment.

(v) We can say this because of the chances of promotion and relaxed working environment.

(vi) (d) happy

(vii) The 45-60 age group workers are motivated by ‘respect from coleagues’.

(viii) No, Prospect of a promotion.

(ix) The internal factors affecting work performances are spirit, competent boss, respect from colleagues and job satisfaction.

(x) (c) happiness

Question 3



Annual General Meeting to Discuss Maintenance and Security of Common Places

Sahar Group Housing Society is organising its annual general meeting to discuss the maintenance and security of the society’s public places. All members of the society are requested to attend the meeting on March 25, 2023, at 11 a.m. to share their valuable ideas regarding the safety and maintenance of the common area. The meeting will be organised by the club. For more information, contact the undersigned:



Sahar Group Housing Society



Setting up an Editorial Board in School

The Literary Society of the school is organising a meeting on March 25, 2023, at 2 p.m. to set up an editorial board for the upcoming academic session. The students from classes 9 through 12 are invited to participate in the meeting. The members of the board are supposed to stay two hours after school time. For more information, contact:



Question 4.

Informal Invitation: Marriage Anniversary

CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023 Set 1 Solution
Canva CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023 Set 1 Solution


Mr & Mrs Roy request the pleasure of your company on the auspicious ocassion of the

50th Marriage Anniversary of Our Grand Parents


March 25, 2023

Venue: Raddison Hotel, Gurugram

Time: 8 p.m.

Join Us on March 25, 2023




Reply To Invitation:


Family Resort


Subject: Inability to attend class reunion programme.
I would like to express my gratitude to the invitation sent by you for the friends reunion at your resort at Agra on Saturday, March 22, 2023. I would miss the gathering of friends. But I regret my inability to attend the function due to a family function commitment on the same day. I really wanted to join you all in your newly built resort.

Yours own

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Question 5.

(A) Letter to the Editor

H.No. 5


Pranihar Colony



Date: March 24, 2023

The Editor

The Tribune


Subject: Views and suggestion to maintain public parks.

Respected sir

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the Municipal Commissioner, Rohtak, to the poor condition of the park in our Pranihar Colony, Jhajjar. Being an active member of Resident Welfare, I want to share the feelings and problems of the residents due to an unmanaged park.

We have already complained many times about the problems in the parks. Due to the gardener’s absence, the grass and trees have become overgrown.The walking tracks are totally broken; there are open manholes, no boundary walls, no lighting arrangements in the parks, and unfortunately the park is not cleaned as there are no dustbins. The residents are facing a lot of problems, and children are not able to play in the park.

Therefore, through your newspaper, I just want to share my suggestions to improve the park’s condition. The government must appoint a gardener to prune trees and must repair the walking tracks by replacing the old and broken tiles. The public health department must clean the manholes and cover them properly. The municipal bodies must repair the broken walls. To solve the electricity problem, they should install solar panels. Last but not least, proper bench arrangements should be made so that people can sit comfortably.

I hope you will like my views and suggestions and publish them in the newspaper. Your positive response will be highly appreciated by the people of the colony.


Yours sincerely


Member, RWA, Pranihar Colony


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To apply for the post of Senior Manager, Food & Bewerage Department

Assistant Manager

Romy Chain of Restaurants


March 20, 2023

The Director Personal

Rose Restaurant


Subject: Application for the post of Senior Manager, Food & Bewerage Department

Respected Sir

On March 5, 2023, I was reading “The Tribune’s” advertisement column when I came across your advertisement for the position of senior manager at the Rose Restaurant, Food & Beverage Department. It immediately piqued my interest that a reputable restaurant like yours would be able to put my 5 years of experience as an assistant manager at the Romy Chain of Restaurants, Gurugram, in the finance department and my M.B.A. (Hotel Management) degree with a high C.G.P.A. from a renowned institute, Tata Catering, and Beverage, Mumbai, which awarded me a certificate of excellence for good financial skills, together. I believe I am qualified for this position.

As you can see from my enclosed C.V., I have met the requirements for the position of senior manager through my experience as an assistant manager and extracurricular activities and have worked in a variety of food settings. During college, I did an internship at the KFC in Gurugram. There, I worked in the HR department and got the hands-on experience that will help me in this job at your restaurant. I previously worked with major clients such as Tata Group hotels and KFC. My background in the food and beverage industry, as well as my excellent oral and written communication skills, should qualify me for the position of senior manager.

A copy of my CV is enclosed with copies of my testimonials. With my experience as an assistant manager, I look forward to the challenge of becoming a senior manager at your Rose Restaurant and enhancing your restaurant business. I would be delighted to answer any additional questions you may have, and I hope to have the opportunity to meet you. I am available to attend the interview at your convenience, and I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.



Encl: C.V.




Wants to work as senior manager to reach at the top in the food industry.


D.U. Delhi, May 2017

B.B.S. ( Finance specialisation)

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow(UK), September, 2018

M.BA. Hotel Management



Strong interpersonal & communication skills(verbal and written)


Assistant manager: October, 2018-Present

Romy Chain of Restaurants




Member of Facebook group of Hotel and Restaurants


H. No. 240
City- Gurugram


Question 6. 

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Article Writing: Changing Trends in Education

With the development of digital technology in the 21st century, the era of traditional subjects is practically finished. Due to the current technological needs, there has been a total change in schooling. In all spheres of life, there is a clear transition from education focused on content to education based on skills. Education needs to be fundamentally improved and rethought. It’s time to reconsider, Adam Grant remarked.

We no longer study solely science, math, SOAS, or Sanskrit, and teachers are now our only source of information; instead, we live in a world of digital technology and work from home. The emphasis was entirely on academic accomplishments without any practical expertise, with rigorous streams of science, the arts, and commerce being the focus. Pen and paper was the only educational tool, and learning consisted solely of cramming.

In the current era of digital technology, pupils can learn without teachers’ help thanks to artificial intelligence.

Using the classroom’s digital board technology has helped the teachers present technical instruction in a more contemporary manner. YouTube, Google, and ChatGpt have all become into informational resources. Students are taught computer skills and vocational subjects like “Beauty and Wellness” and “Patient Care” at schools. From a traditional to a pragmatic and materialistic perspective, the emphasis has changed. Students can now readily pursue their interests thanks to the radically altered educational system, which is both competency- and technology-based.

We can therefore conclude that there has been a complete shift from content-based to skill-based education, where students are free to choose engaging topics like design, digital proficiency, and entrepreneurship. As a result, the students are now choosing their courses based on preference, interest, and talent.


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Report on Symposium on “Play Time- The vanishing Joy of Childhood”

By Jessica


March 10, 2023

Being a journalist for The Hindu, I got the opportunity to cover the symposium on “Play Time: The Vanishing Joy of Childhood” at D.P.S. R.K.Puram, where students and teachers from different schools in the area participated in the event. There was a group discussion about how playing helps children get in shape, the difference between unstructured play and high-tech toys, and how spontaneous group play helps children develop life skills.

The programme started at 10 a.m. in the school auditorium with an introduction speech by the principal on the topic of the difference between unstructured play and high-tech toys and how spontaneous group play helps children develop life skills. Students discussed the problem by providing practical examples that physical play always shapes better personalities and that children who are always playing board games are not able to build their personalities. They experience mental fatigue and quickly become addicted to video games, compromising both their physical and mental health.

Therefore, the students and teachers reached the conclusion that it is always better to develop life skills, and there is a dire need for exposure of the students to the natural world, where they will be physically and mentally fit. The role of spontaneous group play helps children develop life skills.


Question 7.


(i) (c) sympathetic

(ii) The indifferent attitude of the rich people towards the poor is that they don’t care for the roadside dwellers.

(iii) (d) a dole of bread

(iv) (a) at the edge of the road

(v) The roadside stand owner wants some cash share from the city people to help them.

(vi) withering


(i) Young Trees sprinting

(ii) (b) fear of losing her mother

(iii) (d) she was dozing

(iv) trees sprinting : personification

(v) to feel happy and young

(vi) (a)anxiety

Question 8. 


(i) (a) surprise

(ii) (b) acceptance

(iii) (c) I and III

(iv) relax him.


(i) is alone.

(ii) (a) welcoming nature

(iii) (a)I and IV

(iv) (a)

Question 9.


(i) (d)

(ii) consented

(iii)  (b) soul has been stolen

(iv) (a) Lewis Carroll

(v) (b) disappoints

(vi) (c) gave


(i) (b)

(ii) horror

(iii) (d) Both i and II are true

(iv) only fooling

(v) of haunting fear

(vi) wobbly

Question 10. 

CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023 Set 3 Solution
CBSE Class 12 English (Core) Question Paper 2023 Set 1 Solution

(a Anees Jung goes to Seemapuri, situated on the periphery of Delhi yet miles away from it. She comes to know that he doesn’t go to school as there is no school in the neighborhood. His full name is ‘Saheb-e-Alam’, and he doesn’t know the meaning of his name. He roams the streets collecting garbage with his friends. Anees Jung goes to Seemapuri, situated on the periphery of Delhi yet miles away from it. People came to Seemapuri in 1971, and the Saheb family was one of them. 10,000 ragpickers are living in Seemapuri. Seemapuri is devoid of all facilities like sewage, drainage, and sanitation. There is no drinking water in the colony. She further asks about the reason for leaving their country. “Garbage to them is gold”. They make both ends meet by collecting garbage.

(b) The peddler declined the offer of invitation as he was afraid of being caught. Therefore, fear of being caught compelled him to decline the offer. In the woods, he meets an ironmaster who took him as his old comrade. Therefore, the ironmaster invites the peddler for a Christmas party but the peddler denied to join. Then. Elda, the ironmaster’s daughter convinced him to join them. In the meantime, he feels bad about stealing the crofter’s money. They assist the peddler in getting a makeover, dressing him in nice clothes, and shaving his beard. The ironmaster then realises he made a mistake; the peddler was not his comrade.

(c) “The mighty dead” are those who have distinguished themselves through brave and noble acts. They live forever, and such brave hearts never die. They become legends of our history and are always remembered. Things that live a long time are called beautiful things. We always owe them for their noble cause. On doomsday or judgment day, a sprinkle of ‘immortal drink’ will be poured on them and they will be part of heaven and rewarded with ‘grandeur’.


The order from Berlin compelled him to leave the school forever. He became emotional while he was delivering his last lesson. So, we can say that he became emotional in the end.It was his last lesson in the school or we can say that it was his last day in the school so, he was wearing formal dress/

His performance in the last lesson was outstanding. He uses a solemn and gentle tone when he is addressing the villagers and students. He has a logical mind and can analyse problems to determine what is causing them.

(e) The poet depicts the indifferent attitudes of people towards the roadside dwellers. The dwellers expect some money from the ‘polished traffic passed with a mind ahead’. People just turn their vehicles without looking at the booth. These small farmers just sell “wild berries” in small homemade wooden boxes. They want a small share of their money to manage their families. Unfortunately, these assurances were never kept.

Question 11. 


(a) The tiger king killed many tigers in his state. With the extinction of tigers and the pressure of British officers who wanted to kill tigers, The Maharaja didn’t allow Britishers to shoot tigers in his state. His empire was in danger in this way, so he sent some expensive rings to the lady to save it.


Derry unknowingly enters Lamb’s garden, and fortunately, he is welcomed by the owner of the garden, who helps him live a normal life, leaving behind his past. Derry was upset due to the scar on his face and was very upset as the people don’t want any association with him. Thus, they start sharing their problems and soon become friends. Derry asks Lamb, “How is he disliked by other children?”

(c) Sadao was a renowned surgeon who had taken an oath to save lives at any cost. They approached him and examined him. He was a wounded American soldier in the war. Dr. Sadao was in a pickle. Should he treat the injured American soldier or turn him over to the police? They would be arrested if they kept the man in their home. He would die if they left him there. They took him to their house after much deliberation. The servants were terrified when they saw the person and asked the doctor not to treat the war prisoner. They protested by leaving the house. This is how he was able to save his life as a doctor, but as a citizen, we might think that he didn’t fulfill his duty.

Question 12.


” The arrival of Gandhi Ji in Chamaparan marks the beginning of the National Freedom movement in Champaran”.  “The real relief for them is that they are no longer afraid.” Mahatma Gandhi assisted Indian farmers in overcoming their fear of English landlords who used to exploit Champaran sharecroppers. As a result, he instructed the lawyers not to fight the farmers’ case in court. Furthermore, he chastised the lawyers for charging the farmers exorbitant fees. As a result, he believed that “liberation from fear of the British” was more important in empowering farmers.

Thus, the Champaran episode changed the plight of the farmers as they became fearless after this movement. Gandhiji also explained this in his talk to Louis Fischer,  “The real relief for them is to be free from fear.” Thus, the Champaran episode was a “turning point” in Gandhi’s life. Louis Fischer further explained that Gandhiji “had read our minds…taught us a lesson in self-reliance.” Thus, in Indigo, the author elaborates on self-sufficiency, Indian independence, and sharecropper assistance, and helps us understand how these three movements are intertwined.

Thus, the Champaran episode changed the plight of the farmers as they became fearless after this movement. Gandhiji also explained this in his talk to Louis Fischer,  “The real relief for them is to be free from fear.” Thus, the Champaran episode was a “turning point” in Gandhi’s life. Louis Fischer further explained that Gandhiji “had read our minds…taught us a lesson in self-reliance.”

Question 13. 


The writer uses the title to explain his or her main ideas, and it must reveal the plot and theme of the chapter. Tishani Doshi, the writer of “Journey to the End of the Earth,” found Antarctica as a white landscape, the “coldest, driest, windiest continent in the world.” It is an isolated and immense continent. “If you want to know more about the planet’s past, present, and future, Antarctica is the place to go and an ideal subject to study as it is related to human existence.”

“Journey to the End of the Earth” explains the planet’s past, present, and future. The programme “Students on Ice” provides an opportunity for the students to learn about the evolution of mankind. Gondwana, a giant southern supercontinent, was established six hundred and fifty million years ago. There were no human beings present on the Gondwana continent. The climate was warmer, and it was rich in “flora and fauna.” It existed for 500 million years when the dinosaurs were wiped out, the age of mammals came into existence, and the present system of the globe took shape. History has always included Antarctica. It explains our founding story and where we are headed in the future.

Hence, the title “Journey to the End of the Earth” is appropriate and suitable for the study of Antarctica.

Note: For any discrepancy in the answers, please contact us.

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